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December 27th

Inuyasha Chapter 535
Inuyasha deals with the consequences of his actions as Miroku and Sango find themselves in hot water in the latest chapter of Takahashi's epic. Click the link below to check out the summary. Source: Inuyasha Companion

December 23rd

Young Sunday OPG Drama
The news always slows to a crawl this time of year, but the current issue of Young Sunday has a mention about the upcoming One-Pound Gospel drama. No new information however. Source: Young Sunday

December 13th

Life at Maison Ikkoku Relaunch
The Maison Ikkoku site has been redesigned in line with the rest of Rumic World, completing our plan to update the site and give you the most easy to navigate, well-designed Rumiko Takahashi website on the internet. There is a lot of new information and graphics to enjoy. Also check out the new index for Mermaid Flesh, completed earlier this week. Source: Life at Maison Ikkoku

Inuyasha Chapter 534
Another exciting chapter in the battle against Naraku. Lots of twists and turns this week, check out the summary at the link. Also, remember that there will be no new chapter next week, so check back here around the 26th for chapter 535. Source: Inuyasha Companion

December 12th

Inuyasha Poster/Calendar
The newest Shonen Sunday Super will have an Inuyasha and Hayate the Combat Butler calendar/poster. Shonen Sunday Super usually recycles old artwork from Shonen Sunday, so chances are it won't be a new piece of Takahashi artwork, but check it out if you need a new calendar. Source: Shonen Sunday Super

December 10th

Minami Takayama Divorces
As reported in Mainichi Daily News, famed seiyuu Minami Takayama and her manga artist husband Gosho Aoyama are divorcing. We wish them the best, and hope that the divorce is as painless as possible. Takayama is best known to Takahashi fans as the voice of Nabiki Tendo from Ranma ½ and Mana from Mermaid Forest. Aoyama is the creator of the mega-popular Detective Conan manga, in which Takayama portrayed the title character. Thanks to Toshiaki Yamada for the news submission. Source: Manichi Daily News

December 5th

Inuyasha Chapter 533
A busy day! With our heroes inside Naraku the search for a way to defeat him intensifies, but Naraku has other plans for the group. Click the link for a full summary. Source: Inuyasha Companion

My Lumx34 vols. 27 and 28
Two more mangaka tackle Takahashi's iconic characters in the new shinsoban editions of Urusei Yatsura. Volume 27 sees Koji Kumeta (Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei) while in 28 Lum is illustrated by Fusako Kuramochi (Tennen Kokekko). Source: Rumic World

December 1st

2008 Rumic World Quiz
The sixth annual Rumic World Quiz is now online! This year all entrants will have a shot at winning a bonus prize, and of course, as always the winner will get a great package stuffed full of Takahashi manga, DVDs and music! Click the link below to get started! Source: Rumic World


November 29th

Ranma ½ Seiyuu Divorce
Famed Japanese voice actors Koichi Yamdera (Ryoga Hibki) and his former wife Mika Kanai (Panda Scribble) have announced their divorce. The couple officially divorced in 2006, but the news has only just now become public knowledge. The couple was married in 1994. Kanai will keep the couples house, while Yamadera has moved into an apartment. Source: Anime News Network

Inuyasha Chapter 532
The battle builds as Inuyasha and his friends confrontation with Naraku escalates. Click the link to read our complete summary. Source: Inuyasha Companion

November 28th

One Pound Gospel Casting & News
The One Pound Gospel J-Drama has been announced to debut Saturday, January 12th 2008. 19 year-old Kuroki Meisa has been cast as Sister Angela. Unfortunately some liberties are being taken with Takahashi's manga as popular actor Ryosuke Yamada has been cast as Katsumi Mukoda, Coach Mukoda's "son". Ken Mitsuishi will likely play the role of Coach Mukoda. Thanks to messageboard member Mirai Trunks for the Meisa information. Source: Yomiuri

November 22nd

Inuyasha Chapter 531
Happy Thanksgiving! Things continue to heat up as Inuyasha builds towards it's dramatic climax. Click the link to read the last chapter summary. Source: Inuyasha Companion

