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July 27th

Rinne Chapter 291
Hundreds of thousands of eel are consumed during the summer in Japan and their ghosts have become a problem for the afterlife. An accident sends them filing back into the living world and the shinigami must round them up before a resort swimming pool is overflowing with the slithering ghosts. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

July 25th

The Mirror Came a Top Pre-Order
The Japanese store "Manga King" stated that pre-orders of "The Mirror Came" placed it at the top of its weekly sales ranking. Interest in "The Mirror Came" collection propelled the fourth collection of Rumic Theater stories, "Birds of Fate" to become the second highest ordered collection as well. Source: Mynavi.jp

Female Ranma Figure Debuting at Wonderfest
July 26th will see the beginning of Wonderfest in Japan showcasing a number of new toys, one of which will be the "My Heroine" line from Bandai. Female Ranma is the first in the announced three figure series will will include male Ranma and panda Genma. Thanks to Elizabeth for passing this along! Source: Tamashii Blog

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 17
Tsubasa's jealousy gets the better of him, and whether he wants to or not he ends up making a deal with a devil. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

July 22nd

Rinne Chapter 290
A ghost haunts the Bell of Love where he died, preventing other couples from using the bell after having forgotten why he died there in the first place. You can read all the latest Rinne chapters by clicking the link below. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

July 18th

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 16
Tsubasa and Sakura's shared past comes back to haunt them in this week's episode. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

Shogakukan Lottery Prizes
Shogakukan is offering a chance to win numerous Rumiko Takahashi goods for those who send in a proof of purchase from volume 26 of the Kyokai no Rinne manga or the Japanese editions of the Ranma 1/2 and Maison Ikkoku OVA sets and Kyokai no Rinne DVDs. Prizes range from clear files, kewpie figurines, or if you're one of twenty lucky winners, a signed drawing by Rumiko Takahashi herself. Thanks to Ian Lepard for the news tip. Source: Crunchyroll

July 14th

Rinne Chapter 289
Tsubasa does his best to put the moves on Sakura and ensure he has some alone time with his classmate, but Rinne, Miho and Rika all intervene and unleash what could possibly be the goddess of wisdom, Minerva. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

July 12th

Favorite Mangaka Ranking
Japanese website Charapedia ran a survey amongst their visitors asking who their favorite manga artists are. Among 10,000 users, Rumiko Takahashi came in sixth place. You can view the top thirty list at Anime News Network. The top ten artists are as follows:

1. Hideaki Sorachi (Gintama)
2. Eichiro Oda (One Piece)
3. Akira Toriyama (Dragon Ball)
4. Hiromu Arakawa (Silver Spoon)
5. Hirohiko Araki (JoJo's Bizarre Adventure)
6. Rumiko Takahashi (Kyokai no Rinne)
7. Sui Ishida (Tokyo Ghoul)
8. Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto)
9. Gosho Aoyama (Detective Conan)
10. Yana Toboso (Black Butler)
Source: Charpedia

July 11th

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 15
The relationship rectangle becoming more and more strained as Rinne attempts to tell Sakura that nothing is going on between he and Ageha, while Ageha and Tsubasa have their own plans in mind. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

July 10th

The Mirror Came Collection
A collection of recent short stories is set to be released on July 17th. The novel will include: The Mirror Came, Star With a Thousand Faces, With Cat, Revenge Doll, My Sweet Sunday, and Cute Flower. Source: Amazon.jp

July 8th

Rinne Chapter 288
Volume 29 wraps up with a story about Setsubun and a long simmering curse brought about by a wraithful spirit. Rinne and Sakura have to help solve the mystery of their cursed classmate. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

Takahashi Illustrations Featured in Book
Many mangaka, including Rumiko Takahashi, are featured in the new book "Hyakkaryouran Taisenran!! Sangokushi Battle The Illustrations. The images come from a Romance of the Three Kingdoms themed collectible card game in Japan. The book was released on June 25th and retails for 3,800 yen. Thanks to Elizabeth as always for passing along this news! Source: DDnavi

July 7th

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 14
Its the double date from hell as the group investigates an amusement park's haunted house that may actually be haunted. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

June 29th

Rinne Chapter 287
Matsugo shirks his duties to a recently dead girl and it takes a great deal of effort from Rinne to get him to deliever the girl across the Sanzu River and to the Wheel of Reincarnation. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

