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December 29th

Daily Mainichi Reviews IY
The Daily Mainichi has published a small article looking at volume 55 of Inuyasha and praising Rumiko Takahashi's unique vision for the series. Special thanks to Toshiaki Yamada for providing the translation! Source: Rumic World

December 26th

New UY Anime & Upcoming Its a Rumic World Dates
Rumic World has discovered that the new Urusei Yatsura OVA will adapt the two-part "Obstacle Course Swim Meet" chapters from volume 23. The "It's a Rumic World" gallery event is currently running through January 5th in Sendai. Upcoming dates have been announced for Niigata, March 7th through April 12th, and Kyoto, April 25th through May 17th. We hope everyone is having a great Christmas! Source: Shonen Sunday and Rumic World

December 9th

New Urusei Yatsura Episode Debut
The new episode of Urusei Yatsura has finally had a date schedule for its debut. The new episode will debut on December 23rd at the Sendai location of the "It's a Rumic World!" gallery show. The new special was originally slated to debut alongside the new Ranma ½ and Inuyasha episodes, but the animators fell behind schedule. Click here for a first look! Source: Shonen Sunday and Muhyojo

December 7th

Color Page Bonanza!
As many of our visitors know, the the we are most hardcore about collecting are the original color pages from certain chapters of Takahashi's manga. Well last week we got our biggest addition yet! Eight chapters of color art from Maison Ikkoku, two from Mermaid Saga, one from Urusei Yatsura, and the ultra-rare 4-koma This Year a Championship! Check out the link below for a complete listing of Takahashi's color art, along with what we've managed to find four ourselves. Source: Rumic World

December 3rd

2009 Rumic World Quiz
Another year has passed, and we're happy to announce our 7th annual Rumic World Quiz! Put on your thinking caps and click the link below to get started. We're giving away great prizes to the winner so be sure to do your best! Source: Rumic World


November 27th

Urusei Yatsura Jacket
Just up for pre-order on Amazon Japan is a fashionable Lum jacket. It definitely looks good, but at 50,400 yen, it will set you back quite a bit. The jacket will hit stores February 25th. Click the link for images. Happy Thanksgiving! Source: Amazon Japan

November 26th

First Sunday X Magazine Game Announced
Websunday has announced that the first video game for their 50th Anniversary crossover with Shonen Magazine will be a DS baseball game entitled "Sunday X Magazine Netto! Dream Nine". No release date or price has been set yet. For a preliminary look at the rosters, click the link below. Source: Rumic World

Maison Train Station to be Demolished
A brief note, Higashikurume train station, which is said to be the inspiration for Tokeizaka Station from Maison Ikkoku is set to be demolished next spring. Thanks to Toshiaki Yamada for the news. Source: Asahi Shinbun

November 17th

Interview with Kappei Yamaguchi and Megumi Hayashibara
Our good friend Toshiaki has kindly translated an interview with Megumi Hayashibara and Kappei Yamaguchi, the voices of female and male Ranma. The interview took place shortly after the beginning of the Ranma ½ anime and has some great insight into the early days of the series and the casting process! Thanks again Toshiaki! Source: Rumic World

November 11th

It's A Rumic World Returns
The "It's a Rumic World" gallery exhibition will return, this time at the Mitsukoshi department store in Sendai. The expo will run from Dec. 23rd through Jan. 5th and will most likely mark the debut of the new Urusei Yatsura anime which wasn't finished in time for the Tokyo debut. Source:


October 29th

Inuyasha Remains in the Top Ten
The top ten manga for October 21-27th sees Inuyasha staying on the list:
1. Ookiku Furikabutte #11
2. Soul Eater #13
3. Berserk #33
4. Hayate the Combat Butler! #17
5. Fairy Tail #12
6. Kekkaishi #22
7. Skip Beat! #20
8. Gantz #24
9. Inuyasha #55
10. Beck #34
Source: Tohan

October 23rd

Top Ten Manga
The top ten manga for October 14-20th sees Inuyasha making the list:
1. Hayate the Combat Butler #17
2. Fairy Tale #12
3. Skip Beat! #20
4. Kekkaishi #22
5. Hunter x Hunter #26
6. Inuyasha #55
7. Bleach #35
8. Gantz #24
9. Beck #34
10. Good Morning Kiss #3
Source: Tohan

October 22nd

New UY Episode Finally Finished
Tsukasa Dokite, the director of the new Urusei Yatsura OVA, has announced via his blog that after many delays the special is finally finished and ready for release. Initially Dokite estimated the special would take 16,000 drawings to complete, but the finished product worked out to around 17,600, though he admits he is baffled about why it required more. No word on release dates unfortunately. Thanks to Frogisis for the news! Source: Tsukasa Dokite's Messageboard

October 20th

Astro Toy Reviews New Lum Figure
Rob Bricken, ANN's anime/manga toy reviewer, has posted up a positive review of the Shonen Sunday/Shonen Magazine 50th Anniversary figures, the first set of which includes Naru Hasegawa from Love Hina and our favorite oni princess, Lum from Urusei Yatsura. Source: Anime News Network

October 18th

Moon the Great Pet King
After years of searching, we've finally found one of Takahashi's rarest short serials, "Moon the Great Pet King"! Moon ran for four chapters in a children's manga anthology back in the early 1990s and was never collected, and probably never will be making this an extremely difficult to find manga. Check out Rumic Theater for pictures and info of this very funny series! Source: Rumic Theater

Rumic World Mentioned in Podcast
The great Daizenshuu EX podcast mentioned Rumic World this week when discussing the Takahashi/Toriyama interview we posted up recently. If you'd like to check out a really fun, high quality podcast (and a great Dragon Ball website to boot), click the links and take a listen. We're mentioned in episode 149 about fourteen minutes in. Source: Daizenshuu EX

