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December 28th

Inuyasha Chapter 487
We've added the summary for the new chapter, as Sango and Miroku make seperate decisions that will affect their future together. Source: Inuyasha Companion

December 25th

A Merry Little Christmas Update
In honor of Takahashi bringing One-Pound Gospel to an end, we have redesigned and renewed our One-Pound Gospel website. Curious about Angela's aunt, Manabu Sakura, Chef Wakaoji or Ryusei Kurenai? Want to see all the newest artwork from the series? Ready to read what happens in the chapters that have yet to be collected even in Japan? Then check out The Ring and The Rosary and find out! Source: Rumic World

Ranma ½: American's First Manga Hit
Publishers Weekly released an article profiling Ranma ½. In which the heap on the praise that the series so deserves by recognizing it as the first hit manga to be released in the United States. Click the link to read the article. Source: Publishers Weekly

December 22nd

The End of One Pound Gospel
After twenty years, Takahahshi has written the final chapter of One Pound Gospel. Kosaku fights for the title and Angela's heart in this dramatic ending to a beautiful romance. Source: Rumic World

December 21st

Rumic World Christmas Present
To thank everyone for their support this year, we'll be posting a translation of one of Takahashi's untransalated stories on the Rumic Theater site. Please click the link and vote for which story you'd like to see posted. Merry Christmas! Source: Rumic World Messageboard

Maison Ikkoku Drama Cast
The casting for the new Maison Ikkoku live action drama has been completed. To see an image of the cast and of Maison Ikkoku itself, follow the link below. Source: TV Asahi

December 16th

One Pound Gospel Finale
Young Sunday has posted their teaser summary for next week's final chapter of One Pound Gospel. The summary states, "Who will come out on top during the fierce fighting of the title match? Sister Angela's true feelings for Kosaku are put to the test. The love and laughter of the gospels with emotions multiplied by more emotions in this final chapter!!" Source: Young Sunday

December 14th

Urusei Yatsura Shinsouban Vols. 3 and 4
More shinsouban releases this week. Each shinsouban contains part of "My Lumx34" which has a different mangaka draw their version of Lum in each new volume. Takahashi provides a new drawing for the first volume, while Mitsuru Adachi (Cross Game) does volume 2, Mine Yoshizaki (Sgt. Frog) does volume 3 and Eiji Nonaka (Cromartie High School) does volume 4. Source:

December 13th

Inuyasha Chapter 486
Sango's battle continues in Inuyasha chapter 486, with new implications for Miroku. The summary of which you can read by clicking the link below. There will be no new chapter next week due to the New Year celebrations. Source: Inuyasha Companion

December 6th

Inuyasha Chapter 485
Sango's new storyline continues in Inuyasha chapter 485, the summary of which you can read by clicking the link below. Source: Inuyasha Companion

December 1st

2007 Rumic World Quiz
Our fifth annual Rumic World Quiz is now online! This year's great prizes include the Inuyasha Feudal Combat game for the Playstation 2, Ranma ½ color pages, and an Urusei Yatsura wideban! Click the banner or link below to get started! Source: Rumic World


November 30th

Inuyasha Chapter 484
We've added the chapter summary for the newest Inuyasha chapter which continues Miroku and Sango's perilous mission. Source: Inuyasha Companion

November 26th

Inuyasha in Top Ten
Inuyasha Vol. 47 came in number 10 on the Top Ten highest selling manga in Japan this week. Other titles included Naruto Vol. 35, Hajime no Ippo Vol. 78 and xxxHOLic Vol. 10. Source: Tohan

November 23rd

Goodbye, Ranma
After sixteen years Ranma ½ is finally coming to an end here in the US. I've written an article about my experiences with the series and how much it has meant to me. Please check it out. Source: Rumic World

November 22nd

The Lamb's Promise Ch. 1
This week marks the beginning of the final storyarc of Rumiko Takahashi's One Pound Gospel. The Lamb's Promise was published in Young Sunday and features Kosaku getting a shot at the title. We'll have more detailed information on each chapter as our copy arrives from Japan. Source: Rumic World