November 17th

Dallas Middaugh Talks Takahashi
Del Rey's Dallas Middaugh (formerly of Viz) recounts meeting Rumiko Takahashi in his blog entry for the week and provides some insight into two of her American SDCC appearances. Check it out here. Source: Comipress

November 16th

MyLumx34 vol 25 & 26
The biggest names in manga continue to show their love for one of the most influential comedy series of all time, Urusei Yatsura! Volume 25 will feature Tetsuo Hara (Fist of the Northstar), volume 26 will contain an illustration by shojo superstar Yuu Watase (Fushigi Yugi, Ceres). Source: Rumic World

November 15th

2008 Rumic World Quiz
We wanted to remind everyone that the quiz will be kicking off on December 1st, everyone dust off your Takahashi manga and anime, put on your thinking caps and get ready! The quiz commences December 1st and will run until December 31st. Source: Rumic World

November 14th

Inuyasha Chapter 530
Back to the modern era this week for an important event in Kagome's life. Be sure to read the summary of chapter 530 to get all the details. Source: Inuyasha Companion

November 7th

Inuyasha Chapter 529
Volume 54 kicks off with an amazing bang! It's all coming to a head now! Click the link to read the summary! Source: Inuyasha Companion

November 5th

One Pound Gospel J-Drama Announced
It's been announced in Japan that Takahashi's recently concluded series, One-Pound Gospel will be adapted into a live action television series. J-pop group KAT-TUN's Kazuya Kamenashi will be playing Kosuke Hatanaka. The series is expected to run from January to March 2008. More news at it comes in! Source: Sankei Sports


October 31st

Inuyasha Chapter 528
Happy Halloween everyone, the summary for chapter 528 is up, be sure to check it out to see if Naraku will be getting a trick or a treat in his battle against Kohaku this week. Source: Inuyasha Companion

October 27th

Comic World News Interview
Webmaster Dylan Acres has been interviewed by Comic World News about Rumiko Takahashi, her works, and Rumic World as well. Big thanks to David Welsh for the very fun discussion! Click the link for the full interview. Source: Comic World News

October 26th

Ranma ½ Perfect Edition Relaunch
After weeks of working, I've relaunched our Ranma site, with a new design in the vein of Tomobiki-cho and the Inuyasha Companion. I hope you enjoy the new look and new information! Source: Ranma ½ Perfect Edition

October 24th

Top 10 Tankobon in Japan
As usual, when a new tankobon of Inuyasha is released in Japan, we post up the top ten ranking so that everyone can see how the series is selling. This time, Inuyasha 51 entered the charts in 8th place.

1. Detective Conan (59)
2. xxxHOLIC (12)
3. Negima! (20)
4. Hayate the Combat Butler (13)
5. Kekkaishi (18)
6. Black Lagoon (7)
7. Skip Beat! (17)
8. Inuyasha (51)
9. Dear Boys Act II (26)
10. Hotaru no Hikari (10) Source: Tohan

Inuyasha Chapter 527
Kohaku takes the fight to Naraku in the newest chapter. Click the link below to read our summary. Source: Inuyasha Companion

New Inuyasha Goods
To commemorate the 500th chapter of the manga, Shogakukan is releasing a new phone card, poster and towel. Source:

October 17th

Inuyasha Chapter 526
Sesshomaru and his Bakusaiga join the battle for the final shard, will he be in time? Check out the new chapter summary! Source: Inuyasha Companion

MyLumx34 volumes 23 & 24
The new artists who will be drawing Lum in the new shinsoban editions will be Katsutoshi Kawai (Monkey Turn) and Taiyo Matsumoto (Tekkonkinkreet). Source: Rumic World

October 12th

Kenji Kawai Concert
Kenji Kawai, the composer for such anime as Urusei Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku and Ranma ½ is celebrating his 20th anniversary as a composer by holding a concert on November 4th. His producers say that this will be the "first and probably only" concert he'll ever give. The concert will take place at the Pacifico Yokohama National Hall in the Kanagawa prefecture. Source: Anime News Network

