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Saeko Shimazu & Akie Yamaguchi

Ranma’s Platter II
Prizewinner of “Lyrics Contest”!!
Sung by Kodachi! A black rose for the Valentine’s

We collected the lyrics for Ranma ˝ single album in MM magazine and have decided the winner of the contest. The winner is a thirteen year old junior high school student. On this occasion, she met Saeko Shimazu, a voice actress who does Kodachi’s voice, at the recording studio.

We advertised for lyrics in MM magazine's September edition, for the second album following “Ranma teki kikaku onban" (Hot Songs Contest). The winner, Akie Yamaguchi (13), is in the second year of junior high and is from Tokyo. Pony Canyon’s production director Masato Suga and Kitty Film producer Yoko Matsushita consulted with one another and Yamaguchi-san’s lyrics were chosen.

It seems that the idea of Kodachi and tango attracted their attention. At the recording studio, singer Saeko Shimazu and Yamaguchi-san met up and Shimazu-san gave her an autograph card and a compatible LD player list.

We interviewed the flattered Yamaguchi-san with the surprise news alongside the singer Saeko Shimazu.

How did you get the idea of Kodachi and tango?

Yamaguchi: First of all I thought about which character I would write lyrics for and thought Kodachi was easy. I thought it should be musical one... and then, all of a sudden I hit upon the idea of Kodachi dancing the tango with a black rose in her mouth.

What did you think when you heard that you were chosen?

Yamaguchi: I thought “Why!?” Even though my leg was severely injured at that time, I jumped for joy. (laughs)

Shimazu-san, what was your impression when you first listened to this song?

Shimazu: Yeah, I was thinking about clothes for some events! (laughs) Before recording my voice, I listened to the demonstration of its introduction and I thought “It’s interesting!” (laughs)

Accidentally, the release day of this album will fall on Yamaguchi-san’s birthday. If you have any chance, please listen to this new album in which KAC members’ ideas are used.

Originally Published in:
Translation by: Toshiaki Yamada

Ms. Shimazu's credits include:

Shinobu Miyake
Urusei Yatsura

Sayoko Kuroki
Maison Ikkoku

Kodachi Kuno
Ranma ˝

Princess Abi

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