October 7th

Rumiko Takahashi versus Akira Toriyama
Back in 1986 when the anime for Maison Ikkoku and Dragon Ball were both starting up, Akira Toriyama and Rumiko Takahashi sat down together for an interview where they discussed their manga philosophies, their influences, and the way they work. Click the link below to check out the interview, chock full of interesting information. Special thanks to our good friend Toshiaki for doing the translation! Source: Rumic World

October 4th

Rumiko Takahashi, Manga Great, or Greatest?
Yesterday's Daily Yomiuri, has an article about the globalization of manga and who is responsible. After discussing Akira Toriyama, Naoko Takeuchi and Osamu Tezuka, the paper chooses Rumiko Takahashi. Read the archived article here. Thanks to Toshiaki Yamada for the information. Source: Rumic World


September 29th

New Kemo Kobiru Story Translated
Jon Lyons, one of our old translator friends from our days working on the Urusei Yatsura translation was kind enough to translate a chapter of "The Diary of Kemo Kobiru". Click the link below and give chapter 8 a read detailing Takahashi's trip to Bali from the mid-1980s. Source: Tomobiki-cho

September 26th

ANN Unearths Laughing Target
ANN's Buried Treasure column gives an extremely positive review to the long out of print, 1987 OVA of Laughing Target. Definitely creepy and most assuredly overlooked by most fans, if you have the means, check this anime out! Source: Anime News Network

Niigata Welcomes Home Mangaka
According to the "Niigata Nippo", the Niigata city library will hold a symposium entitled "Manga college".In class A, Maya Mineo will give a lecture. In class B, other mangaka from Niigata city and manga-related people will discuss manga culture on October 5. In class C, the family manga class will be held on October 19. In addition to this, 4 manga stars (Akatsuaka, Maya, Mizushima, Takahashi) and other young manga artists' original art exhibitions will be held from October 11 through the 19. Thanks to Toshiaki for the news! Source: Niigata Nippo

September 24th

2009 Calendar Announced
For the first time in years, fans of Rumiko Takahashi will be getting a calendar featuring her artwork. The import-only 2009 calendar has been announced, and will be a sort of "best of" featuring images from all four of her major works. No new artwork is expected, but after years of anime only calendars, its great to get back to basics with an original Takahashi calendar. Source:

September 22nd

Mainichi Issho Talks to Kikuko Inoue
For those of you that own a Playstation 3, be sure to check out today's edition of Toro Station on "Mainichi Issho". Toro chats with Kikuko Inoue about her 20th anniversary in the voice acting business, and they briefly discuss her role as Kasumi Tendo, which earned her the "Onee-san" (big sister) nickname. If you're a Playstation 3 owner, be sure to check it out, and also feel free to add us, our PSN is "RumicWorld". Source: Doko Demo Issho

September 17th

Do As Infinity Reunites
Do As Infinity, best known to Takahashi fans for the three songs they contributed to the Inuyasha anime, are planning to reunite for their 9th anniversary on September 29th. They will be holding a free outdoor concert in Yoyogi Park in Tokyo. Source: Anime News Network

September 12th

Akane & Dr. Tofu Come to USA
Japanese voice actors Noriko Hidaka (Akane Tendo & Kikyo) and Yuji Mitsuya (Dr. Tofu) will appear at Denver, Colorado's Nan Desu Kan from September 12-14. If anyone is going, be sure to ask Noriko about her recent reprisal as Akane Tendo! Source: Anime News Network

September 2nd

New Urusei Yatsura Episode
A new episode of Urusei Yatsura was made with the intention of showing it at the It's a Rumic World event. The episode wasn't finished in time for the gallery show, but it will tour Japan and was directed by vetern UY director Tsukasa Dokite. It will soon be going on a nationwide tour to Sendai, Niigata, Nagoya, Kyoto, and Takamatsu. Thanks to Toshio for the news! Source: Tsukasa Dokite's Messageboard


August 20th

Permanent Love Translation
As the long days of summer stretch on with no new Takahashi manga to read, Rumic World feels your pain. That's why we're giving you Permanent Love, Takahashi's 2005 short story translated in English for the first time! Click the link to read the story.

Source: Rumic Theater

MyLum Mitsuru Adachi Edition
Probably Takahashi's closest manga friend, Mitsuru Adachi contributed a drawing of Lum in his own uniqle style for the MyLumx34 series. Click the link to see his art as well as read a translation of his comments.

Source: Rumic World

Shonen Sunday Kingdom
Just because "It's a Rumic World" is over, doesn't mean that Shonen Sunday's anniversary is! For news on the upcoming "Shonen Sunday Kingdom" click the following link.

Source: Rumic World

August 9th

It's a Rumic World Finale
We've added photos from the MyLumx34 portion of the "It's a Rumic World Event"! This will conclude our coverage of the event, thanks to everyone who's enjoyed the experience and thanks to Star Hinson.

Source: Rumic World

August 8th

It's a Rumic World Day 10
Our coverage continues with photos from the Inuyasha portion of the "It's a Rumic World Event"! Exclusive to Rumic World, and thanks to Star Hinson.

Source: Rumic World

August 7th

It's a Rumic World Day 9
Today we've got images from the Ranma ½ section of the "It's a Rumic World Event"! Exclusive to Rumic World, and thanks to Star Hinson.

Source: Rumic World

August 6th

It's a Rumic World Day 8
Images from the Maison Ikkoku portion of the "It's a Rumic World Event" are up! Exclusive to Rumic World, and thanks to Star Hinson.

