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February 15th

Mao Chapter 34
Mao discovers Mokuzu's hand in creating Byoki and learns more about the mysterious figures involved in the ancient conspiracy against him. Source: Rumic World

Le Figaro Interview Translation
We've translated the interview Le Figaro conducted with Rumiko Takahashi at the beginning of the month into English. It can be found at the following link and includes an overview of her work in France, where she is as popular as she is the rest of the world over. Source: Rumic World

February 9th

Ranma Themed Perfume
Having released Inuyasha fragrances previously, Japanese perfumier Fairytale Parfum has now release a collection based around Ranma ½. The fragrances contain two perfumes themed around male and female Ranma and two eau de toilette featuring Akane and Shampoo.The Ranma scents are described as changing over time from a masculine to a feminine scent. The Ranma cologne/perfume retails at 2500 yen while the eau de toilette both sale for 1500 yen. Source: Fairytale Parfum

February 2nd

Mao Chapter 33
Mao faces Mokuzu, a face from his and Hyakka's past who reveals a disturbing secret about the origins of Byoki as more of the secretive past of Hyakka and Mao's mystric order slowly filters out. Source: Rumic World

January 27th

Takahashi Interviewed by Le Figaro
Rumiko Takahashi was interviewed in esteemed French newspaper Le Figaro thanks to her recently winning the presitgious Angouleme International Comics award. Source: Le Figaro

January 27th

Inuyasha Mobile Game
Inuyasha is coming getting a new mobile phone game from Korean developer Hammer Entertainment. The game, entitled Inuyasha – Yomigaeru Monogatari (Inuyasha – The Awakening Story) will debut in the first half of 2020. Source: Anime News Network

January 26th

Mao Chapter 32
The Lord of the Shikigami comes seeking Mao after hearing from his minions, but Mao has laid a trap in preparation for the giant creature from the seas. You can read summaries of all of the latest chapters of Mao at the link below. Source: Rumic World

January 18th

Mao Chapter 31
Nanoka battles against the frog and turtle shikigami in the ruins of Tokyo as Mao explains her elemental balance to her. Source: Rumic World

Yuki Kaiji on Rumiko Takahashi
Voice actor Yuki Kaiji (Eren Yaeger in "Attack on Titan") discusses his love of Rumiko Takahashi, his favorite character (Miroku) and shows of the drawing of Miroku and Mao Takahashi made just for him. Source: Comic Natalie

January 12th

Mao x Golden Kamuy
With a big "thank you" to Sakaki and Jecka and their excellent Shonen Sunday Talkback blog we have a translated copy of Rumiko Takahashi and Satoru Noda's interviews from late last year about the comparisons between Mao and Golden Kamuy. Please support both the excellent Shonen Sunday Talkback blog as well as Twitter account to keep up with all the latest news on every Shonen Sunday series! Source: Shonen Sunday Talkback

January 8th

Mao Chapter 30
Hyakka returns to Tokyo to see Mao about the shikigami coming from the west revealing they might have something to do with one of their "brothers" from the past. Source: Rumic World

December 31st

New Inuyasha Fragrance
The Japanese perfumeier Primaniacs has released a series of fragrances based on a number of anime series and has now annouced plans to do a series based on Inuyasha. The fragrances will retail for 5, 417 yen and will go on sell February 21, 2020. An earlier set based on Inuyasha, Kagome and Sesshomaru was released on August 31st, will the new set will have scents based on Miroku, Sango, Kikyo, Shippo and Naraku. Thanks to El Mundo de Rumiko for the news! Source: Primaniacs

December 26th

Mao Chapter 29
Mao confirms another face from his past in Kuchinawa who is actually his old associate Kamon. Elsewhere Hyakka plans his return. Source: Rumic World

December 19th

Mao Makes List of "Dangerous" Manga
Brutus men's magazine interviewed a list of manga creators and literary figures about which series they found to be the most thought provoing and interesting of the year and our beloved Mao made the list. Other series on the list include SpyxFamily by Tatsuya Endo, Land by Kazumi Yamashita and I Want to Hold Aono-kun So Badly I Could Die by Umi Shiina. Source: Anime News Network