Inuyasha Chapter 483
Hone no oni sees the continuing Miroku/Sango heavy storyline, check out the summary at the following link. Source: Inuyasha Companion

Urusei Yatsura 25th Anniversary Sale
Animeigo is having a seriously good sale on Urusei Yatsura products. Every dvd from the TV series, OVAs, and Movies is on sale for only ten dollars each! Source: Animeigo

November 19th

Inuyasha's 10th Anniversary
As mentioned, this week marks Inuyasha's 10th anniversary. To mark the occasion we're bringing you complete coverage of Shonen Sunday's bonus material and a special message from Rumiko Takahashi herself. Check out the special article and wish your favorite dog demon a happy double-digit birthday! Source: Rumic World

November 8th

Inuyasha Chapter 482
Chapter 482 was released in Japan this week. The chapter continues the Bone Demon storyarc, but this chapter in particular celebrates Inuyasha Sengoku Otogi Zoshi's 10th anniversary! Included with the chapter is an article discussing Takahashi's 10 favorite pages (of the total 8779 pages she has done in the last ten years). Source: Inuyasha Companion

November 11th

New Inuyasha Video Game
A new American made Inuyasha RPG game has been annouced for the Nintendo DS entitled "Secret of the Divine Jewel". Source:

November 8th

Inuyasha Chapter 481
The newest chapter of Inuyasha was released in Shonen Sunday this week, beginning a new storyarc that will lead into next week's 10th anniversary chapter. Source: Inuyasha Companion

November 7th

Ranma ½'s Final Volume
Viz has posted a news release promoting the final volume of Ranma ½ after 14 years. They give the series its due as their longest running title and a flagship of the company. Because of the significance of the ending, Viz has managed to get Rumiko Takahashi to write a note to American fans that will be included with the release. Source: Viz

Inuyasha's 10th Anniversary
It's hard to believe it has been ten years, but Shonen Sunday is celebrating the anniversary in SS 2006 #50 (11/15) with an Inuyasha cover and color pages. Source:

Urusei Yatsura Shinsouban
Shonen Sunday has announced plans to re-release Urusei Yatsura in a shinsoubon format, that most likely follows the original tankobon releases. The first two volumes will be available November 18th. Source:

November 2nd

The Shinsengumi Arrive
ADV has announced the release date for the first volume of Moeyo Ken TV (featuring character designs by Rumiko Takahashi) as January 30th. Source: Rumic World

Inuyasha Chapter 480
Inuyasha's battle with Kanna concludes. How will Naraku influence the battle? Check out the summary at Inuyasha Companion Source: Inuyasha Companion


October 31st

Meet Yusaku Godai
TV Asahi has chosen the young student that will be playing Godai in the upcoming live-action drama of Maison Ikkoku. Taiki Nakabayashi won the role and beat out the 3,000 other young actors who auditioned. You can see a video clip of the process here and visit the Asahi website here. Source: InuYasha Information from Japan

October 28th

Takahashi Talk
This month's Takahashi Talk article continues our analysis of the directors and animation directors of various Takahashi series, this time focusing on the anime for Ranma ½. Source: Rumic World

October 25th

Inuyasha Chapter 479
We've got the continuation of Inuyasha's tough battle with Kanna up, so be sure to check it out. Source: Inuyasha Companion

October 21st

Takuya Fujioka Passes Away
Takuya Fujioka, the Japanese voice of Mujaki from Urusei Yatsura 2: Beautiful Dreamer passed away October 20th. Thanks to Masahiko for passing this along. Mr. Fujioka will be missed. Source: Rumic World

Maison Ikkoku Pachinko
A Maison Ikkoku based pachinko machine will debut in Japan on November 27th from Olympia. Thanks to Toshio for the news. Source:

October 20th

Inuyasha Chapter 478
Inuyasha's epic battle against Kanna continues in chapter 478. Source: Inuyasha Companion

October 14th

TV Asahi's 100 Best Anime
TV Asahi has conducted a survey of the 100 best anime of all time. Number 20 is Inuyasha, Number 36 is Ranma ½, Number 68 is Urusei Yatsura, and Number 97 is Maison Ikkoku. Another listing was voted on by Japanese celebrities and it stacks up like so: Number 10 is Urusei Yatsura, Number 36 is Maison Ikkoku and Number 73 is Ranma ½. Source: Anime News Network

