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May 30th

Rinne Chapter 371
After hearing the strange voice of a ghost, Rinne and Sakura discover the spirit of a parrot that repeats rather mysterious and sinister things that might suggest something terrible happened to its owner. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

May 28th

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 58
The trio of stories this week finds Rinne protecting Renge, dealing with the Mikazukido twins, and dodging a date with Matsugo. Source: Rumic World

May 26th

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 57
With three more stories taking place in this week's episode you probably won't find anything else as entertaining as a man wearing a duck tutu, juggling plates. Source: Rumic World

May 19th

Rinne Chapter 369 & 370
Volume 38 begins with Rinne helping Kuroboshi III with another ghost problem and then moving on to assist Bijin when she is jilted by Rinne's father. You can read all of the latest chapter summaries by clicking the link below. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

May 14th

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 56
Another set of three stories finds Rinne investigating a legendary bird, the spirit of a bride, and a safe from Hell itself. Source: Rumic World

May 7th

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 55
A trio of stories finds Rinne coming into comflict with his family over training a new black cat, and possibly stealing money from his father, and a special bamboo shoot from Kain. Source: Rumic World


April 30th

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 54
A mysterious new teacher with supernatural abilities arrives at Sankai High: Annette Hitomi Anematsuri! Source: Rumic World

Rinne Chapter 368
Volume 37 of the manga wraps up with Ayame's rampaging spirit continuing to wreck havoc until the real Ayame returns to try and set things right with her new special training. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

April 23rd

Rinne Chapter 367
Ayame's disembodied spirit once again begins to cause trouble for Tsubasa as it begins to snap secret, private photographs of him. When Ayame tries to step in to put a stop to it things begin to escalate. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 53
This week Rinne has to deal with cleaning the Wheel of Reincarnation, dealing with Left and Right's shading business practices and helping a fellow student cursed by a constant rain cloud. Source: Rumic World

April 20th

New Lum Nendoroid Figure
Good Smile Company has annouced plans to release a Nendoroid version of Lum from Urusei Yatsura. The figure comes with multiple facial expressions, a plate of her spicy home cooking and a bolt of lightning. Good Smile Company previously made a Figma version of Lum (as well as Kagome Higurashi from Inuyasha). The figure is scheduled for a September 2017 release and will retail for 4,444 yen. Source: Good Smile Company

April 19th

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 52
Rinne tackles two cases around the school, one involving the track team and the second the art club! Source: Rumic World

April 16th

Rinne Chapter 366
The captured spirit of a mop-like dog was forgotten about by Ageha and has now grown out of control as it rampages through her home cleaning up everything it rolls across, including snagging her black cat, Oboro, in its thick fur. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

SH Figuarts Ryoga
The first marketing photos of the new SH Figuarts Ryoga Hibiki figure have been unveiled. Thanks to Ian for sending them our way. Ryoga comes with his umbrella and backpack along with many changable hand and face pieces. Source: Comics Natalie

Kyokai no Rinne Cafe in Ueno
A Rinne themed cafe has opened in Ueno in collaboration with "Sweets Paradise". The shop includes many Rinne themed food items including soups, drinks and desserts. Source: Sweets Paradise

April 9th

Kyokai no Rinne Episode 51
Rinne returns in the beginning of Season 3 and battles his father for an elite Gold Shinigami License! Source: Rumic World

Rinne Chapter 365
Following the two week break for Sunday to run "A Thousand Years of Innocence" Kyokai no Rinne returns with Rinne receiving a love letter at school and promise of getting 5,000 yen he was owed. Unfortunately he does not remember the girl nor why she would owe him any money. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

April 5th

New Short Story - Futeikei Famirii
Big Comic Spirits has annouced Takahashi's annual short story in their publication- Futeikei Famirii (Amorphous Family). The story will appear in the 8th issue of this year's Big Comic Original (on newsstands today) and will focus on a man who is taking care of his elderly parents when his wife suddenly annouces she wants a divorce. Thanks to Elizabeth for passing along the news! Source: Comics Natalie

Rinne Season 3 Streaming
The Anime Network has annouced theyw ill be streaming the third season of Rinne in the United States, Canada and Latin America beginning on April 8th at 7:00 am. The stream will keep parity with the weekly episode releases in Japan where the series is broadcast on NHK-E TV Saturdays at 5:35 pm. Thanks to Ian for the news tip! Source: Anime News Network