December 15th

Mao Chapter 28
Nanoka and Mao arrive just in time to disrupt the serial killer and realize that his manservant, Kuchinawa, might be a face from Mao's past. Source: Rumic World

December 7th

Mao Chapter 27
Nanoka and Shiraha investigate Mao's history in an attempt to find out what might have happened to Sana. Meanwhile in the past a serial killer continues to murder young women in the wake of the earthquake. Source: Rumic World

November 29th

Commision for Cultural Affairs Award
Japan's Agency for Cultural Affairs have announced that the recipients of their award for accomplishments in culture and arts will go to Rumiko Takahashi, Mobile Suit Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino, and Studio Eiken founder Hidenori Murata. The award is also special this year as it is the first presented of the Reiwa Era. The ceremony will be held on December 6th at the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports and Science and Technology. Congratulations to Takahashi and everyone else on this distinguished award. Source: Anime News Network

November 24th

Mao Chapter 26
Mao ponders why his master might have made him the scapegoat for the ominous sword he was given and girls begin to go missing in the wake of the earthquake. Click the link below to read this and all the latest chapter summaries of Mao. Source: Rumic World

November 19th

NHK Ultimate Rumic Fan Poll
The results of the months long polling for everything Rumiko Takahashi related are finally in. The top ten favorite series are:
1. Inuyasha
2. Ranma 1/2
3. Maison Ikkoku
4. Urusei Yatsura
5. Urusei Yatsura: Beautiful Dreamer
6. Kyokai no Rinne
7. Ranma 1/2: Nihao My Concubine
8. Urusei Yatsura: The Final Chapter
9. Inuyasha: Affections Touching Across Time
10. Inuyasha: Swords of an Honorable Ruler

The top three favorite characters are:
1. Inuyasha
2. Lum
3. Sesshomaru

The top three favorite songs are:
1. Lum no Love Song
2. Change the World
3. Jaja Uma ni Sasenai de
For more results see Anime News Network's translated coverage. Source: NHK

November 17th

Mao Chapter 25
Hyakka explains how he knows Mao and what their master once told him about his reasoning for choosing Mao as his successor. Source: Rumic World

November 10th

Mao Chapter 24
Hyakka, a face from Mao's ancient past returns and seeks to steal his sword. The pair face off in the ruins of Ryouunkaku, the first western skyscraper in Japan. Source: Rumic World

November 9th

Studio Pierrot Daikaibou
The early days of famed animation house, Studio Pierrot is featured in the new mook Studio Pierrot Daikaibou that looks at three of the earliest series to put the company on the map: Urusei Yatsura, Creamy Mami and Kimagure Orange Road. Cast lists, episode listings and art for each series is featured along with interviews of famed creators like Akemi Takada. Thanks to Ian Lepard for the news. Source: Crunchyroll

November 3rd

Rumiko Takahashi 35th Anniversary Interview
Thanks to Laura Arias Moreno you can read the in-depth interview conducted with Takahashi for the 35th anniversary boxset celebrating her life and works. The interview touches on many all of her series through Kyokai no Rinne as well as her childhood and some behind the scenes information that has never been revealed before. Source: Rumic World

Mao Chapter 23
Nanoka returns home and discovers the identity of Uozumi, her housekeeper. Meanwhile Mao hears that more flaming heads are haunting the ruins of Tokyo which makes him think of a long forgotten event from 900 years ago. Source: Rumic World

October 28

Mangakabon on Takahashi
Shogakukan has released a series of books profiling a variety of mangaka that have worked in their family of magazines (Shonen Sunday, Young Sunday, etc) and will be publishing their 14th volume focusing on Rumiko Takahashi. Previous books have contained tribute art by other mangaka, interviews and essays. Takahashi's "Nanimonai Heya" short will be republished along with an updated timeline of her work. Big thanks to Takkun for the news! Source: Shogakukan