October 13th

Inuyasha Chapter 477
We've added the summary for the newest chapter featuring Inuyasha's battle against Kanna. Source: Inuyasha Companion

October 11th

A Full Pound of Summaries
The complete summaries for the unreleased fourth volume of One Pound Gospel are now posted. Be sure to check them out and get all caught up in preparation for next month's final storyline. Source: The Ring and the Rosary

Inuyasha's Final Episodes
Just a reminder that Inuyasha's last batch of episodes will be debuting on Adult Swim this week. Make sure to stay up late tonight for episode 158, Stampede of the Countless Demon Rats! Source: Rumic World

October 9th

Ranma ½ Beginning to End Contest is Over!
Congratulations to Jasmin Hernandez on winning the contest. Your gashapon figures are in the mail! Source: Rumic World

October 6th

Ranma ½ Beginning to End Contest is On!
Click here to enter the new contest for your chance to win a set of the new Ranma ½ gashapon figures! Source: Rumic World

October 4th

Inuyasha Chapter 467
Kanna's return is proving to be more dangerous than expected. She's packing some serious power as her demon has managed to capture Tetsusaiga's power for itself. Does the real Tetsusaiga have any chance? Source: Inuyasha Companion

October 1st

One-Pound Gospel Translated
We've posted the second chapter of "The Lamb's Restaurant" over at Rumic Theater, so please go and check it out. Enjoy! Source: Rumic Theater


September 29th

Ranma ½ Beginning to End Contest
On October 6th we're going to have a new contest to celebrate the end of the Ranma ½ English manga. After 16 years it's the longest running manga series in America and you can win some great prizes as we say goodbye to this classic. Be sure to check back here on October 6th and enter! Source: Rumic World

September 27th

Inuyasha Chapter 475
Inuyasha moves closer to chapter 500, as Kanna returns and reveals the secret of her mirror. You can read the summary by clicking the following link. Source: Inuyasha Companion

September 25th

Moeyo Ken TV Licensed
ADV announced at Anime Weekend Atlanta that they have licensed Moeyo Ken TV, the follow up to the Moeyo Ken OVA, which features original character designs by Rumiko Takahashi. Source: Anime News Network

September 20th

Inuyasha Chapter 474
Inuyasha and Kagome's battle against Kao comes to a close and fans are treated to a few great looking color pages by Takahashi as well new artwork for the cover of Shonen Sunday. Source: Inuyasha Companion

Goukakenran 6
One of Japan's biggest Rumiko Takahashi conventions is coming up on October 15th. If you're planning on being in Tokyo that day, why not stop by? Source: Goukakenran

September 13th

Inuyasha Chapter 473
Inuyasha's battle against a new foe continues in chapter 473. You can read the summary by clicking the link below. Next week's chapter will also have color pages. Source: Inuyasha Companion

September 8th

Inuyasha Chapter 472
A new storyline begins in chapter 472 as Inuyasha battles against his recent depression. Source: Inuyasha Companion

September 4th

Takahashi Talk
This month Rumic World continues its series of regular articles highlighting various aspects of Rumic fandom. Our new article takes an illustrated look at the directors of Maison Ikkoku. Source: Rumic World


August 30th

Inuyasha Chapter 471
Sesshomaru's journey to hell is concluded as a new storyline with the main cast begins in Jihi no Kokoro. Source: Inuyasha Companion

August 23rd

Inuyasha Chapter 470
After a week off in Japan, we've added the newest manga summary to the Inuyasha Companion. Source: Inuyasha Companion

August 10th

Hirotaka Suzuoki Passes Away
Incredibly sad news, but Hirotaka Suzuoki (Tatewaki Kuno and Inaba) passed away today from lung cancer. He was 56 and will be missed. Source: Daizenshuu EX

Inuyasha Movie 4 on Adult Swim
Adult Swim's early schedule has "Fire on the Mystic Island" scheduled to be shown at 11pm on December 23rd. Source: Anime News Network