October 11th

Inuyasha Chapter 525 & Volume 51
The battle with Magatsuhi heats up as Kohaku weighs his options. Click the link to read our summaries. Also be sure to pick up volume 51 on October 18th. Source: Inuyasha Companion

October 10th

Happy 50th!
We here at Rumic World would like to wish a very Happy Birthday to our beloved mangaka, Rumiko Takahashi, who turns 50 today! Happy Birthday! Source: Rumic World

October 2nd

Inuyasha Chapter 524
The fate of Kohaku continues to be laid out in chapter 524, check out the summary for the latest exciting developments. Source: Inuyasha Companion

October 1st

Fall is officially here, and with it our Summer of Short Stories comes to an end. Check out the last of our selections, 1980, which chronicles Rumiko Takahashi's creation of her classic series, Maison Ikkoku. Source: Rumic Theater


September 30th

Rumiko Takahashi Anime Marathon
The Washington D.C. anime club will be having a marathon of anime series based on the works of Rumiko Takahashi. The event will be held December 27th and will show anime from Urusei Yatsura to Rumiko Takahashi Anthology. For more information, visit the club's website. Source: DC Anime Club

September 29th

Color Pages Upcoming
Inuyasha Chapter 525 is slated for some color illustrations by Rumiko Takahashi, the first since chapter 513. Source: Websunday

September 27th

Inuyasha Chapter 523
As the early days of fall have arrived, Summer isn't over because the action in Inuyasha is heating up! Chapter 523 seems to indicate that the end of the series is nigh! Check out the site for the action packed summary. Source: Inuyasha Companion

September 26th

Geneon Going Out?
The biggest news in the American anime industry of late has been the failed distribution merger between Geneon and ADV. Geneon announced today that they will no longer be accepting orders for their series after Friday the 28th. Details are still hazy about what this means for the future of the company, but for those of you who have yet to purchase the Rumic Theater and Mermaid Forest TV anime series, you may want to think about it. Order through the site and you'll be helping us out! Source: Anime News Network

September 21st

Inuyasha Chapter 522
Big developments this week in the newest chapter of Inuyasha. We don't want to spoil things here, so click the link and read the chapter summary for yourself! Source: Inuyasha Companion

September 16th

One Pound Gospel Part 5
Its the end of the series, as Rumic World presents the translation for the final chapter of One-Pound Gospel. Find out the fate of Kosaku, Angela, and the rest of your favorite characters. Source: Rumic Theater

MyLumx34 Volumes 19, 20, 21, & 22
The artists who provided special illustrations for Urusei Yatsura Shinsobons 19 and 20 are Atsushi Kamijou (TO-Y) and Takatoshi Yamada (Dr. Koto's Clinic), Gosho Aoyama (Detective Conan) & Junji Ito (Uzumaki). A lot of interesting interpretations on Lum! Source: Rumic World

September 13th

Inuyasha Chapter 521
Sesshomaru's hunt for Magatsuhi continues while Inuyasha and Kagome are away. That doesn't bode well for those left behind... Source: Inuyasha Companion

September 4th

Inuyasha Chapter 520
Inuyasha takes a break from the dramatic hunt for Magatsuhi for an entirely different kind of drama: High School Entrance Exams!! Source: Inuyasha Companion

September 1st

One Pound Gospel Chapter 4
The conclusion to Takahashi's romantic comedy draws one step closer as Mother Abbess finds out about Angela's extracurricular activities. Click the link to read the translation. Source: Rumic Theater


August 29th

Inuyasha Chapter 519
Volume 53 begins this week as the ramifications of the battle with Magatsuhi are explored. Source: Inuyasha Companion

August 28th

Inuyasha Companion Relaunched!
It's the twins' birthday, but you're getting the present! The Inuyasha Companion has been completely made over with a sleek new design based on Tomobiki-Cho. Get a look at the future of Rumic World! Source: Inuyasha Companion

