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June 20th

Rinne Chapter 331
Left and Right are plagued by a rust-headed demon that is destroying all their wares. They manage to rope Rinne into fighting off the spirit and helping their business yet again. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

June 19th

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 36
Summer madness arrives in Sankai as Sakura and her friends see Rinne at a summer festival with another girl! Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

June 15th

Rinne Chapter 330
A portly young student from the culinary club has a possessed hand that writes cryptic grocery lists prompting and investigation from Rinne and Rokumon. Click the link below to read all the latest summaries of Kyokai no Rinne each week. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

June 13th

Rinne Episode 35
Black Cat by Contract Battle Royale! When the elder black cat promises to leave his life's assets to one cat, the entire black cat organization comes out to fight for it. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

June 12th

Kyokai no Rinne Ending Theme
J-pop cband Shiggy Jr. will be performing the upcoming ending theme to the second season of Kyokai no Rinne, entitled Beautiful Life. Drummer Kazuma Moroishi is an avowed Rumiko Takahashi fan, and the band is extremely excited to have their song representing one of her works. As previously mentioned Creephyp will be providing the new opening theme. Source: Anime News Network

June 6th

Rinne Chapter 329
Kuroboshi III is told he must retrieve a talisman from a haunted temple in order to help his grandfather's ailing back, but he goes to Rinne for help without realizing it is all a ruse to help him deal with his fear of ghosts. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

June 5th

Rinne Episode 34
When Rinne's scythe is in need of repair he finds a shop willing to do the work for cheap: Mikazukido, run by the brother and sister duo of Left and Right! Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

June 1st

New Opening Theme
Beginning with episode 38, Kyokai no Rinne's opening theme song will be "Chotto damena ningen ga ippai toujou shimasu" (The Big Entrance of the Kind of Bad Guy) by Creephyp. Source: Rumic World

May 31st

Rinne Chapter 328
Rinne tries out a new detergent to help cut down on the laundering costs of his haori, but Masato manages to steal Rinne's most valuable possession when he leaves it out to dry. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

May 29th

Big Comic Spirits 35th Anniversary
As Big Comic Spirits celebrates its 35th anniversary, Rumiko Takahashi, who published Maison Ikkoku in the magazines pages, will produce a brand new story entitled Konya Kanojo ga Yatte Kuru (She'll Come Tonight). The story will appear in the June 6th issue. Source: Rumic World

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 33
Homeroom teacher Suzuki is in deep trouble when he's cursed with a straw doll! Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

May 22nd

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 32
Shoma turns to the dark side as he has his first encounter with the demonic Masato! Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

Rinne Chapter 326 & 327
In chapter 326 Ichigo meets Shoma for the first time and helps him to exorcise a hippopotamus spirit. Then Rinne and Tsubasa race to exorcise the seperated ghosts who were hoping to go on a date only to meet an untimely demise. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

Yuko Mizutani Passes Away
Famed seiyuu Yuko Mizutani passed away on May 17th after a long battle with breast cancer. Miss Mizutani is perhaps best known for providing the voices of Sakiko Sakura in Chibi Maruko-chan, Sora Takenouchi in Digimon, Mihoshi in Tenchi Muyo, Anri in Bubblegum Crisis and Pinoko in Black Jack. Takahashi fans will know her best as Kurumi from Ranma 1/2 and Soten in Inuyasha. Source: Anime News Network

May 15th

Toshio Furukawa in Dallas
Toshio Furukawa (Ataru in Urusei Yatsura, Sakamoto in Maison Ikkoku) will be attending AnimeFest in Dallas, August 12-15th. He will be joining his Urusei Yatsura castmate Fumi Hirano. Source: Anime News Network

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 31
Homestay training goes astray when Rinne gets involved with Shoma. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

May 8th

Fumi Hirano at AnimeFest
Fumi Hirano (Lum in Urusei Yatsura, Sakura's Mother in Kyokai no Rinne) will be attending AnimeFest in Dallas, August 12-15th. Source: Anime News Network

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 30
A triple set of chapters from the manga are adapted for animation, including the debut of Kuroboshi, Tamako's Black Cat by Contract. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

Rinne Chapter 325
When Tsubasa gains the legendary Philosopher's Stone Rinne thinks he may be able to transmute his money problems away, but the ghost of a World War II era scientist complicates matters. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

May 2nd

Kenji Kawai Interview
Anne, the director of "toco toco," was kind enough to email the site to let us know that their newest episode features Kenji Kawai, the incredibly prolific musician responsible for much of the late TV series and OVA music from Ranma ½ (and the Ghost in the Shell films as well). This program follows Kawai around his neighborhood as he talks about his life, his music and his inspirations. Source: toco toco on YouTube

