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May 16th
Yume from Migahawk

Friend of the site Migahawk has a great new album inspired by the works of Rumiko Takahashi. You can listen to his amazing work on Bandcamp and Spotify. If you like synthpop absolutely give it a listen, its excellent on its own, but perfect for Rumic fans! You can also find Migahawk on Spotify and YouTube. Source: Migahawk on Bandcamp

May 15th
Rumic Mini #005

This month's mini examines "A Thousand Years of Innocence", Takahashi's short story that served as a precursor to "Mao". Source: Rumic World YouTube Channel

May 12th
Mao Chapter 92

Mao and Hyakka investigate the murder of a pimp and track down the killer- Renji, a young assassin in the employ of Shiranui who's motives walk a narrow line between morality and craven profiteering. Source: Mao Online

May 9th
Inuyasha and Line Ranger

Just a short clip of the gameplay for the Line Ranger tower defense game which used Inuyasha characters for a cross promotional feature a short time back. Source: Rumic World YouTube Channel

May 1st
Mao & Onmyodo

For our first-of-the-month YouTube video for May we wanted to delve into the rich history of Mao and discuss the magic at the heart of the manga- "onmyodo" If you are curious about the origins of this mystical art please give our video a watch. Source: Rumic World YouTube Channel

April 29th
Inuyasha Kotobukiya Statues

We made a video showing some of the detail of the Kotobukiya Inuyasha statues from 2005 and wanted to share them with all of you. The statues have a great deal of detail and are quite sturdy. For their price they look great on a shelf. Source: Rumic World YouTube Channel

April 28th
Mao Chapter 91

Mao and Hyakka investigate a series of alleged suicides by arson as wealthy politicians die across the city. The victims are all falling prey to a fire technique even more complex than those wielded by Hyakka. Source: Mao Online

April 26th
Takahashi Takes Questions on Yashahime

To celebrate the release of the Blu-ray for Yashahime in Japan, Rumiko Takahashi took five questions from fans about her throughts on the characters and the design process. Click the link below for our translation. Source: Rumic World

April 14th
Mao Chapter 90

With color pages this week, Nanoka discusses what happened between her and Yurako and Kamon is able to deduce that Nanoka has fallen in love with Mao. Source: Mao Online

April 18th
Pricest Item in Our Collection

Last night we recieved the most expensive item in our Rumiko Takahashi collection, click the link to view our unboxing and see what some of the previous "most expensive" items we have acquired throughout the years. Source: Rumic World YouTube Channel

April 15th
Rumic Mini 004

It's mid-month, that means its time for a fresh Rumic Mini exploring translation and cultural aspects of Rumiko Takahashi's work. This month we're once again looking at Takahashi's newest series "Mao" and the naming convention that will get lost in translation outside of Japan. Source: Rumic World YouTube Channel

April 14th
Mao Chapter 89

Yurako continues her confession to Nanoka as she explains how she escaped, met Mao, and was returned to her imprisonment for years as she watched Mao from afar and began to fall in love with him. Source: Mao Online

April 8th
Akemi Takada Interview

We've translated a new interview with Urusei Yatsura character designer Akemi Takada and producer Yuji Nunokawa. In the interview Takada discusses adapting Takahashi's designs, working with Mamoru Oshii and her work on Creamy Mami. Source: Rumic World

April 7th
Mao Chapter 88

Yurako reveals the truth of her history and how she met Mao as Nanoka is kept prisoner in her underground home. Is she really Sana? Is she from the truly from the Heian era like Mao and his clan? Click the link below to read all the latest Mao chapter summaries. Source: Mao Online

April 5th
Mukashi no Onna Release

Mukashi no Onna was released today, Takahashi's latest annual short story from Big Comic Original. Source: Big Comic Bros.

April 4th
Takahashi Fan Q&A

We've added a transcription (click the link below) from the San Diego Comic-Con with Rumiko Takahashi answering fan questions. Thanks to Michael Howe for providing the transcription! Source: Rumic World

April 1st
Takahashi Takes on the Amabie

This month's video deals with the "amabie" a plague-fighting yokai that has had a surge of popularity thanks to the Coronavirus pandemic. Rumiko Takahashi has featured the creature three times in the past year alongside other mangaka such as Junji Ito and Sensha Yoshida. Source: Rumic World YouTube Channel

March 31st
Mao Chapter 87

Nanoka comes face to face with Yurako while Kagari encounters Mao outside. Yurako asks about Mao as Nanoka tries to discern if she is really Sana or someone else. Click the link below to read all the latest chapter summaries of Mao. Source: Mao Online

March 24th
Takahashi x Itoi

Our newly translated interview with Rumiko Takahashi and Shigesato Itoi (the creator of the Mother/Earthbound trilogy of games for the Nintendo) is up for your enjoyment. Itoi is a cultural icon in Japan beyond his video game work and asks Takahashi some unique questions in this 1982 Q&A. Thanks to Robby Stine for the translation! Source: Rumic World