August 22nd

Inuyasha Chapter 518
An amazing chapter with many new changes for Sesshomaru. Things will never be the same again! Click the link below and read the summary for yourself! Source: Inuyasha Companion

August 20th

End Card Illustation
Rumiko Takahashi is providing the end card illustation for the anime series "Sayonara, Zetsubou-sensei". Her illustration was released with the seventh release. The original shonen-gag manga series is by Kouji Kumeta and appears in Weekly Shonen Magazine. The series deals with a suicidal teacher who's students constantly prevent him from killing himself. Source: Inuyasha Information From Japan & Rumic World

August 15th

One Pound Gospel Part 3
There might not be a new Inuyasha chapter this week, but Rumic World will never let you down. Check out the new translation of One Pound Gospel, The Lamb's Promise Part 3. Source: Rumic Theater

August 9th

Inuyasha Chapter 517
Sesshomaru's pride may have forced him to bite off more than he can chew in the newest issue. Click the link to read this week's summary. Source: Inuyasha Companion

August 3rd

Inuyasha Chapter 516
As webmaster Mason celebrates his birthday, the twin webmasters say farewell to graduate school and hello to Master's Degrees! With plenty of time to devote to the site, look forward to some big updates in the future, but for now read about the battle with Magatsuhi in Inuyasha chapter 516. Source: Inuyasha Companion

August 1st

Positive Cooking
Our 'Summer of Short Stories' continues with the first of our non OPG series, Takahashi's 2006 short story, Positive Cooking. You'll only find this charming story here at Rumic World! Source: Rumic Theater


July 26th

Shonen Sunday Goods
Shonen Sunday is offering two Rumiko Takahashi offset prints for sale starting this week. Both are full color, one being of Inuyasha and the other Urusei Yatsura. Takahashi herself chose these two pieces from among her many color illustrations, according to Shonen Sunday. The offer will run from Shonen Sunday vols. 34 through 38, with each print selling for 1000 yen. Source:

Inuyasha Chapter 515
The plot continues to unfold as Inuyasha and Sesshomaru's mysterious opponent finally reveals his name. Source: Inuyasha Companion

July 25th

Top 10 Manga
Inuyasha Vol. 50 was the 8th highest selling manga the week it went on sale (July 17-23). Detective Conan Vol. 58 topped the list at number one. Source: Anime News Network

July 19th

Inuyasha Chapter 514
Sesshomaru faces one of his most difficult battles in newest chapter of the saga. Click the link to read our summary. Source: Inuyasha Companion

July 15th

Most Beautiful Manga Character
Oricon polled Japanese men and women to determine who was the most beautiful of all manga characters. One of our favorites, Lum, came in fourth place among men following Minami from Touch, Fujiko from Lupin III, and Maetel from Galaxy Express 999. Source: Animeonline & Oricon

July 16th

One Pound Gospel Chapter 2
Continuing our Summer of Short Stories, we've added the second chapter of One Pound Gospel's conclusion to the site. Source: Rumic Theater

July 12th

Inuyasha Chapter 513
We've gotten the newest Inuyasha chapter summarized. Click the link to check it out. Source: Inuyasha Companion

July 9th

Inuyasha Movies Streamed
Adult Swim has annouced plans to stream Inuyasha Movies 3 and 4. Movie 3 will be shown on July 27th and Movie 4 on August 3rd. Each film will be available for one week. Source: Adult Swim

Kyoko Otonashi Figures
Banpresto, the company behind the recent Lum statue figures is releasing two new statues of our beloved manager. Click the link for images. Source: Rumic World

2000th Member
The population of Rumic World continues to grow as we just had our 2000th registered member on the messageboard! Source: Rumic World

July 4th

Inuyasha Chapter 512
Some interesting developments with the Shikon Jewel arise in the newest chapter. Click the link below to read a summary of the new chapter. Also, next week will have color pages. Source: Inuyasha Companion