August 9th

Inuyasha Chapter 469
Sesshomaru's battle in hell continues with this week's chapter from Shonen Sunday 36/37. There will be no new chapter of Inuyasha next week. Chapter 470 will arrive in stores and on the site on August 23rd. Source: Inuyasha Companion

August 7th

Calling All Godais
TV Asahi has announced that they are holding an open casting call for the role of Yusaku Godai in the new Maison Ikkoku live-action TV series. The show is scheduled to begin in Japan in the Spring of 2007. Misaki Ito has already been cast in the role of Kyoko. Thanks to Toshio for the information. Source: Maison Ikkoku Drama HP

August 4th

Rumic Theater Relaunch
After weeks of hard work, we've got the all new and completely improved version of Rumic Theater online! Not only can you now read about all of Takahashi's short stories, but find tons of information about the anime as well. Plus new sections for translations and music too! Our featured translation is 1998's extremely rare chapter of One-Pound Gospel, "The Lamb's Restaurant Part One"! Check it out! Source: Rumic Theater

August 3rd

The End of One-Pound Gospel
In the latest issue of Young Sunday (vol. 36/37) it was announced that Rumiko Takahashi will resume the series in November 22nd (Vol. 52) of this year. It will be a five part storyline that will end the series, which has been published on and off since 1987. Thanks to Toshio on the messageboard for sharing this with us! Source: Young Sunday

August 2nd

Inuyasha Chapter 468
The summary for this week's chapter which sees Sesshomaru travelling to hell is now online. Source: Inuyasha Companion

Encyclopedia Updates
The Character Encyclopedia has been updated with tons of new One-Pound Gospel characters and a few from some of the older short stories that we had overlooked. Source: Rumic World

August 1st

Takahashi Interview
Inuyasha Information from Japan reports that Rumiko Takahashi has conducted a new interview in Osaka Geijutsu Daigaku Daigaku Manga vol. 5. In it she discusses the impending ending of Inuyasha. Source: Inuyasha Information from Japan

Takahashi Talk
This month Rumic World begins its first in a series of regular articles highlighting various aspects of Rumic fandom. Our first article takes an illustrated look at the directors of Urusei Yatsura. Source: Rumic World

New Lum Figures
Banpresto is continuing their line of one foot tall Lum statues. In October a Lum in kimono figure will be released, while December will feature two versions of Lum unwrapping herself from a present. Thanks to Souten & Haro for the news. Source: Rumic World


July 31st

Crossword Challenge Winner
Congratulations to Eric Zellers for winning our first Crossword Challenge! Thanks to everyone else for particpating and for the very positive feedback we've had. We'll definetely be doing another in the future. The answers have been posted as well. Source: Rumic World

July 30th

Crossword Clue
Everyone seemed to be having trouble with the clue "Nun's Real Name" so I've posted that answer on the crossword page to give everyone a little help. Source: Rumic World

July 29th

One Pound Gospel News
Yesterday Rumic World received the second chapter of "The Lamb's Restaurant" from 1998. These stories have never been collected and are quite rare. We'll get a summary up soon. But the big news concerning One Pound Gospel is that Takahashi will be returning to the series once again this fall, with an announcement mentioned in Young Sunday Vol. 35. Volume 36 will contain a new illustration and more news, which we will bring you as soon as we get the issue. Thanks to Inuyasha Information from Japan for breaking this news! Source: Inuyasha Information from Japan

July 26th

Inuyasha Chapter 467
The summary for Inuyasha chapter 467, "Meidou" is online and features some very interesting developments in Sesshomaru's character. Source: Inuyasha Companion

Inuyasha Movie Boxset
With the release of the final Inuyasha movie a week away here in the US, Viz has announced that they will be putting out an Inuyasha Movie Boxset on September 26th. Fans should note that the boxset will only contain the first three movies and not Fire on the Mystic Island. Source: Anime on DVD

July 19th

Inuyasha Chapter 466
Another shocking chapter that sees the departure of one character and the introduction of a very significant new face. As always you can read the summary at the Inuyasha Companion. Source: Inuyasha Companion