Source: Rumic World

August 5th

It's a Rumic World Day 7
We've added photos from the Urusei Yatsura portion of the "It's a Rumic World Event"! Exclusive to Rumic World, and thanks to Star Hinson.

Source: Rumic World

August 4th

It's a Rumic World Day 6
We've added Star Hinson's detailed account of the Rumic World event. As most non-Japanese fans won't be fortunate enough to attend the gallery in person, this is the next best thing! A big, big thanks to Star for going to all the trouble for the website. Follow the link to read the full story.

Source: Rumic World

August 3rd

It's a Rumic World Day 5
The first photos from Hoshi's visit to Ginza are up, included in this batch are all of Takahashi's new drawings exclusive to the event, as well as various ads leading into the Matsuya building. Toshiaki has submitted a new article from today's Yomiuri Shimbun. Tomorrow we'll have a first hand report and a summary of "Black Tetsusaiga" the new IY anime episode, which features the anime debut of Byakuya!

Source: Rumic World

August 1st

New Ranma ½ Anime Episode
The one thing no one ever thought would happen is happening. In addition to the "Kuroi Tetsusaiga" 30 minute episode of Inuyasha, a new episode of Ranma ½ entitled Okumu! Shunminkou (Nightmare! Insense of Spring Sleep) will be shown at the "It's a Rumic World" exhibition, as well as a special opening segment featuring many of Takahashi's Shonen Sunday characters. Click the link for pictures and more information!

Source: Rumic World


July 30th

It's a Rumic World Day 1!
Rumic World's coverage of Takahashi's new gallery exhibition begins today. Rumic World has added photos from the opening ceremonies and your first glimpses inside the gallery itself. Coverage will continue on Saturday, as Star Hinson visits Matsuya and reports on the art and the all new animation!

Source: Rumic World

July 29th

Top 10 Manga in Japan
Inuyasha volume 54 stays put in its second week of release. Can't say anything bad about the series staying power! The following is for the week of July 15-21st:

1. Tsubasa #24
2. Black Lagoon #8
3. Hayate the Combat Butler #16
4. Skip Beat #19
5. Kekkaishi #21
6. Daiya no A #11
7. Gakuen Alice #16
8. Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei #14
9. Inuyasha #54
10. Shitsuji-sama no Okiniiri #4
Source: Tohan/ANN

July 28th

It's A Rumic World Exhibition
With Takahashi's upcoming "It's A Rumic World" gallery exhibition coming up in two days we've got a new article discussing all the news coming out of the event, including a new interview Takahashi did with Yahoo Japan, and information on some of the new products that will be available at the exhibition. Special thanks to Takkun29 for the the heads up on the interview! Source: Rumic World

July 26th

Inuyasha Boxset 6
The only Takahashi related news coming out of this years Comic Con is that Viz will be releasing Inyasha Season 6 Boxset on December 2. Rather than using the Japanese numbering, Season Six will only go up to episode 146 rather than 159, so that the final boxset will be regular sized. Source: Anime News Network

July 21st

Team Wednesday at Tokyo Tower
Team Wednesday is holding an event called "Kaidan Dojo". The rules are very simple, you have just to climb up stairs of Tokyo Tower and you can find many characters from the history of Shonen Magazine and Shonen Sunday. If you can climb up 600 stairs, you'll get a "qualification card". The event will be held until August 31. Thanks to Toshiaki for the news. Source: Mainichi Shimbun

July 20th

More of MyLum
Rumic World is continuing to add to our article profiling different manga artist's take on Lum. Last week we added a new illustration by Rumiko Takahashi herself, and today we've got Kazuhiro Fujita, artist of Ushio and Tora and Gekko Jorei. Source: Rumic World

More Takahashi Tee's from Uniqlo
As Uniqlo continues to release commerative t-shirts for the 50th Anniversary of Shonen Sunday and Shonen Magazine, more and more shirts featuring Takahashi's characters are appearing. On Tuesday the store will release two more, both featuring an Urusei Yatsura/Inuyasha collaborative image! Source: Uniqlo

July 17th

Maison Ikkoku Drama Sequel Airdate
A press conference was held on the 15th in Roppongi announcing that the sequel to the Maison Ikkoku live action drama will be airing on July 26th. TV-Asahi is releasing a line of goods to support the debut, including an apron and jewelry. Thanks to Toshiaki for the news! Source: TV Asahi

Toys, Toys, Toys!
There are more new toys coming out for Takahashi's series now than ever before. First up we have a set of ten Kewpie cellphone straps featuring Benten, Oyuki, Ten, Ran, Ranma, Akane & P-Chan, Shampoo, Kyoko, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru. Additionally, Toyful is making a set of seven bobble-head figures featuring P-Chan, Benten, Lum, Ten, Sesshomaru, Inuyasha and Ranma. Click the links for pictures. Source: Toyslogic & Strapya World

July 16th

Top 10 Manga in Japan
Inuyasha volume 54 debuts in 9th place this week. Personally I expected it to make a higher showing on the charts as fans would start buying the final few collected volumes. The following is for the week of July 8-14th:

1. Bleach #34
2. Gintama #24
3. Hayate the Combat Butler #16
4. Kekkaishi #21
5. Natsume Yuujinchou #6
6. pPoi! #26
7. Boys Over Flowers #37
8. Pyuu to Fuku! Jaguar #15
9. Inuyasha #54
10. 7SEEDS #13
Source: Tohan/ANN

Takahashi Trading Cards
More and more goods are being announced to celebrate Takahashi's upcoming gallery show/30th anniversary. Ensky Inc. is releasing a set of 50 trading cards featuring artwork from "It's a Rumic World." Each pack retails for 420 yen and includes five cards. There are fifty cards in the collection. Thanks to Toshiaki for the news. Source:

Takahashi Series Puzzles
In addition to the trading cards mentioned above, Amazon is taking pre-orders for jigsaw puzzles representing Takahashi's four most famous series Urusei Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku, Ranma 1/2, and Inuyasha. Thanks to Star Hinson for the news. Source:

July 14th

Inuyasha Video on Demand
Also announced in this week's Shonen Sunday is the new website Inuyasha VOD which will offer up episodes of Inuyasha episodes on demand. The service will, of course, be Japanese only. Source: Inuyasha-VOD

July 10th

Takahashi Comments on Next Series Plus Inuyasha Anime Image
Yesterday's edition of the Yomiuri Shimbun featured an interview with Rumiko Takahashi. In the paper, she discussed her upcoming "It's a Rumic World" gallery show. In addition, she made her first mention of her next series, saying "I want my next work to be read by boys."

Also, this week's Shonen Sunday discusses the upcoming gallery show, and includes exclusive images of some of the pieces appearing as well as the brand-new Inuyasha anime. Thanks to Beca and Toshiaki for the exclusive images! Click the link to see the images and join in the discussion! Source: Rumic World

July 9th

New Inuyasha Anime
A new half hour animated Inuyasha special, entitled "Kuroi Tetsusaiga" (Black Tetsusaiga) will debut for a limited run at Rumiko Takahashi's "It's a Rumic World" art exhibition. The voice cast recorded yesterday (July 8th) and went out to dinner together following the session. The animation will debut on July 30th and Rumic World will be covering the event from Ginza. Source: Anime News Network & Saishin Anime Joho

New 50th Anniversary Figures
Thanks to Shakura and Ataru the Jekyll from our messageboard for providing links to these two new items... a new Lum figurine being sold with Georgia Coffee, and an image of the previously mentioned Kimono Lum figure as well. Thanks guys! Source: Rumic World

July 4th

Moeyo Ken TV to Funimation
ARMS Corporation has yanked over 30 of its titles away from ADV and awarded them to Funimation for continued distribution in the United States. A number of big name titles will be changing hands, however the only one remotely related to Rumiko Takahashi is the 2005 Moeyo Ken TV series. For a complete list of titles follow the link to ANN. Source: Anime News Network

July 1st

Gospel DVD Boxset
This year's nine episode One Pound Gospel television drama will be released as a boxset on September 3rd. Source:


June 29th

My Lumx34 Gallery
Rumic World has slowly been building a collection of the 07/08 Urusei Yatsura shinsobon featuring different artist's depictions of Lum. We've got the first two of our collection up now, with more to be added in the near future. If you'd like to contribute scans from one of the books, drop us a line and let us know! Click the source to check it out. Source: Rumic World

June 26th

Rumic World Gashapon
In addition to the Shonen Sunday 50th Anniversary Lum figure coming out on Halloween, September sees the release of a whole new wave of "Rumic World" edition gashapon. Included in the set are new figures for Ranma, Kyoko, Inuyasha and two Lum figures. Source: Rumic World

June 25th

Scavenger Hunt Contest Winner
Congratulations to Richard Reed, the winner of the Inuyasha Scavenger Hunt contest! Richard won the Japanese Inuyasha novelization which features original art by Rumiko Takahashi! Thanks to all the entrants, we had a good turn out! Source: Rumic World

June 22nd

Takahashi's Final Comments to Inuyasha Fans
In the weekly Q & A in Shonen Sunday, Takahashi took the opportunity to thank fans for their support of Inuyasha over the past decade. You can click the link below to read her current and past comments. Source: Rumic World

June 19th

It's A Rumic World Boxset
Amazon Japan is currently advertising a soon to be released boxset entitled "It's A Rumic World", which commemorates Takahashi's 30th year of publishing manga. The boxset will include artwork from all of her series as well as a set of 50 cards and a figurine of Lum in a wedding dress. The boxset will be available on July 25th. Source:

June 17th

Inuyasha Chapter 558- The End
Our summary for the final chapter of Inuyasha is now online. Just click the link to see how all of your favorite characters end up. As a final added bit, Inuyasha is ending exactly 30 years to the week after Rumiko Takahashi published her debut story "Katte ne Yatsura" in Shonen Sunday. Source: Inuyasha Companion

Final Volume Release Dates
We've added the release dates for the final three volumes of Inuyasha to the right, but its worth mentioning here as well. Volume 54 will be released July 11th, while 55 is due out in October. The final volume will be collected and released in January of 2009. Source: Rumic World

Goodbye Inuyasha
Harley and Dylan look back at the time they've spent with the series over the course of almost twelve years! This article contains minor spoilers for those who haven't read the ending yet, and is a personal look from two fans who have been with the series since its inception. Source: Rumic World

June 12th

Inuyasha Chapter 558- The End
Our summary for the final chapter of Inuyasha is now online. Just click the link to see how all of your favorite characters end up. As a final added bit, Inuyasha is ending exactly 30 years to the week after Rumiko Takahashi published her debut story "Katte ne Yatsura" in Shonen Sunday. Source: Inuyasha Companion

Final Volume Release Dates
We've added the release dates for the final three volumes of Inuyasha to the right, but its worth mentioning here as well. Volume 54 will be released July 11th, while 55 is due out in October. The final volume will be collected and released in January of 2009. Source: Rumic World

Goodbye Inuyasha
Harley and Dylan look back at the time they've spent with the series over the course of almost twelve years! This article contains minor spoilers for those who haven't read the ending yet, and is a personal look from two fans who have been with the series since its inception. Source: Rumic World