July 2nd

The Summer of Short Stories
Rumic World kicks off our Summer of Short Stories with new translations of Takahashi's rare and untranslated works. The schedule will be:
July 1st -
One Pound Gospel (The Lamb's Promise- Ch. 1)
July 15th -
One Pound Gospel (The Lamb's Promise- Ch. 2)
August 1st -
Positive Cooking
August 15th -
One Pound Gospel (The Lamb's Promise- Ch. 3)
September 1st -
One Pound Gospel (The Lamb's Promise- Ch. 4)
September 15th -
October 1st -
One Pound Gospel (The Lamb's Promise- Ch. 5)
Just click the banner or the link below and start reading! Source: Rumic Theater


June 27th

Inuyasha Chapter 511
The newest chapter summary for Inuyasha is online, featuring some big surprises for Kagome. Source: Inuyasha Companion

Crossword Challenge Winner!
Congratulations to Kate Rave to winning our second Crossword Challenge! Kate will win some nice Inuyasha prizes for her hard work. Source: Rumic World

June 25th

Inuyasha Chapter 510
The new chapter summary for Inuyasha is now online. Source: Inuyasha Companion

June 24th

The History of Rumic World
Rumic World has received the great honor of being the subject of Comipress' Backstage, a feature that details the history of various manga and anime sites. Please take some time to read about the history of our site, and maybe learn some new things. A huge thanks to Shawn for his months of hard work putting this all together! Source: Comipress

June 21st

Inuyasha Final DVD Extras
For those of us who have been purchasing Inuyasha as single DVDs next week marks the 55th and final volume. In addition to the usual extras Viz is including footage from the series wrap party, interviews and rememberances with the English voice cast and an original short about the myths and legends that influence the series. Source: Rumic World

June 19th

Inuyasha Producer Visits USA
Inuyasha and Detective Conan producer Michihiko Suwa is scheduled to visit Otakon this year, July 20-22. Fans can go and ask when and if more Inuyasha animation will be announced. Source: Otakon 2007

June 16th

Inuyasha Chapter 509
Kagome's continuing battle against Hitomiko takes us into the beginning of volume 52. Source: Inuyasha Companion

Upcoming My Lum Artists
The newly rereleased volumes of Urusei Yatsura feature pin-ups of Lum by various famous manga artists, and this month we will get Lum as drawn by Hiromu Arakawa (Fullmetal Alchemist) and Ryoji Minegawa (Spriggan & Project ARMS). Source:

June 7th

Inuyasha Chapter 508
Kagome versus Hitomiko! Who will win in a spiritual battle of Miko versus Schoolgirl? Source: Inuyasha Companion


May 31st

New Short Stories Added
We've got some new short stories added to Rumic Theater including Delinquent, Elfairy, and Scene of the Crime. Our Want List is getting pretty small as we aquire more of these rare shorts! Source: Rumic Theater

Inuyasha Chapter 506
A new storyline begins focusing on Kagome and how she will be affected by the introduction of a new character named Hitomiko. Source: Inuyasha Companion

May 29th

Inuyasha News and Releases
Viz is finally cranking out the boxsets again. Both Inuyasha Season 4 DVD Boxset and the Inuyasha Movie Boxset will be available in September. The special edition of Season 4 will include Miroku's prayer beads! Also worth noting is Mariko Noto's (Rin) upcoming appearance in the US at Otakon this year. Thanks to Gold Guardian for the DVD news! Source: Rumic World

May 28th

Crossword Challenge! #2
Our new crossword puzzle is now online, and you can enter to win some great prizes by clicking here or on the banner above! Source: Rumic World

May 25th

Inuyasha Chapter 506
Shippo continues his battle against Inuyasha in chapter 506. Check the link below for the complete summary. Source: Inuyasha Companion

May 21st

Crossword Challenge! #2
Just like last summer we'll be having a new Rumic World crossword puzzle where you can win some cool prizes. The contest starts in one week on Monday, May 28th! Source: Rumic World

