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October 21st
Takahashi Twitter Q&A

Rumiko Takahashi returns to answering questions (infrequently) via her Twitter. This time she discusses the weapons she has created over the years for her various series. Source: Rumic World

October 19th
Mao Chapter 114

Natsuno and Nanoka pursue the bag man with the giant arm when he kidnaps two children. They chase him into a hidden pharmacy and find ayakashi using humans to make medicine. Source: Mao Online

Genma Gets the Spotlight

Rumiko Takahashi recounts the process that lead to the creation of Genma, who started as a panda in the conceptualization process before becoming a human. Source: Rumic World

October 18th
The Memorable Formative Stages Of Tomomi Mochizuki

Here's a great article from Alex Swak on Tomomi Mochizuki, the director of the Maison Ikkoku film. Mochizuki was heavily involved with the first season of Ranma 1/2 and the article delves into the huge influence that the staff of Urusei Yatsura was having as that series wound down. Source: Sakuga Blog

October 17th
Rei Gets the Spotlight

The silent, handsome boy turned cow-alien Rei is the featured character in Rumiko Takahashi's discussion of her past creations today on Twitter. Click the link below for an archive of all of Takahashi's comments on her creations. Source: Rumic World

October 16th
Yashahime Episode 27 Debuts

The circumstances that lead to Rin's imprisonment and Sesshomaru's betrayal of Inuyasha and Kagome are revealed as the princesses seek out Bokuseno and Riku retrieves the last of the rainbow pearls for his mistress, Zero. Source: The Inuyasha Companion

October 15th
Rumic Mini: 010

We've got this month's Rumic Mini to share. Some may not have noticed it, but Akane has a special hidden talent that is shown throughout the manga which makes her the luckiest girl in Nerima. Source: Rumic World YouTube Channel

October 14th
Mana Gets the Spotlight

Takahashi shared on Twitter today that Mana of Mermaid Saga is one of her favorite characters due to her independance and strong nature. You can read more of her comments at the link below. Source: Rumic World

October 13th
Kohaku Gets the Spotlight

Rumiko Takahashi discussed the dilemma of Kohaku's fate and how she agonized over how to resolve his plotline. You can read about Kohaku and more characters by following the link below to see all of Rumiko Takahashi's comments on her creations. Source: Rumic World

October 12th
Mao Chapter 113

Mao and Nanoka recover from their difficult battle when Natsuno arrives. With Mao incapacitated that leaves Nanoka to help her solve the strange sightings of an arm that is hidden inside a travel bag. Source: Mao Online

October 11th
Inuyasha Manga Extras

With continuing translations from Robby Stine, we're beginning to add Rumiko Takahashi's translated comments from the 2013 Inuyasha widebans to the website along with the new drawings she did for each volume. The comments are filled with great insight on the characters and storylines that appear throughout the classic series. Source: The Inuyasha Companion

October 10th
Ryunosuke Gets the Spotlight

Today Rumiko Takahashi discussed her creation of Ryunosuke Fujinami of Urusei Yatsura. Takahashi has always been honest about Ryunosuke extending the life of a series she was starting to struggle with coming up with ideas for. We've got the translation of her comments below. Source: Rumic World

October 9th
Yashahime Episode 26 Debuts

The Half-Demon Princesses all journey to the seaside in search of information about the location of the tree-demon Bokuseno. However they discover a wrathful sea serpent who is punishing long-haired women due to the tramatic events of her past. Source: The Inuyasha Companion

Viz Announces Yashahime Manga Release

Viz announced today via their Twitter that Takashi Shiina's adaptation of "Yashahime" has been licensed for a summer 2022 release (it is monthly so it will take at least that long to have enough material for a volume to be released). Despite Shiina's long career and fame in Japan with such hits as "Ghost Sweeper Mikami" and "Zettai Karen Children" this will be the first time his manga has been officially released in English. Source: Viz Media Twitter Account

October 7th
Rumiko Takahashi Inducted

Rumiko Takahashi is one of five creators to be inducted into the Harvey Award's Hall of Fame as the Class of 2021. Takahashi will be inducted alongside Bernie Wrightson Jeffrey Catherine Jones , Barry Windsor-Smith , and Michael Kaluta. She released the following statement:

“Thank you so much for this wonderful award. I am so honored the American readers have enjoyed my work. Through the medium of manga, I am so happy I am able to communicate with all of you. The world is in hardship due to Covid, but I hope my manga can provide some comfort.”