June 12th

Embattled Mangaka Mentions Takahashi
In his blog Makoto Raiku, who is currently suing Shogakukan/Shonen Sunday, mentions Rumiko Takahashi, telling fans that he does not want them to cease buying Sunday when Takahashi is ending Inuyasha. In response to fans threats of boycotting Sunday Raiku stated, "Not only do I have respect for the senior mangaka at Sunday, but also the young artists who take their work seriously. Especially considering that Rumiko Takahashi-sensei's manga, Inuyasha, will be serialized for the final time in issue 29, which I want everyone to see. As for Takahashi-sensei, her manga is lovely, and she's truly an artist that I respect. She is a wonderful person who continues to draw manga with earnesty and sincerity. As a fan of hers, I want to make sure I'm able to read this last chapter of Inuyasha in Shonen Sunday with happiness." Source: Makoto Raiku's Blog

June 10th

Inuyasha Scavenger Hunt Contest
To celebrate the ending of Inuyasha a week from today, we're holding an Inuyasha scavenger hunt. The lucky winner will win the Inuyasha light novel, so get your cameras and get to hunting by clicking the link below! Source: Rumic World

Inuyasha Chapter 557
The second-to-last chapter of the series is up, read it now and get ready for the end of this almost twelve year epic! Source: Inuyasha Companion

June 8th

Inuyasha to End
Its been a long time coming, and after twelve years Inuyasha is set to end after two more chapters with 558 wrapping up volume 56. An official announcement is expected in this week's issue of Shonen Sunday (vol. 28), with the final chapter being released in Shonen Sunday vol. 29, on sale June 18th. Source: Rumic World

Comparing Lum the Forever with the End of Inuyasha
With the end of Inuyasha less than two weeks away, several new story points got Dylan thinking about some similarities to the 4th Urusei Yatsura film, Lum the Forever. Needless to say the article is chock full of spoilers for both the series and the film, so if you're not familiar with one or the other, you might want to skip this one! Source: Rumic World

June 7th

Akemi Takada Comes to Anime Expo
The character designer for Urusei Yatsura and Maison Ikkoku will be at Anime Expo in Los Angeles July 3rd through the 6th. Last time she was in the US was 2000. Source: Anime Expo

Takahashi Talks
We've got this weeks Takahashi Q&A posted in our new Takahashi Talk section, with more coming to fill out the backlog soon. Source: Rumic World

June 4th

Inuyasha Chapter 556
A bit late on chapter 556, with the webmasters on vacation. Got it up now, check it out! Source: Inuyasha Companion


May 30th

Takahashi Talks...Adachi!
Our new weekly feature continues this week with and additional comment from Takahashi on her friend and fellow Sunday mangaka Mitsuru Adachi, who recently sold 200 million copies of his works. Congratulations Adachi-sensei! Source: Rumic World

Young Sunday to End
ANN through Mainichi Shimbun has confirmed that Young Sunday will cease publication with its July 31st issue. Young Sunday was home to Rumiko Takahashi's One-Pound Gospel, additionally Shogakukan will also be cancelling its Judy shojo manga magazine. Source: Anime News Network

Team Wednesday Statues
We've just learned of an upcoming line of figures featuring key female characters from the history of Shonen Sunday and Shonen Magazine. The first series includes Lum from Urusei Yatsura alongside characters from Touch and Love Hina. For photos, visit our continuing coverage of the Shonen Sunday/Shonen Magazine 50th Anniversary. Source: Dengeki Online

May 28th

Inuyasha Chapter 555
Chapter 555 reveals more about Kagome's location and just what she will have to do to escape. Source: Inuyasha Companion

May 24th

Takahashi Talk Debuts
We've got a new section for all you Takahashi fans! In each Shonen Sunday all of the mangaka answer a question posed by fans. We've archived as many of these questions as we could find from our collection, and if any of you can help fill in the holes, please feel free to pitch in. In the mean time, click the link below, and in the future follow the link at the bottom left of the index entitled "Takahashi Talk". Enjoy! Source: Rumic World

May 23rd

Yamaguchi, Seki to Attend US Conventions
Toshihiko Seki (Mousse) has been announced as a guest for this year's Anime Expo in Los Angeles, July 3-6. Additionally, Kappei Yamaguchi (Ranma Saotome & Inuyasha) will be attending Otakon from August 8-10 in Baltimore, MD. Thanks to Toshi for the news! Source: Rumic World

Maison Ikkoku Drama Sequel
ANN has announced that last year's Maison Ikkoku drama will be receiving a final sequel. The entire cast is returning with the exception of Nana Eikura as Kozue. She will be replaced with Akina Minami. Keep checking the site for more news and a release date. Source: Anime News Network

May 20th

Inuyasha Chapter 554
To see the results of last week's shocking ending, check out the summary for Inuyasha chapter 554! Source: Inuyasha Companion

Young Sunday Ending?
The Mainichi Shimbun is reporting that Shogakukan is considering cancelling Weekly Young Sunday. Young Sunday is best known to Takahashi fans as the magazine in which One-Pound Gospel was published sporadically for over 20 years. Source: Anime News Network

Shonen Sunday vs Shonen Magazine Card Game
The website for the new Shonen Sunday versus Shonen Magazine card game has gone online. The site features discussion of the rules, various decks, and some of the series that will appear including Urusei Yatsura and Love Hina. For more information on which series will be featured you can click here to go to our in-depth article on the series' 50th anniversaries. Source:

May 14th

Inuyasha Chapter 553
If you thought last week's chapter had all the goods, you'd better keep reading this week as more shocking details are revealed! Source: Inuyasha Companion

May 12th

Urusei Yatsura Candies
Japanese candy maker Glico has released a series of candies with images of various Shonen Sunday and Shonen Magazine characters emblazoned on them in celebration of the magazines' 50th anniversaries. Urusei Yatsura's Lum is featured on one lollipop. Thanks to Kirara3501 for the news. Source: Glico