May 1st

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 29
A spirit from the Showa Era comes back to haunt the students of Sankai High School. What will finally make this deliquent rest in peace? Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

April 24th

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 28
A disagreement over a five hundred yen fee leads to all out war between Rinne and Rokumon and Kain and his Black Cat by Contract, Suzu. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

Rinne Chapter 323 & 324
Rinne investigates a strange print of a school-made slasher film that has odd images appearing throughout it and then the gold ghost comes for a visit and Rinne refuses to miss out on the spirit's largesse. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

April 17th

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 27
Two stories featuring Tsubasa's exorcism skills. First, he and Rinne attempt to help a tennis loving boy gain what he wants most, and then Tsubasa meets the spirit of a beautiful young girl who becomes attached to him, for better or worse. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

Rumic World Shop Exhibition
An exhibition of Rumiko Takahashi related goods is being held at Marui Shinjuku department store until 26th. Included are costumes from Rinne the life-size figure of Lum and more. Thanks to Toshio Uchiyama for the news. Source: 0101.jp

April 10th

Kyokai no Rinne Blu Ray Mock Up
Here's your first look at a potential cover for Sentai Filmworks season 1 release of Kyokai no Rinne. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

April 12th

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 26
Season two of Kyokai no Rinne begins! Everyone is shocked when Ageha's Black Cat by Contract, Oboro, arrives seeking revenge on his Shinigami partner. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

Rinne Chapter 322
An abandoned pastry restaurant is a blight on the neighborhood and Rinne and Ageha are sent to find out what is causing the deceased chef to linger behind. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

April 2nd

Rinne Chapter 321
Sakura and Rinne investigate a cat-loving ghost girl who cannot understand why cats now seem to hate her. This is compounded by the fact that she has taken up residence in a cat cafe and is driving all the resident cats crazy. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

March 31st

Rinne Season 2 Streaming
The Anime Network has announced that they will be simulcasting the second season of the Kyokai no Rinne anime. The US debut will be at 7 pm Eastern across the US, Canada and Latin America on April 9th, the same day it debuts in Japan. Thanks to Ian Lepard for the news. Source: Anime News Network

March 25th

Kyokai no Rinne's American Release
The first season of Kyokai no Rinne's anime is set to be released by Sentai Filmworks on July 12th as RIN-NE. The Bluray set will run $59.98 while the DVD edition will be $49.98. Unfortunately the series will be released subtitled only and an English dub track is not being planned. Thanks to M.J.C for the news. Source: Sentai Filmworks

March 24th

Rinne Chapter 320
Matsugo is trapped in a school book and only Rinne can help set him free, the problem is Rinne would be happy to have the oddball Matsugo trapped in the book forever and out of his life. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

March 21th

Seifune no Ra Illustrations
The first volume of the gag manga "Seisen no Ra" by Shouta Mayuzumi has been released and includes special illustrations by Rumiko Takahashi who calls herself a fan of the new Monthly Sunday series. Takahashi has previously done tribute strips for legendary gag comic "Utsurun desu" by Sensha Yoshida. Thanks to Elizabeth for the news! Source: Shogakukan.co.jp

March 14th

Rinne Season 2 Licensed in USA
Ahead of its Japanese debut on April 9th, the second season of Kyokai no Rinne has been liscened by Sentai Filmworks according to Anime News Network. Source: Anime News Network

March 13th

Rinne Chapter 319
A ghost is haunting Rinne's mother's elementary school and using a ouija board to make ominous threats. Shockingly the ghost seems to know of Rinne's mother's identity from her past life as well. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

March 12th

Takahashi Provides Album Cover Illustration
Takahashi has previous done album cover work for the band V6 for the single they lent to Inuyasha, now Takahashi is illustrating a cover for a Yuuho Iwasato compliation album entitled "Ms. Lyricist". The album is a celebration of Iwasato's 35 years in the music industry. Thanks to Elizabeth for passing along the news. Source: Comics Natalie

March 9th

Kyokai no Rinne Season 2 Theme Songs
Pile will provide the opening theme song "Melody" for the April 9th premiere of the second season of Kyokai no Rinne, while GLIM SPANKY will sing the closing theme "Hanashi o Shiyo." Thanks to Ian Lepard for the news tip. Source: Anime News Network

March 6th

Rinne Chapter 318
Volume 32 of Kyokai no Rinne wraps up with the story of a lovelorn ghost who has tried in vain to leave a message to the girl he loves only to be foiled by weather every year. This year maybe he'll finally get it right with the help of Rinne and Sakura. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