Mao Chapter 86

Nanoka battles Kagari but quickly finds herself outmatched as the girl tosses a stick pin into her throat, causing her to nearly suffocate before Mao arrives to help. With the battle interrupted Kagari soon turns her attention to fulfilling a request for one of her allies. Source: Mao Online

March 22nd
On This Day Revised

For over a decade one of our visitors favorite features is "On This Day in Rumic History". We have completely revamped, edited and updated the calendar with new content, Japanese titles, and more information than ever before. Visit today, tomorrow and everyday to see what happened on this day! Source: Rumic World

March 20th
Yashahime Season 2 Announced

At the end of today's episode of Yashahime, a screen announced that season 2 had been confirmed. Rumiko Takahashi had comments that stated, "I've looked forward to watching every week. The first season ended in a difficult spot but I'm sure there will be more to see in the next chapter including solving mysteries and learning about what happened to the parents' generation. What will happen to Setsuna?" Source: Hanyo Yashahime Website

Yashahime Episode 24

Zero crosses path with the half-demon princesses and then in the wake of the battle meets Sesshomaru's mother who has cruel words for her before they part. Sesshomaru has little choice but to get directly involved once more when Rin's life is on the line. Source: The Inuyasha Companion

New Short Story - "Mukashi no Onna"

Big Comic Original has announced their annual Rumic Theater short story. Appearing in the April 5th issue is Takahashi's latest short entitled "Mukashi no Onna" (The Woman from the Past), a story about a ghost visiting a couple. Source: Big Comic Original

March 18th
RIP Masahiro Anzai

Beloved seiyuu Masahiro Anzai has passed away. He died of heart failure on the 15th and is having a private funeral with family and members of his theater company "Theatre Echo," with whom he performed in Man from La Mancha. In recent years he had been suffering from diabetes and had lost the use of his left leg and begun to lose his eyeslight. Mr. Anzai is best known for his zany portrayal of Mr. Fujinami, shouting his catchphrase of "Umi ga Suki!" Additionally he played Midori Kisaragi in Magical Angel Creamy Mami, Maomolin in Ranma 1/2, Majaho in The Wings of Honneamise and Nabaro in Zillion. Source: Comic Natalie

March 17th
Mao Chapter 85

Nanoka confronts Kagari at the girl school and learns about her connection with Hakubi. Despite Mao's warning not to fight, Nanoka finds she has little choice but to deal with the wicked schoolgirl on her own. Source: Mao Online

March 15th
Rumic Mini 003

This month our Rumic Mini examines a historical building that appears in Mao and was destroyed in the aftermath of one of the worst natural disasters to ever strike Japan. Source: Rumic World YouTube Channel

Yashahime Episode 23

Zero crosses path with the half-demon princesses and then in the wake of the battle meets Sesshomaru's mother who has cruel words for her before they part. Sesshomaru has little choice but to get directly involved once more when Rin's life is on the line. Source: The Inuyasha Companion

March 13th
V6 to Break Up

Popular band V6 has announced they've come to the end of the road. The male idol group will break up on November 1st after being together for 25 years. Member Go Morita initially decided to leave the Johnny's & Associates label while the other five members, Masayuki Sakamoto, Ken Miyake, Junichi Okada, Hiroshi Nagano andand Yoshihiko Inohara decided without all six members, V6 should not continue. They will remain with Johnny's and continue their work as solo artists. In addition to contributing "Change the World" and "Brand New World" to Inuyasha, the group also performed themes in other anime like One-Piece and Fairy Tail. Source: Anime News Network

March 10th
Mao Chapter 84

Nanoka deals with the stresses of life in 2020 under the coronavirus before heading back in time to go undercover as a 1920s schoolgirl, there she comes across Kagami, the girl who aided Hakubi in the battle against Mao. Source: Mao Online

March 7th
Yashahime Episode 22

Setsuna's seal is broken by Zero, leaving her to taken on the full demonic powers she inherited from Sesshomaru. Wild and uncontrollable, she rampages with only Moroha and Towa to try and stop her. Source: The Inuyasha Companion

March 5th
Mao Chapter 83

Natsuno reveals she is seeking a right hand to complete a body that she has been buidling piece by piece for the last 900 years without actually knowing why. Click the link below to read all the latest chapter summaries of "Mao". Source: Mao Online

March 3rd
Actress Masako Sugaya Passes Away

Masako Sugaya, the voice of Oshima the Tanuki in "Urusei Yatsura" and Yukino in "Ranma ½" has passed away. Additionally she played Kenichi Mitsuba in "Ninja Hattori-kun", Mary Ingalls in the "Little House on the Prarie" anime, Maki Aikawa in "Aim for the Best!" and Tatsuo in "Cat Eyed Boy". She was 83. Source: Anime News Network

March 1st
Maison Ikkoku Apartment Fantasy by Joe Hisaishi

This month we take a look at the very rare soundtrack by Joe Hisaishi (My Neighbor Totoro, Princess Mononoke) for the 1986 live-action Maison Ikkoku film. Additionally this soundtrack was never reprinted and has never been released on CD or digital download. Source: Rumic World YouTube Channel

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