The ceremony will be held virtually on October 8th during the New York Comic Con. Source: ICv2

Kosaku Gets the Spotlight

Today Rumiko Takahashi discussed her creation of Kosaku Hatanaka, the hero of One-Pound Gospel. We've got the translation of her comments below. Source: Rumic World

October 5th
Mao Chapter 112

Mao battles against Renji as Nanoka decides to enter the fray, but every time she swings Akanemaru the sword drinks down more of her blood. With Mao occupied, it falls to her to fight the giant water dragon. Source: Mao Online

Sesshomaru's Mother Gets the Spotlight

On Rumiko Takahashi's Twitter today she discussed how she created Sesshomaru's mother who appears late in the manga series. Source: Rumic World

October 3rd
Mousse Spotlight

In her recurring Twitter posts discussing the creation of her characters, Rumiko Takahashi focuses on Mousse today. We have translated her comments on the myopic hidden weapon master and you can read them at the link below. Source: Rumic World

October 2nd
Yashahime Season 2 Begins

Yashahime episode 25 debuts and we have the summary posted to kick off the tenth season of an Inuyasha based anime. Tenseiga is broken and Setsuna is dead, what will Towa do? Source: The Inuyasha Companion

Yashahime Manga Summary Section Added

We've added a new section to The Inuyasha Companion to archive summaries of Takashi Shiina's Yashahime adaptation. You'll find the same level of detail and archival notes with this new monthly series as we've been doing with Rumiko Takahashi's series previously. Source: The Inuyasha Companion

October 1st
Japanese Funerary Practices in the Works of Rumiko Takahashi

This month's video takes a look at funerals through the work of Rumiko Takahashi. Series such as Maison Ikkoku and Ranma 1/2 both have visits to family graves, but it is within her short stories that we see some the most focused depictions of death. Source: Rumic World YouTube Channel

September 30th
French Tickner Passes Away

It is with sadness that we share the news that voice actor French Tickner has passed away at the age of 91. To Rumiko Takahashi fans he is best known as the voice of Grandpa Higurashi in Inuyasha and Shinnosuke's Grandad in Ranma 1/2. Additionally he has portrayed Dozle Zabi in Mobile Suit Gundam, Shuichi Sakura in Sanctuary, Jubei Yamada in Fatal Fury and many more. Source: Anime News Network

September 28th
Mao Chapter 111

Hyakka is put out of commission by a powerful shikigami summoned by Shiranui leaving Mao and Nanoka to decide how best to battle against Renji and Mei in the Life Extension Garden. Source: Mao Online

Bankotsu Gets the Spotlight

On Rumiko Takahashi's Twitter today she discussed Bankotsu and her thoughts about his creation and the touches she came up with for the character. Source: Rumic World

September 26th
Ranma 1/2 Wideban Notes

Generously translated and offered to us from Robby Stine of Kanabits, the Ranma 1/2 wideban editions have great interviews with Rumiko Takahashi talking about individual characters from Ranma 1/2. Many of the characters she discusses have never been analyzed in depth and Takahashi provides wonderful insight into the creation of of each them. Again, very special thanks to Robbie for permitting the site to host these wonderful and important bits of information. Source: Ranma 1/2 Perfect Edition

September 24th
20 More Questions with Rumiko Takahashi

In the newest issue of Shonen Sunday S 2021 Vol. 11 Rumiko Takahashi answers questions about Inuyasha to celebrate the debut of Takashi Shiina's manga adaptation of Yashahime. Very kind thanks to Weekly Shogakukan Edition for providing the interview to us. Source: Rumic World