July 17th

Crossword Challenge!
Rumic World is hosting a new contest, and we're giving away some great prizes donated by Trish Pellerito. Click on the banner above or the link below to check out the rules, prizes and most importantly the puzzle so you can get started! Source: Rumic World

July 15th

Animeigo Contest
Anime on DVD is hosting a contest where you get to tell Animeigo what their next project should be. Please recommend the Rumic World OVAs! Many have done so, and we need your support! Source: Anime on DVD

July 13th

Inuyasha Chapter 465
A pivotal chapter of Inuyasha as things change forever. You can read the summary at the Inuyasha Companion. Source: Inuyasha Companion

July 7th

Inuyasha Movie 3 on Cartoon Network
The third Inuyasha film will debut on Adult Swim at 11pm EST on August 12th. Source: Anime News Network

July 4th

Inuyasha Chapter 464
The fate of Naraku and Kikyo becomes clear in this pivotal chapter from Shonen Sunday. Follow the link for our summary. Source: Inuyasha Companion

July 3rd

Top 10 Urusei Yatsura Episodes
The magazine "Anime Insider" has compiled a list of their favorite episodes of Urusei Yatsura to honor the completion of the series here in the United States. The article is from volume 33. Source: Anime Insider


June 28th

Inuyasha Chapter 463
The dramatic battle against Naraku continues with this chapter 463, Joka no ya, from Shonen Sunday. Click the link for our summary. Source: Inuyasha Companion

June 22nd

Tomobiki-cho in Protoculture Addicts
Be sure to pick up a copy of Protoculture Addicts 88 for a feature on Urusei Yatsura. The magazine discusses the anime series coming to an end and talks to Animeigo CEO Robert Woodhead. The article also makes use of (and mentions) Tomobiki-cho! Source: Rumic World

KOTOKO talks Inuyasha
J-Pop artist KOTOKO admitted in an interview with Anime News Network that she has a fondness for Inuyasha. The singer is quoted as saying "I like Inuyasha and I would love to write theme songs for the show. If I were to write the songs for it, it would be spotlighted on Kagome and Inu Yasha’s feelings toward each other and the difficulties between them. For an opening theme, I would write about Inu Yasha’s costume with the feeling of the Japanese culture of that timeline, and for an ending theme, I would write a sad love song based on Inuyasha and Kagome’s oppressive feelings." Source: Anime News Network

Atsuko Nakajima at Anime Expo
Atsuko Nakajima, best known as the character designer for Ranma 1/2 and animation director for episodes of Urusei Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku, and Ranma 1/2 will be appearing at Anime Expo this year, July 1-4 in Anaheim, CA. Source: Anime News Network

Inuyasha Chapter 462
This week's issue of Shonen Sunday features Tama no yukue, chapter 462. The summary can be found on the site. Source: Inuyasha Companion

June 15th

Urusei Yatsura Sale
Animeigo is having a massive sale on Urusei Yatsura DVDs, volumes 1 through 45 are selling for a measly $9.98 each! With two hours of wacky goodness per disc, if you've never given UY a try before, now is the time! Source: Animeigo

June 14th

Inuyasha Chapter 461
This week's issue of Shonen Sunday was released today and contains Hirakareta karada, chapter 461 of Inuyasha. Source: Inuyasha Companion

June 12th

Tohru Furuya Comes to America
Voice actor Tohru Furuya who played Kosaku Hatanaka in One Pound Gospel and Shingo in Urusei Yatsura will come to Anime Expo on July 1 and 2. Source: Tohru Furuya's Homepage

June 10th

Positive Cooking
I finally had time to go through and do a proper summary for Takahashi's newest short story, Positive Cooking. You can find the summary on the Rumic Theater site. Source: Rumic Theater

June 8th

The Lamb's Future Path Summaries
We've posted the chapter summaries for the newest story arc of One-Pound Gospel in the manga section of The Ring and the Rosary. The story has never been published in English and has yet to be collected in Japan. This is the only place you can find summaries of this elusive story! Source: The Ring and the Rosary

Inuyasha Chapter 460
This week's issue of Shonen Sunday features chapter 460 of Inuyasha, and has a color title page. Source: Inuyasha Companion