June 28th

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 13
Ageha continues her battle against the Damashigami Company and is forced to learn some harsh truths about her own family. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

June 22th

Rinne Chapter 286
Tsubasa and Ayame get wrapped up in some kappa trouble in the latest chapter of Kyokai no Rinne. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

June 20th

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 12
The Shinigami Ageha makes her debut in this week's episode. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

June 17th

Rinne Boxset Announced
The first DVD of the Rinne boxset has been announced in Japan. The disk will have 4 episode (the following seven volumes will be 3 each) and retail for 6,000 yen (5,000 for the rest). The first set will also come with a box to collect the series with art by Rumiko Takahashi along with clear files by both Takahashi and character designer Kazuhiko Tamura. You can see the boxart at the link below. Thanks to Elizabeth for passing along the news. Source: Comics Natalie

June 16th

Rinne Chapter 285
As Rinne tries to do his laundry late one night at school he finds a ghost inside the washing machine who's unusual mutterings prove to be challenging clues to help him to pass on. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

June 13th

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 11
Rinne's battle against his father continues and by the end of the episode someone's feelings will be crushed! Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

New Rinne Ending Song
J-Pop group Quruli has been confirmed as providing the second ending theme song for Kyokai no Rinne, entitled "Futatsu no Sekai" Thanks to Ian Lepard for the news tip. Source: Crunchyroll

June 6th

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 10
In Rinne episode 10 Sakura learns more about Rinne's family and Rinne learns who is behind the Damashigami Company. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

New Rinne Opening Song
With episode 14 Kyokai no Rinne will be getting a new opening song called "Ura no Ura" by Passpied. Source: NHK Blog

Rinne Chapter 284
A ghostly girl with a terrible smile cannot pass on due to the awful memorial picture placed at her funeral service. It is up to Rinne, Tsubasa and Sakura to solve her awkward smile before the can drift on into the next realm. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

Rinne Radio Show
A Kyokai no Rinne radio show hosted by Rinne's voice actor, Kaito Ishikawa. Aya Suzaku (Rika) and Sora Tokui (Miho) also act as hosts as various reincarnation issues and letters from the weather hutch are discussed. The show airs each Monday on HiBiKi Radio. Source: Websunday

May 30th

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 9
Rinne battles a new agent of the Damashigami and Sakura learns there is nothing too embarrassing for Rinne to go through to solve a case. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

Big Comic Original Celebrates the Tigers
To celebrate the 80th anniversary of one of Japan's most iconic baseball team's Big Comic Original is devoting an issue to the Hanshin Tigers. The Tigers also happen to be Rumiko Takahashi's favorite team and she is contributing a new color illustration of Lum to the issue as well. Thanks to Elizabeth for the news! Source: DDNavi.com

May 24th

Rinne Chapter 283
A ghost is trapped in the mirror of a girl's dressing room at a local store and Rinne struggles to find out why he seems unable to leave. The wholesome student seems to have some interesting regrets as the red-headed shinigami soon discovers. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

May 23rd

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 8
Rinne descends into the depths of hell to try and rescue Reiji's soul from Masato. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

May 20th

Rinne Chapter 282
A case of strange lunches leads Rinne to investigate a possible possession when one of his classmates asks he and Sakura to check up on his mother. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

May 16th

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 7
A face from Rinne's past arrives to make his life a living hell...literally! Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

May 9th

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 6
Rinne and Tsubasa's antagonistic relationship gets the better of them as they battle against neighborhood Bakenekos. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

May 2nd

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 5
Rinne and Tsubasa continue to butt heads over how to best exorcise spirits, especially one from Tsubasa's past. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

Rinne Chapter 281
Kain is searching for the escaped spirit but Rinne finds her first along with Sakura and the black cats. As they explore the story of the jilted lover they realize it is not quite how she originally explained things. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

May 1st

Koike x Takahashi Interview
The June issue of "Stranger Sorento" magazine will feature an interview with both Rumiko Takahashi and her mentor, Kazuo Koike for the first time they've sat down together in 15 years. Takahashi has often talked about Koike's influence on her writing and emphasis on characterization. The issue will retail for 310 yen. Thanks to Elizabeth for passing along this news and all of today's news. Source: Koike-Shoin.co.jp