Rumiko Takahashi, Japan's J.K. Rowling?
The Library Journal has published an interesting article comparing our beloved mangaka to popular British author of the Harry Potter series, J.K. Rowling. Check out the full article by clicking the link. Rumic World even gets a mention! Source: Library Journal

May 18th

File Sharers Busted
Japanese police have arrested three individuals who were scanning and distributing series from Shonen Jump and Shonen Sunday using the Winny file sharing program. All three men were arrested and their computers and manga were confiscated. In February, three individuals were arrested for selling scanned manga, including Maison Ikkoku. Source: Anime News Network

May 17th

Inuyasha Chapter 505
Kitsune-bi! Shippo enter's the Fox Academy in Inuyasha Chapter 505. Source: Inuyasha Companion

May 11th

Maison Ikkoku Drama Reminder
Just a reminder that the new live action Maison Ikkoku drama will debut on TV Asashi in the next few hours, keep checking here for the latest news. Source: Life at Maison Ikkoku

Inuyasha Chapter 504
Sesshomaru's long battle against Inuyasha draws to a close as things come to a resolution. Source: Inuyasha Companion

May 1st

Inuyasha Petition
We've had people on the messageboard discussing the potential for a petition to help express interest in seeing the Inuyasha anime continue, so when we were contacted about putting up a link, we wanted to help out. Click the link or banner below. Source: Inuyasha Anime Continuation


April 27th

Inuyasha Chapter 503
The battle between Inuyasha and Sesshomaru concludes and things will never be the same again! Source: Inuyasha Companion

April 26th

Top 10 Manga in Japan
Last week's highest selling tankobons in Japan saw Inuyasha 49 debut in 6th place, beating out the final volume of Getbackers which appeared in 7th place. The newest volume of Inuyasha debuted two spots higher than volume 48 in January. The entire list is as follows:
1. Mahou Sensei Negima!, Volume 18
2. Air Gear, Volume 17
3. Hayate the Combat Butler, Volume 11
4. Kekkaishi, Volume 16
5. V. B. Rose, Volume 9
6. Inuyasha, Volume 49
7. Get Backers, Volume 39
8. Sayonara Zetsubo-sensei, Volume 8
9. Ace of Diamond, Volume 5
10. Pride, Volume 7 Source: Tohan

April 19th

Inuyasha Chapter 502
The battle between Inuyasha and Sesshomaru continues with some unexpected changes! Source: Inuyasha Companion

April 13th

Urusei Yatsura Pachinko
A new Urusei Yatsura pachinko machine manufactured by Sammy is in the works. The game will feature some new animation, and perhaps new vocal work as well, click the link to see some of the new animation. Thanks to Masahiko88 for the news! Source:

April 12th

Inuyasha Chapter 501
Sesshomaru and Inuyasha's battle heats up as the brothers face each other for what could be the last time. Click the link to read this week's summary. Source: Inuyasha Companion

April 4th

Inuyasha Chapter 500
Inuyasha hits the 500th chapter mark which features a battle between Sesshomaru and Inuyasha. The present mentioned last week includes some triva questions, one color page, and some ads showcasing the upcoming Inuyasha prizes Shonen Sunday is offering, including sweatshirts, drama CDs, and three Nintendo DS Lites with a personal drawing and autograph by Takahashi on the caseing. Source: Inuyasha Companion

April 2nd

April Fools!
Before the prank gets too out of hand, we wanted to announce that the Maison Ikkoku sequel is, in fact, an April Fool's joke. Click on the link below to see how we came up with it and the planning behind the prank. Source: Rumic World

April 1st

Maison Ikkoku the Sequel
In a complete surprise, with the publication of Inuyasha's 500th chapter, Takahashi has announced plans to return to Maison Ikkoku once again. For full details as well as scans of the ad, please click the link to read the incredible news! Source: Rumic World


March 28th

Inuyasha's 500th Chapter Bonuses
Shonen Sunday is planning to celebrate Inuyasha's landmark 500th chapter with the cover of the magazine, color pages, and a special unknown "bonus"! Source: Inuyasha Companion

