Story Premise

As a child Sakura Mamiya was taken into the afterlife where she gained the ability to see ghosts.

Rinne's grandmother married a human after making a special deal. Unfortunately for Rinne, he's the one having to help pay for his grandparent's unusual arrangement.

Now Rinne barely has enough yen to function. He's notoriously frugal, but even when he's pinching pennies, he can't get ahead.


When she was a small child, Sakura Mamiya encountered a strange rabbit that drew her into an unusual world. Once there and older woman helped guide her home, though not after giving her a piece of candy. Years later, Sakura would discover that she had ventured into the afterlife, and thanks to the candy she gained the ability to see spirits.

Years later as a high school student, Sakura meets a red-headed transfer student name Rinne Rokudo. She soon learns that Rinne is a shinigami, a god of death responsible for ferrying lost spirits into the afterlife should they linger in the realm of the living.  

Sakura comes to learn that the woman she met was Tamako, Rinne's grandmother, and she soon becomes swept up in Rinne's daily exorcisms around the school and together they journey into the afterlife, visit hell, and help lost spirits find their peace.

An Introduction to Kyokai no Rinne