June 2nd

Rumic World OVA Drive
The first week of June Rumic World is asking our visitors to help get inform anime companies of our desire to see the Rumic World OVAs (Maris, Firetripper, Laughing Target, One Pound Gospel, and Mermaid Forest & Scar) all released on DVD. Please sign the petitons and get the word out. We've already had some tentative responses from companies! Source: Rumic World

Inuyasha Chapter 459
Chapter 459 of Inuyasha has been released and a summary is available to read at the Rumic World's Inuyasha Companion. Next week's Inuyasha chapter will feature color pages. Source: Inuyasha Companion


May 29th

Viz Top 5 Anime
Viz has announced their best selling anime for the month:
1. Naruto Vol. 1
2. Inuyasha Vol. 41
3. Inuyasha Movie 3
4. Inuyasha Movie 1
5. Inuyasha Movie 2 Source: Viz

May 28th

Japan's Top 10 Manga
The top ten manga releases this week included the newest volume of Inuyasha debuted at number 3 (two spots higher than volume 44). The list stacked up like so:
1. Fruits Basket Vol. 20
2. Gentleman's Alliance Vol. 4
3. Inuyasha Vol. 45
4. Get Backers Vol. 35
5. Karakuri Circus Vol. 42
6. D-Live!! Vol. 14
7. Kekkashi Vol. 12
8. Death Note Vol. 11
9. Ura Peach Girl Vol. 3
10. Bleach Vol. 22 Source: Tohan

May 24th

Inuyasha Chapter 458
Chapter 458 of Inuyasha has been released and a summary is available to read at the Rumic World's Inuyasha Companion. Source: Inuyasha Companion

Rare One Pound Gospel Acquired
After years of searching Rumic World has spent a tidy fee and imported the two-part storyline "The Lamb's Future" from 2001. These two One Pound Gospel chapters have never been collected in Japan or the United States. Summaries and information will be available soon. Source: Rumic World

Inuyasha Character Section Redone
Months of hard work has been completed and we've overhauled the Inuyasha Companion character section. Rewritten profiles, more artwork from both the manga and anime, and the usual voice actor information you've come to love are all available. Check it out and we promise you'll learn something new. Source: Inuyasha Companion

May 23rd

Inuyasha Volume 45
Shogakukan released the 45th volume of Inuyasha in Japan on the 18th. The book contains chapters 439-448 which covers the end of the Yomeiju arc and the epic battle between Moryomaru and Naraku. Click the following link for the full volume summary. Source: Rumic World

Satsuki Yukino Performs
Satsuki Yukino, the voice of Kagome Higurashi, will be performing with her band, Twinkle Spirit, May 15th in Shibuya at the Zher the Zoo Yoyogi club. The group consists of Yukino and seiyuu Sachi Matsumoto. Tickets go on sale beginning at 3,300 yen. Source: Inuyasha Information from Japan

May 2nd

The End of Ranma and Maison Sake
A new spate of Viz manga releases includes the final volume of Ranma ½. When Ranma ends it will have run for approximately 14 years here in the US, and will be dearly missed by we here at Rumic World. In other news a new brand of Maison Ikkoku sake entitled "Fujinoi Daiginjo Maison Ikkoku" is debuting in Japan, and the website has an interview with Takahashi as well as the new Kyoko drawing she did for the label. Thanks to Toshio for submitting the sake news! Source: Anime News Network & Shimo-Tomobiki Station


April 24th

Kyoko in America
Japanese voice actress Sumi Shimamoto (Kyoko Otonashi/Asuka Mizunokoji) will be attending Anime Boston this year. The convention runs from May 26-28. Source: Anime Cons

April 22nd

New Lum and Ranma Figures
Banpresto has released two new Lum figures which can be seen here and here. Special thanks to messageboard member Souten for sharing this news with us! Also of note the new Ranma figurine sets are also available for purchase. Source: Souten &

April 5th

One-Pound Gospel Calendar
In the 3/30 (Vol. 17) issue of Young Sunday, Rumiko Takahashi drew a special calendar insert to celebrate the magazine's 20th anniversary. Special thanks to Lance Hatami for passing this along to us! Source: Lance Hatami