Inuyasha Chapter 499
Everything is coming to a head as many of the past storylines come together for huge battle to take place in chapter 500. Check out the full summary on the site. Source: Inuyasha Companion

Inuyasha Chapter 498
We've got the summary for the newest Inuyasha chapter posted. Click the link to read the summary. Source: Inuyasha Companion

March 16th

Maison Ikkoku Drama Debut
The new Maison Ikkoku live action drama will debut on May 12th. Thanks to Imnho for the news. Source: Rumic World Messageboard

Lum Figure
A new fully poseable Lum figure is in the works and will retail for 15,540 yen. She comes with her school girl outfit and a small Ten figure as well. Thanks to Abarero for passing this along. Source:

March 15th

One Pound Gospel Translations
We've posted the translations for the second storyline of the newly published fourth volume of One Pound Gospel, entitled "The Lamb's Future Path", at Rumic Theater. Source: Rumic Theater

March 14th

Inuyasha Chapter 497
The summary for chapter 497 which sees the continuation of Kohaku and Naraku's face off has been posted. Source: Inuyasha Companion

March 7th

Inuyasha Chapter 496
Naraku begins his plan to reclaim the final shard he needs to complete the Shikon Jewel in the newest chapter. You can read the summary at the Inuyasha Companion. Source: Inuyasha Companion

March 6th

Young Sunday Charity Auction
In honor of its 20th anniversary Young Sunday is holding an auction to benefit the city of Yuubari in Hokkaido. Takahashi is contributing an original piece of artwork that features Kosaku from One-Pound Gospel hoisting Azusa Satomi from Mitsuru Adachi's Idol A on his shoulders. Source: Yahoo! Japan's Young Sunday Auction

Casting Maison Ikkoku
The complete cast list of the new Maison Ikkoku Drama series has been added to the site, check it out to see who will be playing Mitaka, Kozue and many more! Thanks to imnho for the news. Source: Life at Maison Ikkoku

Gospel Site Completed
The Ring & The Rosary has had its final update posted today. The summaries of the final storyline are up so you can know what's going on when you order your copy of volume 4 this week. Source: The Ring & The Rosary

March 4th

Whatever Happened to Kitty?
We've got a new article up on the disappearance of the 1980s anime giant responsible for Urusei Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku and Ranma ½. Click the link to see the article. Source: Rumic World

March 1st

Inuyasha Chapter 495
The chapter summary for chapter 495 is online, with some interesting developments concerning those travelling with Sesshomaru. Click the link for the summary. Source: Inuyasha Companion


February 27th

Inuyasha Drama CDs
More information has been released about the two upcoming drama CDs, Inuyasha Aka to Shiro no Utagassen! The Sesshomaru disc features two new drawings by Rumiko Takahashi, an interview with her and the returning cast. Source: Inuyasha News From Japan

February 25th

New Takahashi Short Story
Takahashi has released a new short story entitled "Jiken no genba" (Scene of the Accident) in Big Comic Original Vol. 3.5, which is on sale this week. Source: Big Comic Original

February 21st

Inuyasha Chapter 394
The summary of the newest chapter, Futatsu no Sekai, is now online at the Inuyasha Companion. Source: Inuyasha Companion

Maison Ikkoku Drama Info
We've got a new section up at Life at Maison Ikkoku focusing on the new Japanese drama of Maison Ikkoku. Click the link below to check it out. Source: Life at Maison Ikkoku

February 18th

Maison Ikkoku Casting News
There have been some new casting announcements on the Maison Ikkoku live-action drama. Kayoko Kishimoto will play Hanae Ichinose, Yumiko Takahashi will play Akemi Roppongi, and Japanese Academy Award nominee Ittoku Kishibe will play Yotsuya. Source: Life at Maison Ikkoku

February 14th

Inuyasha Chapter 393
Happy Valentine's Day! Unfortunately it doesn't look as though Sesshomaru and Inuyasha will be sharing any brotherly love! Check out chapter 493 to see why. Source: Inuyasha Companion