May 8th

Inuyasha Chapter 552
Wow, this is a world class chapter with a moment almost every Inuyasha fan has waited 10+ years for! Click the link below to read the summary for yourself! Source: Inuyasha Companion

May 7th

Rumiko Takahashi Art Exhibition
Announced in the newest issue of Shonen Sunday, Rumiko Takahashi will have an exhibition of her artwork from July 30th through August 11th in Ginza. The show is called "It's A Rumic World" and the gallery will be open from 8 AM through 10 PM with tickets running 1,000 yen. Source: Web Sunday

May 3rd

Toshifumi Yoshida to Bandai
Former Viz producer, Toshifumi Yoshida has accepted a position at Bandai Entertainment. While at Viz Toshi was responsible for producing all of the companies Rumiko Takahashi related anime, as well as many other series. We wish Toshi the best in his new position! Source: Anime News Network


April 23rd

Inuyasha Chapter 551
The end is near! Check out the summary for chapter 551 at the link below. Source: Inuyasha Companion

Top 10 Manga
Inuyasha enters the Japanese manga rankings in the eight spot. Even in its third week, Bleach continues out outsell Inuyasha, while three weeks after its release, the latest Detective Conan book hangs in right behind Inuyasha. The top ten tankoban in Japan for the week of April 15th are:
1. Hayate the Combat Butler 15
2. Mahou Senshi Negima! 22
3. Kekkashi 20
4. Daiya no A 10
5. Ouran High School Host Club 12
6. Otomen 5
7. Bleach 33
8. Inuyasha 53
9. Detective Conan 61
10. Good Morning Kiss 2 Source: Tohan

April 16th

Inuyasha Chapter 550
With the group reunited, Naraku stands alone against everyone. It seems as though he has one last trick up his sleeve... Source: Inuyasha Companion

April 13th

with CAT Translation
Check out Rumic World's exclusive translation of Takahashi's last shonen short story, 1999's with CAT. This is the first time a translation of this rare story has appeared anywhere, enjoy! Source: Rumic Theater

Shonen Sunday News
Japanese news program "Broadcaster" reported on the Shonen Sunday/Shonen Magazine team-up this week. In the story, the reporter mentioned that Urusei Yatsura was key to Shonen Sunday's sucess in the 1980s. Thanks to Toshiaki Yamada for the news! Source: Rumic World

April 9th

Inuyasha Chapter 549
Will everyone survive to regroup for the battle with Naraku? Find out this week, and next week, the landmark 550th chapter! Source: Inuyasha Companion

New Release Dates
We've got the releases for the Inuyasha and One Pound Gospel manga through the end of the year, so you can see when you'll need to save your pennies. Source: Rumic World

April 8th

Yuji Moriyama at ACen
Anime Central will host director/character designer Yuji Moriyama. Moriyama contributed character designs to Maison Ikkoku and animation director on Urusei Yatsura and its first three films. Source: Anime News Network

April 2nd

Inuyasha Chapter 548
Volume 55 ends with a bang with some big changes that lead us into what will presumably be our final volume! Source: Inuyasha Companion

April 1st

Tokyo International Animation Fair
Not an April Fool's joke, Rumic World reports directly from the Tokyo International Animation Fair! Check out all the latest Takahashi goods straight from Tokyo in our exclusive article. A big thank you to Star Hinson for her reporting. Source: Rumic World


March 27th

Inuyasha Chapter 547
Big developments in the newest chapter of Inuyasha this week! The tide of battle seemingly turns as Sesshomaru makes his presence known. Source: Inuyasha Companion

March 23rd

More Team Wednesday News
The news regarding Shonen Sunday and Shonen Magazine's unprecedented team up continues. Sega has announced they are releasing a crane game featuring series from the two magazines. Additionally, we have tracked down and added video footage from the March 19th press conference featuring Rumiko Takahashi! For images, video and the full list of series in the crane game, visit our complete and continuing coverage of Team Wednesday, Shonen Sunday's 50th Anniversary Retrospective. Source: Rumic World

March 22nd

Urusei Yatsura Sake
The same company that had such great success their Maison Ikkoku brand of sake is releasing an Urusei Yatsura brand as well. Click the link to view the bottle and get some details (if you can read Japanese, that is). Source: Bijin Shop

March 20th

Shonen Sunday's 50th Anniversary
With yesterday's huge announcement of the team-up between Shonen Sunday and Shonen Magazine, Rumic World just couldn't sit on the sidelines, so we decided to get translating, writing and ordering and have begun our look at the unpresedented spectacle that is Shonen Sunday's 50th Anniversary! Source: Rumic World

March 19th

Inuyasha Chapter 546
Whew, what a busy week for the site! More to come, but the most important thing is Takahashi's newest chapter of Inuyasha. The battle takes an interesting turn as Kagome makes an important realization! Source: Inuyasha Companion

24 Carat Lum & Video Game News
One of the big giveaways this year to celebrate Shonen Sunday's 50th Anniversary is a solid gold, 24k Lum figure. Readers of the magazine will be given a chance to earn this lovely figure. Two other readers may win silver Lum's, eight readers will receive bronze Lum's, and 490 others will get clear Lum's. The gold Lum is valued at 2,000 dollars Additionally video game developer Konami is creating a video game that will feature characters from Shonen Sunday and Shonen Magazine in celebration of the anniversary. Source: Anime News Network