April 3rd

Live Action Movies?
Oricon recently ran a survey in Japan asking manga fans which series they would most like to see turned into a live-action feature film. The number one ranking belonged to Slam Dunk, while others included Detective Conan and Rumiko Takahashi's own, Urusei Yatsura. Source: Oricon Fan Ranking


March 14th

Inuyasha Season 3
More boxset releases have been announced. This time it's Inuyasha Season 3, which will hit stores on September 13th in the usual two formats. The deluxe edition retails for $119.98 while the regular edition sales for $99.98. Source: Anime News Network

Encyclopedia Update
Quite a few new Inuyasha characters have been added to the Rumic World Encyclopedia, specifically from volumes 40 through 45. Source: Rumic World


February 27th

Final Releases
On the heels of Urusei Yatsura's final boxset becoming available, Viz has announced the release dates for the final Inuyasha movie as well as the final boxset of Maison Ikkoku, to be released on August 1st and July 4th respectively. Source: Animeigo & Anime on DVD

February 5th

New Takahashi Short Story
It's that time of year again, when Rumiko Takahashi puts out a new short story. This year's story is entitled "Positive Cooking" and will be released in Big Comic Original 2006 volume 5. Source: Big Comic Original

February 1st

New Inuyasha Release Dates
We've added lots of new release dates for upcoming Inuyasha manga, anime, and statues. Also, be on the lookout for the two newest action figures, Naraku and a second Inuyasha sculpt, which arrived in stores yesterday. Source: Rumic World


January 11th

Final Urusei Yatsura Release
Animeigo has announced that the tenth and final boxset of Urusei Yatsura is available for preorder, packed to the brim with extras, and at a special lower price of only $95.00. The set is scheduled to arrive as early as January 16th. Source: Animeigo

January 10th

2006 Quiz Winner
A big congratulations goes out to Lisa Price who won the 2006 Rumic World Quiz. Lisa answered 16 questions out of 20 and went head to head in a tie-breaker with the 2004 and 2005 champion Star Hinson. Congrats Lisa! Source: Rumic World

Inuyasha - Property of the Year
For the second year in a row Inuyasha has been named IcV2's property of the year. They site high sales of the TV and movie DVDs as part of the series success. Viz's marketing campaign of showing the film in mobile theaters in Wal-Mart parking lots helped them win the Marketing Campaign of the Year award as well. Source: IcV2

January 6th

Monica Rial Interview
We've got a new interview with Monica Rial (Natsume in Mermaid Forest) posted in our Features section. Source: Rumic World

Erin Fitzgerald Seeks Help
Erin Fitzgerald who briefly played the role of Kodachi after the departure of Teryl Rothery is asking for fan mail in order to show that people enjoy her work in helps of her getting a green card to attain US citizenship. If you'd like to send Erin fan mail, you can write to her at:
Erin Fitzgerald
C/O Explore Demo Interactive
620 N. Louise st #203
Glendale, CA 91206 Source: Crystal Acids

January 4th

Inuyasha Releases
Some release dates for new Inuyasha products coming up include the three new character singles for Kagome, Naraku, and Bankotsu & Jakotsu on January 25th. Also upcoming on February 22nd is the "Inuyasha Fan Disk" which seems to contain some of the character songs along put to animation, along with a collection of recording information and jacket illustration collection. No word on whether or not the animation will be new ala the old Ranma ½ character song videos. Source:

Inuyasha Tour
The Saninji company is hosting an "Inuyasha Tour Package" where those involved participate in puzzles while touring the town of Matsue in Shimane Prefecture. The tour runs from December 17 - March 31. If you live in Japan you can sign up for the package by calling 0120-184815. Source: Saninji

January 2nd

Rumic World 2006 Quiz
The answers to this year's quiz are up for viewing. We had a tie this year, and so our two competitors are hard at work on their tie breaking question. The winner will be announced here in the next few days. Source: Rumic World

Ranma 1/2 Movie Boxset
Following the re-release of the OAV boxset, Viz will be releasing the first two Ranma 1/2 films on one DVD for $49.98. No word at this time on any new extra features. Source: Anime on DVD

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