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Mr. Ichinose

Series: Maison Ikkoku
Bio: Mr. Ichinose is the hard-working father of Kentaro. He works so hard in fact that most of the tenants think that Kentaro doesn't have a father. Despite his busy schedule, he is a very caring father, and would do anything to make his wife and son happy.
Voice: Minoru Yada & Campbell Lane

Ichinose, Hanae

Series: Maison Ikkoku
Bio: Mrs. Ichinose is a loud, boisterous woman. She loves drinking and partying, and never misses a chance to perform her fan dance, much to her son Kentaro's chagrin. Ichinose never minces words, telling everyone in very blunt terms exactly what she thinks.
Voice: Kazuyo Aoki & Daphne Goldrick/Kathy Morse

Ichinose, Kentaro

Series: Maison Ikkoku
Bio: Kentaro is the youngest tenant of Maison Ikkoku and is extremely jaded for his young age. This is due to having two overweight parents, one who works so often that he's rarely seen, and the other who is an alcoholic loud-mouth. Kentaro falls in love with Ikuko, but when he sees the parallels between his relationship and Godai's with Kyoko he becomes defensive.
Voice: Chika Sakamoto & Saffron Henderson/Sharon Alexander

Ichiyanagi, Nagisa

Series: One or Double
Bio: Kendo club coordinator who has a crush on Miyamoto, she falls into the ocean on her bicycle and Coach Wakatabe possesses her body.
Voice: None

Igawa, Haruka

Series: Kyokai no Rinne
Bio: This young lady's bad feelings result in the creation of a cursed scarf that strangles happy couples.
Voice: None


Series: Maison Ikkoku
Bio: Owner of the Bunny Cabaret, Iioka never hesitates to give Godai advice on how to treat a woman. Although he's not one to talk, he's had lots of children by many different girls.
Voice: Kei Tomiyama & ???

Ikeda, Mayu

Series: Inuyasha
Bio: The spirit of a young girl who died in a fire, Mayu now seeks revenge against the mother and brother who survived the accident. Kagome tries to help Mayu find peace before her soul is taken to hell by the Tatari-Mokke.
Voice: Ayaka Saito & Chantal Strand

Mrs. Ikeda

Series: Inuyasha
Bio: Mayu's mother loved both her children deeply, but she did not realize her daughter was difficult to raise and they seemed to clash often. She was unable to save her daughter from the fire.
Voice: Shinobu Satou & Lisa Ann Beley

Ikeda, Satoru

Series: Inuyasha
Bio: Satoru was comatose for 6 months after he was in the apartment fire that killed his sister Mayu. His mother cares for him, but the spirit of his sister wants him dead.
Voice: Yuki Masuda & Cathy Weseluck


Series: When My Eyes Got Wings
Bio: Ikumi goes to visit Hitomi, a strange little boy who seems obsessed with her. Her boyfriend, Daisuke, is very much against her visits.
Voice: None


Series: Urusei Yatsura
Bio: An ugly little caterpillar that no one loves except Ataru. He protects it and cares for it until it's metamorphosis turns it into a fairy.
Voice: ???


Series: Kyokai no Rinne
Bio: A Sankai High student and former member of the horticulture club. She curses their satsumaimo sweet potatoes with a mandragora curse while trying to punish Tomoo Asatsuma.
Voice: None


Series: Urusei Yatsura
Bio: Inaba is an employee of the Destiny Production Bureau, a group that controls the fates of every being in the universe. While lost on Earth, Inaba meets and falls in love with Shinobu, but because of his clumsiness he ends up being seperated from her again.
Voice: Hirotaka Suzuoki & Jonathan Soronen

Ino, Tsukasa

Series: War Council
Bio: Tsukasa is the "Scholastic Student Council" president which is also known as the "Geek Student Council". He is also after the official student council's seal.
Voice: None

Inugoya, Shiro

Series: Excuse Me For Being A Dog!
Bio: A rough and tumble kid who'se family turns into dogs when they get nose bleeds. He transfers to a new school where he meets Momoko Kurusu who is being harassed by Togakushi.
Voice: None

Mr. Inukai

Series: My Sky
Bio: Sky's owner who is dealing with the return of his dog in the form of an elderly ghost plus his quarreling neighbors who's troubles are escalating.
Voice: None


Series: Inuyasha
Bio: Sealed away for 50 years after thinking he was betrayed by his lover Kikyo, Inuyasha, a half-demon, meets Kagome, a girl from the future and searched for the shattered Shikon Jewel which will make him a full-demon.
Voice: Kappei Yamaguchi & Richard Cox

Inuyasha's Father

Series: Inuyasha
Bio: Inuyasha's father was a powerful and respected demon who fell in love with a human woman and gave had a son in Inuyasha. Sessho-maru is his full-blooded demon son who despises his father's attraction to humans.
Voice: Akio Otsuka & Don Brown