March 18th

Shonen Sunday's 50th Anniversary
Shonen Sunday has been running a series of anniversary issues to celebrate half a century of publication. Next week's issue will have an offer for clearfiles for 1980s megahits "Urusei Yatsura" and Mitsuru Adachi's "Touch". Also next week's "My Sweet Sunday" special will focus on Osamu Ishiwata and Shinji Mizushima and chronicles Sunday from 1979 through 1988. Source:

March 17th

The Ring & The Rosary Relaunched
The last of Rumic World's website redesigns is complete and up for viewing. The Ring & The Rosary is the most complete (only?) website devoted entirely to Rumiko Takahashi's One Pound Gospel. All of the information from the new drama has been integrated as well as dozens of new images from the 1988 anime. Enjoy! Source: The Ring & The Rosary

March 13th

Mermaid's Flesh Relaunched
We've completely redesigned our Mermaid Saga website! The design now matches the rest of Rumic World, is easier to navigate, and has tons of new information and images for you all to enjoy, so please go check it out! Source: Mermaid's Flesh

Kamenashi Break-Up
News reports from Japan have announced that Kazuya Kamenashi, 22, (OPG drama's Kosaku) and his girlfriend Kyoko Koizumi, 42, have stopped seeing each other. Kamenashi is best known for singing in the group KAT-TUN, while Koizumi is a singer who was most popular in the 1980s. Thanks to Toshiaki for the news report. Source:

March 12th

Inuyasha Chapter 545
The newest chapter summary is up, as we continue to follow the final battle between our heroes and Naraku. Things look bleak for some of the group, to find out who you'll have to read the chapter! Source: Inuyasha Companion

March 9th

Upcoming Tankobon Release Dates
A few new tankobon will be released in Japan over the next month or so. The final two books in the Urusei Yatsura shinsobon rerelease (33 and 34) will be issued on March 18th, while Inuyasha volume 53 will hit stores in Japan on April 18th. Source: Rumic World

March 8th

One Pound Gospel Drama Finale
The live action One Pound Gospel drama has reached its conclusion. Our final episode summary is up, and you can take a look at summaries from the entire eight episode series. Thanks to Star Hinson for her assistance with the summaries. Source: Rumic World

March 6th

My Lumx34 Volumes 33 & 34
Well, this is it, the final two artists to contribute to the My Lum pieces of art in the new Urusei Yatsura reprints. Volume 33 will see horror mangaka Daijiro Morohoshi (Shiori & Shimiko) while volume 34 will have a drawing by Yukinobu Hoshino (2001 Nights). Source: Rumic World

March 5th

Inuyasha Chapter 544
The final battle looms on the horizon as various members of our cast finally reach Naraku's true body. What scemes does the evil demon have up his sleeve as Byakuya makes his move. Source: Inuyasha Companion

March 4th

Maison Ikkoku Sound Theater
I've just received a nice shipment from Japan, including a few discs from the Maison Ikkoku Sound Theater. For fans of the series, this is a radio drama released on 48 CDs in 1990/1991. I scanned in one of the discs and put up a few sample tracks, so if you're a fan of MI or just curious to see what all the fuss is about these rare discs, check out the discussion on the messageboard. Source: Rumic World

Happiness List Added
Check out the summary for Takahashi's brand new short story, Happiness List (Shiawase List) just added to the Rumic Theater site. A translation of the story will be forthcoming. Source: Rumic Theater

March 2nd

Graffiti Pop Translated
We've got a new short story all translated and posted up for your enjoyment. This one is from Big Comic Original in 2001. Click the link to check it out. Source: Rumic Theater


February 27th

Inuyasha Chapter 543
A confrontation between two of our heroes comes to a head as someone's bad decision makes for some serious consequences in the future. Click the link below to read our newest summary. Source: Inuyasha Companion

February 26th

Inuyasha Websunday Desktop
Last week's full color title page has been adapted into a new desktop image by Websunday, free for download. Click the link to download one for yourself. Source: Websunday

February 20th

Inuyasha Chapter 542
Color pages for an edge-of your seat thrill ride of a chapter! The summary for 542 is up! Source: Inuyasha Companion

New My Lumx34 Samples
We've been sharing the new artwork from Urusei Yatsura on the messageboard. To see previews of all the famous mangaka's depiction of Lum, click here. Source: Rumic World

February 18th

Top 25 Anime Sites
Active Anime has taken over Anime Fringe's annual ranking of the Top 25 Anime Sites on the internet, and we here at Rumic World are proud to annouce that this year we captured the #8 spot! Thanks to all of our visitors who voted and earned us this great honor! Source: Active Anime

February 14th

Inuyasha Chapter 541
It's not much of a Valentine's Day for Sango. Will she kill an innocent life to save Miroku? Learn the answers in chapter 541! Source: Inuyasha Companion

February 12th

Next Week: Color Art
Chapter 542's summary will be up tomorrow, but next week, Inuyasha chapter 543 will have center color pages in Shonen Sunday. That means it will have either one or two pages in full color. So we can all look forward to that. Source: Rumic World

February 9th

One Pound Gospel Drama
Just a reminder, but the One Pound Gospel Episode Guide is updated with episode summaries every Saturday, including today's episode 5! Source: Rumic World

February 8th

Shiowase List
Rumiko Takahashi will be publishing a new short story entitled "Shiowase List" in Big Comic Original issue 5, to be released on February 20th. Click here to discuss the new story and see scans from the advertisement. Source: Big Comic Original

February 7th

MyLumx34 Volumes 31 & 32
The penultimate release of the Urusei Yatsura shinsobans feature two extremely popular artists depictions of Lum. Kiyohiko Azuma (Azumanga Daioh) and Chika Umino (Honey and Clover). Source: Rumic World

February 6th

Inuyasha Chapter 540
A small glimmer of hope seems to be in sight for our heroes, but Naraku isn't finished yet, putting his dastardly plan in motion in chapter 540. Click the link to read this week's summary. Source: Inuyasha Companion