September 23rd
Mitaka Gets the Spotlight

On Rumiko Takahashi's Twitter today she discussed Shun Mitaka of Maison Ikkoku fame. She has also recently discussed Nabiki Tendo, Koga and Oyuki. Click the link below to read all of her latest comments. Source: Rumic World

September 22nd
Takahashi Twitter Comments

We continue to bring you up-to-date translations of Rumiko Takahashi's Twitter comments. Click the link below to see her latest question about the shikigami of Mao and whether they have souls. Source: Rumic World

September 21st
Mao Chapter 110

Hyakka battles against Renji as Mao tries to undo the new power of his fire bugs. With the two teaming up against Renji, it falls to Mei to even the odds in favor of her ally. Source: Mao Online

September 19th
Multiple Updates

We've been working on a number of smaller updates that will be in process for quite awhile but you can go and check them out at your leisure. New notes for the short stories, crew listing for the short story OVAs, episode notes for Yashahime and and Kyokai no Rinne (with more added each day). We've also translated some new posts from Rumiko Takahashi's twitter which you can see at the link below. Source: Rumic World

September 16th
More Twitter Questions

Rumiko Takahashi has taken to answering more fan questions on Twitter. We are keeping our archive updated so that you can easily read translations of the questions and answers that she is giving over the last few months including today's question. Source: Rumic World

Character Creation

Rumiko Takahashi has been speaking about the genesis of some of her characters via her Twitter account. We have those tweets translated at the link below. Source: Rumic World

September 15th
Rumic Mini: 009

Numerous references to Shotaro Ishinomori's "Cyborg 009" crop up in Urusei Yatsura. Here you can see all the references to the anime classic in this month's Rumic Mini. Source: Rumic World YouTube Channel

September 14th
Wada's Covid Battle

Inuyasha/Yashahime composer Kaoru Wada revealed on his Twitter account that he had been hospitalized with Covid-19. Thankfully he is back home now, but was bedridden and will be going through rehabilitation as he slowly returns to work. We wish Wada-san a speedy and safe recovery. Source: Kaoru Wada's Twitter

Mao Chapter 109

Renji tells the story of his sister and what drove him to murder his parents after their brutal and inhumane treatment of he and his adopted siblings. Source: Mao Online

September 8th
New Editor Named

In the new issue of Shonen Sunday's bonus "Sunday Diary" page, Rumiko Takahashi mentions that her current editor since the end of Kyokai no Rinne, Moriwaki, is stepping down and she will now be edited by her first female editor, Okamoto. Best of luck to all! Source:

September 7th
Mao Chapter 108

More of Renji's past is revealed as Mao and Hykka track him to the Garden of Life Extension where he plans to harvest a new swarm of fire bugs to battle against them. Source: Mao Online

September 6th
Yuko Sanpei Recovers from COVID

Yuko Sanpei (Shoma in Kyokai no Rinne) has recovered from her bout with the Coronavirus. Sanpei first had a fever on August 17th and was diagnosed the following day. In addition to her work in Kyokai no Rinne, she has also appeared in Butt Detective, The Knight in the Area, Boruto, and Eureka Seven. Source: Anime News Network

September 1st
Takahashi Sings on Wings of Freedom

We have two huge videos this month, both on the 1985 "Wings of Freedom" album that Shonen Sunday sold to celebrate their anniversary. You can see our documentary about the artists appearing on the album here and listen to the full vinyl album here. Source: Rumic World YouTube Channel

Mao Chapter 107

Hyakka arrives to help Mao save Nanoka from Renji's firebugs. In the wake of their battle Hyakka and Mao compare notes about a series of mysterious arsons that might be tied to Renji from a decade ago. Click the link below to read chapter summaries of all of Mao's releases thus far. Source: Mao Online

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