Ranma ½ Movie & OVA Blu-Ray Release
The Ranma ½ Movie and OVA blu-ray boxset has finally been announced for release in Japan. All OVAs (minus the most recent Rumic World All-Star release) and the all three films will be released on 3 discs an retail for 8792 yen. The set will be released on August 19, 2015. Source: Comic Natalie

Rinne Opening & Ending Singles
Victor Entertainment and Warner Music Japan have announced the release of a special combo single edition that will contain both Keytalk's "Ouka Ranman" and Passepied's "Tokinowa". The special set will retail for 1,111 yen. Source: Anime-Rinne.jugem.jp

April 26th

Rinne Chapter 280
Suzu accidently brings a spirit back from the dead, but some ghosts aren't meant to walk the earth again. Now Sakura and Rokumon are at the spirit's mercy and Rinne is nowhere to be found. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

April 25th

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 4
Tsubasa Jumonji arrives to make Rinne's life hell and Sakura's life heavenly, as the first love triangle of the series is formed! Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

April 19th

Rinne Chapter 279
Ageha's neglectful ways catch up to her when her childhood doll Mimi turns evil after being left unattended in the closet for far too long. Now the wicked doll is wrecking havoc in Rinne's house and Ageha seems incapable of helping out at all. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

April 18th

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 3
Rinne meets a black cat with ties to his family in search of a job. The introduction of Rokumon! Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

Kyokai no Rinne DVD Releases Announced
The official Kyokai no Rinne NHK blog has announced that at DVD release of the anime has been scheduled for this summer. The price will be set at 6000 yen with four episodes appearing on the first disc. It was also annouced that Rumiko Takahashi will provide the artwork for the discs and a clear file will be included in the first editions as they are released. Volume 1 will be released July, 15, 2015 through Pony Canyon and Shogakukan. Thanks as always to Elizabeth for passing along this news to us. Source: Anime-Rinne Blog

April 14th

Rinne Chapter 278
A little ghost girl finds Sakura and is fleeing from someone terrible which turns out to be Tsubasa. In order to get the girl to pass on she'll have to accept the backpack that she seems to hate more than anything else in the world. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

April 11th

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 2
Sakura starts to recall her childhood trip to the other side and has a close brush with the Wheel of Reincarnation when she meets a demashigami in episode 2 of the new anime series. You can click the link below to read all the latest episode summaries of Kyokai no Rinne. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

Kyokai no Rinne at Tokyo Big Site
We were fortunate enough to have a report from a long time friend of Rumic World happen to be in Japan during the festivities for the debut of the Kyokai no Rinne anime. Megan visited Tokyo Big Site and filed a firsthand report of all she saw and did. Source: Rumic World

April 9th

Sentai Filmworks Licenses Rinne
In a suprise announcement Sentai Filmworks revealed that they have licensed the new Kyokai no Rinne anime for release both digitally and on disc for the home market. No details on dvd versus blu-ray. While most fans expected Viz to license the work, this is not the first time they have not released one of Rumiko Takahashi's anime. Urusei Yatsura was released in the US by Animeigo, while the Rumik Trilogy OVAs were put out by Central Park Media, and Mermaid Saga and Rumic Theater were produced by Geneon. Thanks to Ian Lepard for the news tip. Source: Sentai Filmworks Twitter

April 7th

Crunchyroll Streams Rinne
Anime streaming site Crunchyroll has announced that it will be streaming the brand new 25 episode Kyokai no Rinne anime for audiences in the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Latin America. They will stream the first episode on tomorrow, April 8th for premium subscribers and one week later for non-subscribers. Thanks to Ian Lepard for the news tip. Source: Anime News Network

April 5th

Rinne Chapter 277
This week's chapter made the cover of Shonen Sunday as well as color pages to celebrate the beginning of the anime. Rinne has to help a ghost girl from the 1990s move on to the next life but she insists on making life difficult for Sakura before she'll pass on. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

Legendary Manga Characters Immortalized in Bronze
Three life size statues have been created and displayed at the Seibu Ikebukuro Line in Nerima, Tokyo. The statues include Lum as well as Maetel and Tetsuro from Galaxy Express 999 and Astro from Astroboy. Both Rumiko Takahashi and Leiji Matsumoto were on hand to unveil the statues. Thanks to Ian Lepard for the news tip. Source: Crunchyroll