Anime News Network's Top 5 from Takahashi
Anime News Network have written a short piece discussing their collective top five Rumiko Takahashi anime. Thanks to Ian for the heads up. Source: Anime News Network

October 27

Mao Chapter 22
Nanoka wonders about what Byoki could be doing in the present and presumes he may have something to do with her grandfather as well. Mao cannot go to the present with her but gives her a protective bracelet and sends her on her way home. Source: Rumic World

October 19

Mao Chapter 21
Byoki flees through the gate, passing into Nanoka's time as she watches helplessly as Mao is unable to follow. Realizing now what caused her parent's death, she knows that Byoki will seek her out in the future as his new vessel. Source: Rumic World

October 17

NHK Rumiko Fan Poll Preliminary Results
The preliminary results of the NHK ultimate Rumiko Takahashi fan poll. NHK is not releasing the full results of the poll and fans can still vote until November 4th, but for 11th through 30th place in the Character Polls and 4th through 10th place in the favorite song poll the results are currently in. Click the link here to see the current results and remember to vote! Source: Anime News Network

October 13

Mao Chapter 20
Nanoka watches Mao's transformation as he does battle with Byoki among the wreckage caused by the earthquake. Amidst the battle a young child appears that surprises Nanoka. Click here to read all the weekly summaries of Mao. Source: Rumic World

October 6

Mao Chapter 19
Mao's history with Byoki is revealed as he remembers his first encounter with the beast and wounds they both suffered that day 900 years ago. Source: Rumic World

October 4

Maison Ikkoku Re-Release
Viz has annouced plans to republish Maison Ikkoku, Rumiko Takahashi's seminal series about struggling college student Yusaku Godai and his love for his widowed apartment manager Kyoko Otonashi. The new editions will see print in June of 2020. Source: Anime News Network

September 28

Mao Chapter 18
Uncertain about her grandfather's identity Nanoka hurries back to the past only to realize she has arrived on September 1, 1923- the moment the Great Kanto Earthquake ravages Tokyo. In the sky she sees the huge cat's eye of Byoki among the black billowing smoke. Source: Rumic World

September 22

Mao Chapter 17
Nanoka confesses to Mao that she is from a century in the future, a thought that he dismisses without a second thought. Returning home she realizes it has been a month since she was last there and is shocked and confused when she learns her grandfather never called the police to search for her. Source: Rumic World

September 20

NHK To Air Takahashi Special
NHK BS Premium will air a program on the 38 year history of Takahashi anime featuring results from a months long poll on favorite series, characters, episodes and music. Previously the channel had featured similar shows on Precure, Macross and Gundam. The program will air October 17th. You can cast your votes by clicking here. Thanks to Ian for passing along the news! Source: Anime News Network

September 15

Mao Chapter 16
Mao faces off against the ayakashi who seek to suck his blood and then summons Genbu, the spirit of water to vanquish the keystone that Byoki has placed outside of the church. Source: Rumic World

September 10

Takahashi X Noda
Shonen Sunday and Young Jump are having a rare crossover, as Rumiko Takahashi and Satoru Noda both meet one another to discuss Mao and Golden Kamuy. The first part of the interview is in Shonen Sunday with the second following in Young Jump. Both parts will be collected in Shogakukan's Manga Webry app. Additionally both artist autographed a shikishi together. Source: Anime News Network

September 9

Mao Ambassador
Seiyuu and Rumiko Takahashi fan Yudai Chiba is acting as ambassador to Mao. He will attend an event at Sanseido Bookstore in Ikebukuro on September 19th to celebrate the release of the first collected volume of the series. Thanks to Ian Lepard for the news. Source: Anime News Network

September 1

Mao Chapter 15
A weakened Mao turns to Nanoka and Otoya to lure the mosquitos away as he hovers near death, but Nanoka soon realizes that Mao is plotting something deeper. Click below to read this and all weekly summaries of Takahashi's newest series- Mao. Source: Rumic World