February 7th

Inuyasha Chapter 392
Sesshomaru's battle against Shishinki continues as he begins to learn the truth behind Tenseiga. Check out the summary by clicking the link below. Source: Inuyasha Companion

February 1st

One Pound Gospel Vol. 4
Shogakukan has announced a release date of March 5th for the fourth and final volume of One Pound Gospel to be published. It will retail for 530 yen. Thanks to Lance Hatami for letting us know. Source:


January 31st

Inuyasha Chapter 391
Sesshomaru and Inuyasha's battle with Shishinki heats up as the true origin of Tenseiga is revealed! Click the link to read the summary. Source: Inuyasha Companion

Inuyasha on DS
The newest Inuyasha game has been released in the US this week. Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel for the Nintendo DS is a roleplaying game in the same vein as "The Cursed Mask" for the PS2 in that it features another character from the modern era traveling back in time to team up with Inuyasha and the gang. Source: Namco/Bandai Games

January 26th

Top 10 Manga in Japan
Inuyasha Vol. 48 was the eighth highest selling manga this week. The complete top ten includes: (1) Detective Conan Vol. 56. (2) Mahou Sensei Negima! Vol. 17 (3) Fruits Basket Vol. 22 (4) Air Gear Vol. 22 (5) Tanjou Tange Vol. 16 (6) Fair Tail Vol. 2 (7) The Gentleman's Alliance Vol. 6 (8) Inuyasha Vol. 48 (9) Kekkaishi Vol. 15 (10) Life Vol. 14. Source: Tohan

Inuyasha Chapter 490
The revelation of the origin of Tenseiga continues in the newest chapter of Inuyasha. Click the link below and read the summary. Source: Inuyasha Companion

2006's Top Weeklies
The top chain bookstore in Japan, Bunkyoudou, has compiled a list of the top weekly magazines. Shonen Jump came in first place, followed by Shonen Magazine in third and Shonen Sunday in seventh. Source:

January 19th

Inuyasha Chapter 489
A very interesting new storyline involving Sesshomaru and a face from his father's past begins in this, the first chapter of volume 50. Source: Inuyasha Companion

January 18th

New Inuyasha CDs
Two new drama CDs are set to be released this spring in Japan, one will focus on Sesshomaru and another on Inuyasha. The former will be released on March 28th and retail for 3150 yen, while the latter will be April 4th for 2124 yen. Thanks to Toshio for the news! Source: Shimo-Tomobiki Station

Moeyo-ken Pachinko Machine
A new Moeyo-ken pachinko machine is being manufactured in Japan. You can see some of the imagery used in the machine here. Thanks to Toshio for the news! Source: Shimo-Tomobiki Station

January 11th

Inuyasha Chapter 488
Chapter 488 wraps things up with Sango and Miroku and begins a new chapter featuring the return of Sesshomaru! You can check out the summary by clicking the link. Source: Inuyasha Companion

January 7th

Rumic World Quiz 2007 Winner
Congratulations to Jessie Nutter, the winner of the 2007 Rumic World Quiz. It came down to another tie-breaker this year, after two people tied with nineteen questions answered. Congratulations Jessie! Source: Rumic World

American Anime Awards
The first annual American Anime Awards are being held, and quite a few Takahashi series and voice actors are nominated. Please be sure to vote for your favorite Takahashi series! Source: American Anime Awards

Takahashi Actors Come to America
This year's Animazement convention will play host to Kikuko Inoue (Kasumi Tendo), Akira Kamiya (Mitaka), and Satsuki Yukino (Kagome). Source:

Inuyasha Card Game News
Score Entertainment is releasing more sets of the Inuyasha collectible card game, with certain cards autographed by voice actors. Source: Anime News Network

January 1st

Inuyasha Directors Guide
Happy New Year! As our annual Rumic World Quiz comes to an end we bring you the final installment of our four part series, examining the directors of Rumic anime, this time featuring Inuyasha. Source: Rumic World

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