April 4th

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 1
We have the first episode fully summarized and posted as well as our launch of the music section of Kyokai no Rinne Complete, introducing you to the music of Passepied and Keytalk and their themes for the series. Enjoy! Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

April 3rd

Rinne Anime Debuts
As the Kyokai no Rinne anime debuts tomorrow (today in Japan) we've officially launched the anime section of the site. For all the latest episode summaries, behind the scenes information and crew listings, visit Kyokai no Rinne Complete's Anime section. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

March 28th

Rinne Chapter 276
A robot Rinne goes around demanding money and attacking anyone who doesn't obey leaving the real Rinne's reputation in tatters! Click the link below to read all the latest Kyokai no Rinne chapter summaries. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

Kyokai no Rinne Opening Animation
We've got a first look at the opening animation and theme to the soon-to-debut Kyokai no Rinne anime up on our Facebook page. Click the link below to check it out for yourselves! Source: Rumic World Facebook Page

Takahashi Bookmarks
Thanks to Elizabeth for informing us of the new Takahashi themed bookmarks that Shonen Sunday is promoting. The bookmarks will feature each of the main female protagonists from her series Urusei Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku, Ranma ½, Inuyasha and Kyokai no Rinne. Source: Web Sunday

March 26th

Manga Rankings
Kyokai no Rinne rose in the ranks perhaps in preparation of the debut of the anime next week. Kyokai no Rinne volume 24 debuted in 46th place, selling 23,618 copies in its first week on the charts for the week of March 16th through 22nd. Source: Anime News Network

March 24th

Rinne Chapter 275
A good-hearted classmate decides to ask out Renge before he moves away only for it to be discovered that he has a shy ghost possessing him that can see through Renge's manipulative ways. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

March 15th

Rinne Chapter 274
In a modern retelling of the story of King Midas Rinne is given a school unform that makes him finally feel a little less poor than his other classmates, but the downside is that any food he touches turns to ash. It does not take much guessing that his devilish rival Masato is the one behind the less than welcome gift. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

March 8th

Rinne Chapter 273
Annette has brought her bad luck to a local donut shop when she angers a snake and the god of good fortune all at once. Click the link below to read summaries of all the latest Kyokai no Rinne releases. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

March 2nd

More Rinne Cast Announced
In this week's 14th issue of Shonen Sunday, Shogakukan has announced the following seiyuu and the characters they will play in the new Kyokai no Rinne anime:

Ryohei Kimura as Tsubasa Jumonji
Tetsuya Kakihara as Masato
Sora Tokui as Miho
Aya Suzaki as Rika
Tessho Genda as Narrator

This in addition to the previous cast announcement as well as the recent news that Ouka Ranman by KEYTALK will be the opening theme song, and Toki no Wa by Passepied will be the closing theme. Source: Anime News Network

February 28th

(Secret) Renaissance
This years annual Rumic Theater short story will debut in the next issue of Big Comic Original and is entitled (Secret) Renaissance. Click here for your first look! Source: Big Comic Original

Rinne Chapter 272
After taking last week off (likely to finish up her new short story) Rumiko Takahashi returns with chapter 272 of Kyokai no Rinne which features the return of Rinne's grandfather. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

February 27th

Shonen Sunday S Cover Revealed
Once again thanks to Elizabeth for passing along the cover for the special Rinne-focused April issue of Shonen Sunday S which will feature interviews with the cast of the upcoming anime. Source: Comic Natalie

February 24th

New Rinne Anime Art & More News
Thanks to Elizabeth for passing along this new piece of Kyokai no Rinne promotional art that gives us our first look at some of the main cast in the anime adaptation. Also this week's issue of Shonen Sunday will feature the announcement of the opening and ending themes for the series and there will be a special April edition of "Sunday S" featuring cast interviews. Source: NHK.or.jp

February 15th

Rinne Chapter 271
Broke, Rinne decides to take a part-time job selling scythes with Left and Right but when the event turns sour Rinne has a chance to make some real money and sell the shoddy scythes at the same time. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

February 8th

Rinne Chapter 270
Rinne and Sakura are investigating a mysterious ghost that rings doorbells and then seems to vanish leaving only his footprints behind in the snow. It soon becomes clear that this is going to be a very expensive ghost to be rid of. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