August 25

Front Page Redesign
We've refreshed our front page as Flash is no longer widely supported by browers. It was a long and lovely design that we'll certainly miss. Source: Rumic World

Mao Chapter 14
Mao battles a losing battle against the mosquito nuns that have taken up residence in his town and reveals that he is nine-hundred years old to a shocked Nanoka. Source: Rumic World

August 7

Mao Chapter 13
The loss of a keystone may lead to the Great Kanto Earthquake and so Mao sets off to investigate a Christian church that was built near to one that Nanoka knows is missing in the future. Source: Rumic World

July 31

Mao Chapter 12
Nanoka returns to the present and realizes that Shoko's prophecy aligns perfectly with one of the greatest tragedies in world history- the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923. Source: Rumic World

July 24

Mao Chapter 11
Mao reveals the schemes laid by Sogen and Shoko and while much of it seems like little more than a criminal enterprise there seems to be a grain of truth in the visions of Shoko. Source: Rumic World

July 21

Mao Chapter 10
The power of Shoko's abilities is called into question as Mao's investigation unearths the true power behind the cult. Click below to read all of the latest summaries of Takahashi's newest series. Source: Rumic World

July 10

Takahashi Sits Down With Ace
Rumiko Takahashi granted an interview about all things related to Kyokai no Rinne at series completion in 2018. Now thanks to contributor Laura Arias Moreno we present the full interview in English. Source: Rumic World

July 9

Lum Encourages Energy Saving
The Tokyo Gas company has enlisted Lum, played by Kyoko Fukada to help encourage people to save on their electricity bills over the summer months. Ten also features in the ad, which is available to view on Youtube and will begin airing in the Kanto region today. Thanks to Ian Lepard for the news tip. Source: Crunchyroll

July 3

Mao Chapter 9
Mao continues to investage Shoko, the woman who can manipulate the lifespan of anyone that opposes her, click the link below to read summaries of all the latest chapters of Rumiko Takahashi's newest series- Mao. Source: Rumic World

June 26

Mao Chapter 7 and 8
Nanoka investigates the truth of her childhood accident and then Mao looks into the claims of a psychic who claims to have similar powers to his hated adversary. Source: Rumic World

June 12

Mao Chapter 6
Mao explains the origin of his unique sword and also discusses his little friend Otoya's unusual background. Source: Rumic World

June 5

Mao Chapter 5
Nanoka shows her stuff as her ayakashi powers overwhelm her and she helps in the battle against the spider woman. Source: Rumic World

May 29

Mao Chapter 4
Mao confronts the suspected serial killer in his home in hopes of finding a lead to the cat demon he has been pursuing. Source: Rumic World

May 22

Mao Chapter 3
Nanoka realizes she is traveling into the past, all the way back to 1923, and Mao begins to investigate a series of decapitation murders plaguing the area. Source: Rumic World

May 17

Inuyasha on Blu-Ray
Viz has announced that they will be released all of Inuyasha on Blu-ray beginning this fall. Previously, Viz released the four films and Inuyasha: The Final Act on Blu-ray. These will be using the original Japanese remasters. Source: Anime News Network

May 15

Mao Chapter 2
The truth behind Nanoka's past and who the mysterious Mao is slowly begins to unfold in the latest chapter. Click below to read the full summary. Source: Rumic World

May 12

Rumiko Interviews
With huge thanks to Laura Arias Moreno we have added two classic Rumiko Takahashi interviews to our archives! Both focus on Ranma ½, and the early 90's video games for the Super Famicom specifically. Source: Rumic World

May 9

Mao Online Launches
With the beginning of a new Takahashi series we see the beginning of a new phase here at Rumic World- Mao Online, the first Mao website on the internet launches today. We have the first chapter summary for Takahashi's great new series posted. Source: Rumic World

