After not having an anime on the air for many years, Kyokai no Rinne debuted in the spring of 2015. While Inuyasha had the Avex Mode record label and all its artists to draw from, Kyokai no Rinne features less well known and more up-and-coming musicians.

members: Yoshikatsu Shutou, Takemasu Ono, Tomomasa Teranaka & Yuuki Yagi
Keytalk are based in Shimokitazawa in Tokyo. The founded the band in 2007 and released their debut single in 2010. Their song "Ouka Ranman" was chosen as the first opening theme for Kyokai no Rinne, and the band returned to contribue the second opening theme "Ura no Ura" as well.

members: Haneda Narita, Natsuki Ogoda, Katsuko Misawa, Yoshikuni Tsuyusaki, Takuya Yao
Passepied were formed in 2009 by Tokyo University of Art graduate, Haneda Narita. Their 2015 single, Toki no wa, is the first ending theme to the series. Their art school origins shine through in the music as well as promotional artwork and photos of the band members. Their music has been described as incorporating elements from genres ranging from the 1970s to 2000s.

members: Shigeru Kishida, Masashi Sato, Fanfan
Formed in 1996, Quruli is made up of a trio of muscians and usually features a supporting musician in the role of the drummer. Shigeru Kishida is the primary songwriter of the group as well as leader of the band. They performed "Futatsu no Sekai," the second ending them to Kyokai no Rinne, which was the first song from the band to ever be used in anime.

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