February 1st

Rinne Chapter 269
Sakura and Ageha have wild dogs on their hands, but no one is sure about why the dog Sakura has to deal with has a human face. Even the dog itself seems to have trouble remembering until Rinne gets involved in the case. Click the link below to read all the latest summaries of Kyokai no Rinne. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

January 28th

Kyokai no Rinne at Anime Japan 2015
Anime Japan 2015 will feature a booth filled with Rinne goodies to celebrate the impending debut of the anime series on television in April. Also the Kyokai no Rinne cast will be appearing at Sunday Fest 2015 at Pacifico Yokohama on March 29th and special luxury goods will be on sale. Thanks to Elizabeth for passing along this news! Source: Anime Japan & Sunday Fest

January 25th

Rinne Chapter 268
A debt-ridden teacher died eluding the debt collectors and now she's after any money she can get her hands on, even if it means stealing Rokumon's meager life savings to help her move on. Click the link below to read all the latest chapter summaries of Kyokai no Rinne. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

January 23rd

Rinne Cast Announced and First Footage
Along with posting the first footage on the official Rinne anime website the following cast members names have been released:
Kaito Ishikawa as Rinne Rokudo Marina Inoue as Sakura Mamiya Hitomi Nabatame as Rokumon Satsuki Yukino as Tamako Kappei Yamaguchi as Sabato Rokudo Source: Kyokai no Rinne Anime

January 22nd

Rinne Anime Debut Date
Kyokai no Rinne's anime debut has been set for Saturday, April 4, at 5:30 in the evening. As previously mentioned the show will debut on NHK'sE Tele channel. Thanks to Ian Lepard for the news alert. Source: Anime News Network

January 17th

Rinne Chapter 267
A weird beard and the purchase of a daruma doll go hand-in-hand to curse a boxer who is struggling to make his girlfriend happy. Annette seems to be in over her head on this investigation but hopefully Rinne can sort it all out. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

January 10th

Rinne Chapter 266
Rinne begins his new year by investigating a ghost haunting a ramen store who cannot recall his connection with the ramen shop. After a little investigating it seems a large sum of money could be on the line and that always piques Rinne's interest. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

January 7th

13th Annual Rumic World Quiz Results
For the third year in a row Greg Lee has proven himself to have the right stuff when it comes to Rumic World trivia! Congratulations Greg, we'll get your prizes in the mail shortly. You can click the link below to see the answers to this year's quiz. Source: Rumic World

January 3rd

New Takahashi Interview
Happy 2015! As we begin our 19th year reporting on the works of Rumiko Takahashi, we've translated and published an interview from last October where Takahashi once again discusses her favorite sports team, the Hanshin Tigers! In addition we've added a link for translators for one of the earliest published interviews with Takahashi, dating back to 1980. Source: Rumic World

December 30th

Rinne Chapter 265
The tolling of the New Year's bells is at stake when a ghost demands to be a part of the annual ringing of the New Year's bells. Unfortunately Masato would rather the ghost go to hell than have his final wish carried out. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

December 23rd

Rinne Character Designs
As we close out the year we get our first glimpse at the character design sheets for the upcoming Kyokai no Rinne anime. Enjoy! Source: Anime News Network

December 14th

Rinne Chapter 264
Rinne encounters a reindeer-disguised ghost that has a connection with Christmas cakes, the only thing that Rinne wants this time of year. This week's Sunday is a double issue, so there will be no new chapter next week. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

December 9th

Rinne Chapter 262 & 263
With the holidays we fell behind a little, but we've caught back up with the summaries for chapters 262 and 263 which see Rinne investigating a freezing room and then Tsubasa having to deal with a possessed nutcracker. You can read summaries of all the latest chapters just by clicking the link below. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

December 7th

2015 Rumic World Quiz
Our yearly tradition continues as we debut our 13th annual Rumic World Quiz! You can win blu-ray boxsets and manga if you get the answers right, but we always have some savvy contestants and tricky questsions so it won't be easy! Click the link below to get started!. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

November 26th

Rinne Chapter 261
A ghost in the AV room seems to know Sakura despite her insistance that she's never seen him before, and as mentioned before Shonen Sunday has confirmed the new Kyokai no Rinne anime for spring. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