Series: Urusei Yatsura
Bio: Lum's overbearing father is a loud-mouth who intimidates most people that he meets. His views on women are very old-fashioned which leads to tension between he and his wife.
Voice: Ritsuo Sawa & Anthony Lawson


Series: Mermaid Saga
Bio: Isago is a land-dwelling mermaid who seeks the flesh of another mermaid to sustain her during her preganancy. She lies to her husband and keeps her true identity from him.
Voice: Ai Orikasa & Wendee Lee


Series: One-Pound Gospel
Bio: The trainer at Mukoda's Gym and cornerman for Kosaku, Ishida lacks Mukoda's patience when it comes to Kosaku's eating problems, and seeing as how Mukoda has no patience for Kosaku, thats saying a lot.
Voice: Issei Futamata

Itsuki, Hiromi

Series: Birds of Fate
Bio: Hiromi was Torii's high school crush. Unfortunately he never had the courage to tell her, nor did he warn her of her impending misfortunes. Hiromi's son is Ryuji.
Voice: None


Series: Inuyasha
Bio: Inuyasha's mother died when he was very young, and so he was forced to grow up alone in a world full of people that hated him. She new the life of her half-demon, half-human son would be difficult.
Voice: Kikuko Inoue & Alaina Burnett


Series: Urusei Yatsura
Bio: A young girl who works at a teashop and attracts all the guys from Tomobiki High, who unfortunately cause problems for her father.
Voice: Keiko Han

Izumi's Father

Series: Urusei Yatsura
Bio: The owner of the teashop where the boys from Tomobiki High hang out. When the teachers discover the boys are skipping classes they wind up wrecking the store and putting him out of business.
Voice: Rokuro Naya


Series: Inuyasha
Bio: Jaken is Sessho-maru's vassal. He does his master's bidding and does it well, letting nothing get in the way of Sessho-maru's orders.
Voice: Yuichi Nagashima & Don Brown


Series: Inuyasha
Bio: Jakotsu is the eccentric, homosexual member of the Shichinin-tai. He is in love with Inuyasha and wants to cuddle up with him and kill him at the same time. His snake-like sword makes him very deadly.
Voice: Ai Orikasa & Jen Forgie


Series: Urusei Yatsura
Bio: Ten is Lum's little cousin, and even though he is nothing more than a pre-schooler he already has a facination with older women. He is a constant source of annoyance to Ataru and breathes fire whenever he is teased too often.
Voice: Kazuko Sugiyama & Shannon Settlemyre


Series: Kyokai no Rinne
Bio: Jason is an the obnoxious spirit of a dog who refuses to leave a local restaurant and attacks patrons who come in.
Voice: None


Series: Inuyasha
Bio: Jinenji is an ugly half-demon who is persecuted because of his appearance. He is blamed for some recent deaths, but then he risks his life to save them from the true threat. He and his mother grow healing herbs.
Voice: Hisao Egawa & Michael Dobson

Jinenji's Mother

Series: Inuyasha
Bio: Bitter and disgusted with humans for their prejudices against her half-demon son, she married a handsome demon when she was young, but now she raises Jinenji alone.
Voice: Natsuko Fuji & Stevie Vallance


Series: Ranma
Bio: When Mousse gives the scarf he made for Shampoo away to this Jizo statue, it feels it must repay him by turning into Shampoo and going out with him.
Voice: None


Series: Bye-Bye Road
Bio: A young man who wants nothing more than to have a peaceful morning jog. Unfortunately Spark and other salesmen decide to try and shill to him instead.
Voice: None


Series: Urusei Yatsura
Bio: When Mendo is playing the role of Sasaki in feudal times, Jotaro is his pet monkey. Eventually Jotaro grows to large to sit on Mendo and he runs off with Ataru.
Voice: ???

Jumonji, Tsubasa

Series: Kyokai no Rinne
Bio: Tsubasa briefly knew Sakura when they were children, and like her he can see ghosts. He has a crush on Sakura and his rough style brings him into conflict with Rinne frequently.
Voice: Ryohei Kimura


Series: Inuyasha
Bio: Jumyo is the son of Hosenki. After his father's death he took over in the creation of black pearls.
Voice: Shiro Saito & Peter New


Series: Maison Ikkoku
Bio: Jun is a cute, out-going girl who dates Sakamoto for a little while.
Voice: None


Series: Inuyasha
Bio: Naraku's fourth offspring, the uncontrollable Juromaru, is usually kept chained and muzzled due to his wild nature. He is actually controlled by Kageromaru who lives inside his stomach.
Voice: Takumi Yamazaki & Brian Drummond

Jusenkyo Guide

Series: Ranma
Bio: The Guide oversees the day to day running of the cursed springs of Jusenkyo. He is very knowledgable on the history of each spring and tries to convince vistors not to foolishly train near the springs for fear they will be cursed.
Voice: Koichi Yamadera & Ian Corlett/Michael Donovan