January 30th

Inuyasha Chapter 539
The 55th volume of Inuyasha begins with chapter 539 check out the summary at the link below. Source: Inuyasha Companion

Top 10 Manga
For the second week, Inuyasha volume 52 is hanging in there on the Japanese manga rankings chart. In fact, the book increased its position from 9th place last week to 7th this week while many other books fell off the list entirely. The top ten tankoban in Japan for the week of January 23rd are:
1. Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE 22
2. Mahou Senshi Negima! 21
3. Juushin Enbu - Hero Tales 2
4. Detective Conan 60
5. Boku no Hatsukoi o Kimi ni Sasagu 10
6. Fairy Tale 8
7. Inuyasha 52
8. V.B. Rose 11
9. Boku o Tsutsumu Tsuki no Hikari 5
10. Hayate the Combat Butler 14 Source: Tohan

Urusei Yatsura Lyrics & Musicians
Tomobiki-cho has two new sections listing the lyrics from the show, plus a section discussing the musicians that made the music so special. Source: Tomobiki-cho

January 23rd

Inuyasha Chapter 538
As Kagome watches, Inuyasha and Sesshomaru battle for what might be the last time. Check out the summary for chapter 538 by clicking the link below. Source: Inuyasha Companion

Urusei Yatsura Lyrics & Musicians
Tomobiki-cho has two new sections listing the lyrics from the show, plus a section discussing the musicians that made the music so special. Source: Tomobiki-cho

Top 10 Manga
The top ten tankoban in Japan for the week of January 23rd are:
1. Detective Conan 60
2. Hayate the Combat Butler 14
3. Mahou Senshi Negima! 21
4. Kekkaishi 19
5. Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE 22
6. Fairy Tale 8
7. Shinshi Doumei Cross 9
8. V.B. Rose 11
9. Inuyasha 52
10. The Wallflower 20 Source: Tohan

One Pound Gospel Drama Guide
At right you will see a link with Meisa Kuroki as Sister Angela, this will take you to our exhaustive guide on the brand new One Pound Gospel drama, currently running in Japan on Saturday nights. Click the link for episode summaries, a complete cast list and much more! Source: The Ring and the Rosary

January 21st

Color Illustrations Article and Guide
One of the most highly requested topics in fandom, Rumiko Takahashi's color illustrations for her chapters. We take a look at the chapters, provide examples from each series and catalog every chapter with color art. Follow the link below to check it out, and feedback is always appreciated. Source: Rumic World

January 19th

New Artwork
We've been sharing the new artwork from Urusei Yatsura and Inuyasha on the messageboard. To see previews of all the famous mangaka's depiction of Lum, click here. To view the newest front and back cover of Inuyasha Vol. 52, click here. Source: Rumic World

January 17th

Inuyasha Chapter 537
Will the unlikely pair of Kagome and Sesshomaru reach Rin in time to save her from Inuyasha? Read the newest chapter summary to find out! Source: Inuyasha Companion

Design a Banner for Rumic World
Okay ladies and gentlemen we're looking for some banners for our upgraded messageboard. If you're interested in submitting some Rumiko Takahashi centric art we'd love to see it! Banner submissions should be 150 x 75 and say "Rumic World" somewhere in the image. Please only use official artwork from the anime and manga. Send your submissions to Dylan Acres by January 29th. Source: Rumic World

January 15th

Inuyasha Cellphone Downloads
Mobagetown is offering free avatars of Shonen Sunday characters for Japanese cellphones, which includes Inuyasha,Kagome and Miroku as well as characters from Kekkaishi and Detective Conan. Future releases will include Sango, Kikyo, Shippo, Sesshomaru and many others. Their website is here. Source: Websunday

January 11th

MyLumx34 Volumes 29 & 30
The next set of artists to depict Lum in the 29th and 30th volumes of the Urusei Yatsura shinsoban will be Tsukasa Hojo (City Hunter) and Akira Saso (Shindo) to be released on January 18th. Source: Rumic World

Viz Library Editions
Starting this month Viz will be releasing Inuyasha and Ranma ½ in hardcover "library editions". No known additional changes will be made to the material. Source: Rumic World

January 10th

Viz to Re-release One Pound Gospel
Viz will be re-releasing Rumiko Takahashi's recently concluded manga, One-Pound Gospel. The first volume of the new edition will hit stores on June 10th with the second volume hitting stores two months later. One Pound Gospel will also debut as a live action drama in Japan this Saturday at 8pm. Both volumes are available for pre-order at Thanks to Star Hinson for the news. Source: Rumic World

January 9th

Inuyasha Chapter 536
Alright! The holidays are officially over in Japan and America and we're back on a weekly schedule as Inuyasha approaches its dramatic conclusion! The summary for chapter 536 is up at the site. Source: Inuyasha Companion

January 7th

One Pound Gospel Drama
As you can see at left, Kuroki Meisa graces the January 10th cover Young Sunday dressed in a nun's habit to promote her role as Sister Angela in the upcoming One Pound Gospel drama. Source: Young Sunday

January 4th

2008 Rumic World Quiz Winners
Congratulations to Ben, the first perfect score in the history of the Rumic World Quiz! Kudos also go out to Lisa who won our drawing from the entrants who participated. Thanks to everyone who entered and here's to another great year here at Rumic World. Source: Rumic World

January 4th

2008 Rumic World Quiz Winners
Congratulations to Ben, the first perfect score in the history of the Rumic World Quiz! Kudos also go out to Lisa who won our drawing from the entrants who participated. Thanks to everyone who entered and here's to another great year here at Rumic World. Source: Rumic World

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