Inuyasha Line Stickers
Like the earlier mentioned Ranma ½ digital stickers, Line has now announced a line of Inuyasha color images in the same vein. Thanks to Elizabeth for passing along the news. Source: Comics Natalie

November 16th

Urusei Yatsura Movie & OVA Boxsets
It has been annouced along with the upcoming remastering of Urusei Yatsura Movie 2 that all of the films and OVAs will also be getting a remastered boxset release in Japan in 2015. Thanks to Elizabeth Rdz for passing this along. Source: Comic Natalie

Inoue Released from Hospital
Famed voice actor Kazuhiko Inoue, known to fans of Rumiko Takahashi as the voice of Tsubame in Urusei Yatsura, Mikado in Ranma 1/2 and Ryukotsusei in Inuyasha as well as Inspector Shiratori in Detective Conan and Kakashi in Naruto has been released from the hospital after a bout with diverticulitis. Source: Comics Natalie

November 11th

Rinne Anime is Happening!
It seems likely that Kyokai no Rinne will finally be getting an anime adaptation. Shogakukan/Shueisha has purchased the "rinne-anime.com" domain name. Shonen Sunday announced in this week's issue that it would have an important announcement regarding Rinne (who will also appear on the cover) in the 51st issue of Shonen Sunday. Source: Anime News Network

November 8th

Kenshi Hirogane
Mangaka Kenshi Hirogane celebrated his 40th anniversary with tributes from dozens of other mangaka including Rumiko Takahashi who did an illustration of the author of "Human Crossing", "Like Shooting Stars in the Twilight" and "Hello Hedgehog". Thanks to Elizabeth for passing this along. Source: Shogakukan.co.jp

Rinne Chapter 260
Rinne continues to race to the goal of Matsugo's cavern with Sakura in tow but his childhood friend refuses to let the couple advance easily as the pair are tested by trials, ghosts and food. No chapter next week but Kyokai no Rinne gets color pages and the front cover the week after next. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

Big Comic Original 40th Anniversary Interview
Rumiko Takahashi has been interviewed upon the occasion of Big Comic Original's 40th anniversary. She discusses her contributions to the magazine as well as her favorite series. Source: Rumic World

November 4th

Ranma ½ Action Figures
Bandai has annouced plans to release action figures of male Ranma, female Ranma and panda Genma in their "Heroines" line of SH Figuarts figures. Release dates and prices have not yet been announced. Source: Tamashii Nation 2014

November 1st

Rinne Chapter 259
Matsugo invites Rinne to his school's festival in the afterlife but as usual his plans are to try to ruin the shinigami's friendship with Sakura so he can claim him for himself. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

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This Week's Shonen Sunday

Kyokai no Rinne
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July 18th

Rinne at Tokyo Big Site


  • Rinne Vol. 15- July 8, 2014
  • Rinne Vol. 16- November 11, 2014
  • Rinne Vol. 17- March 10, 2015
  • Ranma ½ 2-in-1 Vol. 6- January 6, 2015
  • Ranma ½ 2-in-1 Vol. 7- March 10, 2015
  • Ranma ½ 2-in-1 Vol. 8- May 5, 2015
  • Ranma ½ 2-in-1 Vol. 9- July 14, 2015
  • Ranma ½ 2-in-1 Vol. 10- September 8, 2015
  • Ranma ½ 2-in-1 Vol. 11- November 10, 2015
  • Ranma ½ Blu-Ray Boxset Vol. 6- June 2, 2015
  • Kyokai no Rinne Vol. 24- March 18, 2015
  • Kyokai no Rinne Vol. 25- April 26, 2015
  • Inuyasha Wideban Vol. 28- April 26, 2015
  • Inuyasha Wideban Vol. 29- May 18, 2015
  • The Mirror Came- July 17, 2015


  • Kyokai no Rinne TV- Saturdays
  • Urusei Yatsura Beautiful Dreamer Blu-Ray- January 15, 2015
  • Kyokai no Rinne DVD Vol. 1- July 15, 2015
  • Ranma ½ Movie & OVA Blu-Ray Boxset- August 19, 2015

Other Products

  • Lum Art FX Figure - September 30, 2014
  • Lum Goods Set A - August 2, 2014
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