February 29th

New Short Story for 2016
There was no new chapter of Kyokai no Rinne last week, most likely so that Takahashi can complete her annual short story for Big Comic Original. This year's story is called "Konna hazu de wa" ("This Is How It's Supposed to Be") which will appear in the 2016 vol. 6 edition on sale March 5th. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

Kyokai no Rinne Season 2 Cast
The new cast members for the second season of Kyokai no Rinne have been announced. The seiyuu joining the series include Suzuko Mimori as Suzu, Yotshitsugu Matsuoka as Oboro, Akira Ishida as Kurosu, and Yuko Sanpei as Shoma. The new season begins on April 9th. Source: Anime News Network

February 21st

Rinne Chapter 317
Rinne's mother Otome reveals what lead her to the banks of the Sanzu River and to her ultimate accidental reincarnation. Click the link below for all the latest Kyokai no Rinne news and summaries. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

February 14th

Rinne Chapter 315 & 316
The mystery of Rinne's mother continues to unfold in the two latest chapters as he slowly realizes what became of her all those years ago and why she disappeared from his life and whether or not her life with Sabato was really all that it seemed to be. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

February 2nd

Takahashi Nominated for 2nd Eisner Award
Rumiko Takahashi, previous winner of the Inkpot Award at Comic-Con, has been nominated for an Eisner Award this year. Other nominees this year include Matt Groening, George Perez, Rube Goldberg, Jacques Tardi and Herb Trimpe. He last nomination for the Eisner was in 2014. Thanks to Ian Lepard for passing along this news! Source: Anime News Network

January 31st

Rinne Chapter 314
As Rinne begins to wonder if the little girl living by Sakura could possible be his mother the woman herself arrives and banishes an entire flock of ghosts right before his eyes, but can he trust what he sees? This week's chapter features a color page as well to celebrate the new character's introduction. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

January 26th

New Short Story Coming Soon
To celebrate the 35th anniversary of Big Comic Spirits (the home of Maison Ikkoku) Rumiko Takahashi will be publishing a new short story in their magazine. Also included with be Koji Kumeta and Naoki Urasawa among others. The short stories will run in the 9th issue of the year. Thanks to Ian for passing along this news! Source: Anime News Network

January 25th

Takahashi Illustrates Light Novel Cover
Takahashi is providing the cover illustration for a new light novel from the μNOVEL imprint. Other mangaka such as Masamune Shirow have also been commissioned for covers and illustration work at the imprint. Takahashi has provided the cover illustration for "Yume Genji Tsurugi no Saimon" which was written by her mentor Kazuo Koike. Thanks to Elizabeth for passing along this news! Source: Mantan-Web

January 22nd

Rinne Chapter 312 & 313
A New Year's lion dancer is haunting a boy who has been plagued strange fellow since his childhood and in the latest chapter Rinne discovers a family heirloom in a pawn shop- his mother's scythe. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

January 20th

Kyokai no Rinne Season 2
NHK has announced that the second season of the Kyokai no Rinne anime will debut on April 9th. The show will return to NHK's E-Tele channel on Saturdays at 5:30 pm local time. Thanks to Ian Lepard for the news. Source: NHK Anime Blog

January 19th

Life Sized Lum
If you have a spare million yen lying around you could be one of fifty lucky people with your very own life-sized Lum statue. The statue will be sold starting January 22nd at Shogakukan's Pal-Shop. Lum stands at 164cm high (64.5in) and weighs 24kg with the base (52.9lbs). The base of the statue features a reproduction of Rumiko Takahashi's signature. Source: Anime News Network

January 18th

UY Perfect Color Edition Announced
Two volumes of the newly announced Urusei Yatsura "Perfect Color Edition" have been released in Japan. The manga editions will collect the original color artwork that has not been reprinted since the series initial run in Shonen Sunday. The final collected volume will also feature a new interview with Takahashi as well. Thanks to Elizabeth once again for the news! Source: Yahoo.co.jp

January 16th

Two New Rinne Ads
NHK has posted two new ads for the second season of Kyokai no Rinne, the ads feature Rokumon and Rinne discussing the first season and showing illustrations of the new characters that will debut including Suzu and Oboro. Very special thanks to Elizabeth for passing the news along to all of us. Source: NHK.or.jp

January 3rd

Urusei Yatsura Desktop Items
A new set of Urusei Yatsura desktop figures to hold pencils and decorate desks has been announced featuring Ataru, Lum, Ten and Kotatsuneko. Thanks to Ian Lepard for passing along this news. Source: Crunchyroll

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