May 8

Inuyasha Meets Mao?
The official Shonen Sunday website has posted two commercials for Takahashi's brand new Mao series. Both commercials are voiced by Kappei Yamaguchi and Satsuki Yukino, who stay in character as Inuyasha and Kagome respectively. They briefly introduce the characters of Mao and Nanoka, and compare the set up to Inuyasha, a series that it bears striking resemblances to in its first chapter. Thanks to Ian for the news! Source: Websunday.net

May 7

Mao Begins
Today is the day as Mao chapter 1 is published in Shonen Sunday #23. Stay tuned to Rumic World for all the news on the brand new series! Source: Rumic World

April 22

AAA Beat Down
Naoya Urata, lead singer of J-Pop band AAA has been charged for slapping a woman at a convenience store after she refused to have a drink with him. Urata claims he was drunk at the time. He has been charged with assault. AAA is best known for contributing "With You" to Inuyasha: The Final Act" . It bears mentioning that AAA ironically stands for "Attack All Around." Source: Anime News Network

April 19

Kazuo Koike Passes Away
Iconic manga writer Kazuo Koike passed away on April 17th at the age of 82. Koike wrote iconic series such as Lone Wolf and Cub, Lady Snowblood, Crying Freeman and Wounded Man. Koike ran a manga school, Gekiga Sonjuku, which Takahashi attended in her youth. She was the most notable graduate and always sang the praises of her mentor. Other graduates include Hideyuki Kikuchi (writer of Vampire Hunter D), Yuuji Hori (writer of the Dragon Quest games) and Tetsuo Hara (artist for Fist of the North Star). Source: Kotaku.com

April 16

"Mao" Announced as Next Takahashi Series
A name and image has been given for Rumiko Takahashi's next series- Mao, which will be appearing in Shonen Sunday's 23 volume within the next month or so. Very special thanks to Megan Smith for passing along the news and image. Click here for your first look at the new series. Source: Websunday.net

April 9

Kimi wa No. 1
Rumiko Takahashi will be publishing a new short story in Big Comic Original Vol. 9. Entitled Kimi wa No. 1 (You are Number 1) this will be Takahashi's first published work since Kyokai no Rinne ended last year. Thanks to Takkun for the news. Source: Big Comic Original

March 30

Lum and Ranma in New Mobile Game
Well-known and beloved seiyuu Fuyumi Shirai has passed away at the age of 82. Miss Shiraishi was best known as the voice of Mirai Yashima in Mobile Suit Gundam but is also known for portraying Pataliro in Patalliro! and the original voice of Ivan Whiskey in Cyborg 009 as well as Takai in Rumiko Takahashi Anthology. Source: Anime News Network

February 9

Lum and Ranma in New Mobile Game
Square-Enix's Schoolgirl Strikers 2 mobile game is set to feature Lum and Ranma from Urusei Yatsura and Ranma ½. Both Fumi Hirano and Megumi Hayashibara return to voice the characters. The game features multiple outfits for both girls as well as guest costumes of Ukyo and Benten for the rest of the cast. The collaboration runs from February 8 through the 27, 2019. Source: Crunchyroll & Schoolgirl Strikers 2 Homepage

January 24

Takahashi Wins Grand Prix D'Angoulme
Rumiko Takahashi has become the second Japanese artist to win the prestigious Grand Prix D'Angoulme. “In a society that does not accept differences … Rumiko Takahashi has always focused on highlighting the outsiders and the eccentrics,” the organizer said in a statement, and went on to cite her works as “extremely progressive.” Katsuhiro Otomo previous won the award in 2015. Source: Japan Times

January 21

Takahashi Nominated for French Comic Prize
Takahashi has made the short list for the prestigious Grand Prix D'Angoulme award alongside Chris Ware and Emmanuel Guibert. Takahashi is said to be the frontrunner for the French comic award. Source: Comics Beat

January 11

Urusei Yatsura Cafes Open
To celebrate Urusei Yatsura's anniversary, a series of themed cafes will be opening throughout Japan selling Lum inspired food and a variety of goods (with a few Maison Ikkoku bits mixed in). Thanks to Ian for passing along this news. Source: Crunchy Roll

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