March 20th

Rinne Voice Actors Interviewed
Kappei Yamaguchi (male Ranma/Inuyasha/Sabato) discusses his excitement about reuniting with Megumi Hayashibara (female Ranma/Otome) in the third season of Kyokai no Rinne along with comments from Marina Inoue (Sakura) and Kaito Ishikawa (Rinne). Source: Anime Now

March 19th

Rinne Chapter 364
Shoma gets his head stuck in a tight spot between a maibox and a small shrine on the street but his pride prevents him from letting Rinne help him, even in front of Isago. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

March 17th

Updated Cast Images
Cast photos have been released for the Inuyasha stage play showing Hiroki Sana as Sesshomaru, Yukihiro Takaguchi as Miroku, Kaoru Noguchi as Kaede, and Ryou Kimura as Naraku. Source: Comics Natalie

March 16th

Sentai Licenses Rinne Season 3
As they did with the first two seasons, Sentai Filmworks has announced before the third season debuts in Japan, that they have obtained the license to distribute the series in North America. The 3rd season debuts April 8th. Source: Anime News Network

March 15th

New Short Story Debut
Shonen Sunday will feature a new two chapter short story to celebrate the 200 million copies of collected volumes sold over the course of Rumiko Takahashi's career. The two mini-series will be called "Sennen no Mushin" (A Thousand Years of Innocence). Source: Crunchyroll

200 Million Volumes Sold
With the 35th volume of Kyokai no Rinne, Rumiko Takahashi surpassed the 200 million volumes sold mark over the course of her career. Shonen Sunday volume 17 and the May issue of Shonen Sunday Super (on newstands March 22 & 25th respectively) will mark this special occasion with feature articles on Takahashi. Source: Anime News Network

29 Artists Pay Tribute to Takahashi
Starting with an illustration of Lum by Mitsuru Adachi, illustrations by 29 other manga artists will honor Takahashi's milestone of 200 million collected volumes of work sold in the 17th and 18th issues of Shonen Sunday. Source: Anime News Network

Katte na Yatsura to be Republished and 1 Page Special
The May issue of Shonen Sunday Super will republish Takahashi's first published story, Katte na Yatsura (Those Obnoxious Aliens) to commemorate her sales milestone of 200 million copies sold. Additionally a single page special "Rekidai Tantou ga Erabu 1 Page" along with the annoucement of oversize cards featuring Takahashi's iconic heroines will also debut in the May issue (on newstands March 25th). Source: Crunchyroll & Anime News Network

March 8th

Kyokai no Rinne Ending Theme
The upcoming 3rd season of Kyokai no Rinne will feature J-Pop group Softly performing their song "Suki Nano Kana" (I Wonder if it's Love). It was previously announced that Yoru no Honki Dance will perform "Shiny" for the 3rd season's opening theme. Source: Anime News Network

Important Rinne Announcement
Rumiko Takahashi will be taking a two week break from Kyokai no Rinne in Shonen Sunday issues 16 and 17. While the series will resume in the 18th issue, the 17th issue is due to have an "important" announcement regarding Takahashi's series. Source: Anime News Network

Kagome and Kikyo Live Action Photos
Photos of Yumi Wakatsuki as Kagome and Junna Itou as Kikyo have been published, both actresses are starring in the new theatrical stage play adaptation of Inuyasha. Thanks to Ian for passing along this news. Source: Anime News Network

March 5th

Rinne Chapter 363
The stolen box continues to change hands as Sabato makes an attempt to turn the item in for the reward only to be recognized by his scratched face. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete


February 28th

Kyokai no Rinne Season 3 Opening Theme
Yoru no Honki Dance has been announced as the band contributing their song "Shiny" as the opening theme song of the upcoming third season of Kyokai no Rinne. New episodes will begin airing on NHK-E on April 8th. Source: Anime News Network

February 26th

Rinne Chapter 362
After taking a week off last week, Rinne returns as he tracks down a stolen puzzle box that his father snatched from Kain. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

February 23rd

Sumi Shimamoto Wins Award
Sumi Shimamoto, best known as the voice of Kyoko Otonashi was announced as the winner of the Kazue Takahashi Award at the 11th Annual Seiyuu Awards. The ceremony will be held on March 18th. Thanks to Ian for the news update. Source: Anime News Network

February 15th

New Rinne Cast Members Announced
Veteran Takahashi voice actress Megumi Hayashibara (female Ranma) has been cast as Rinne's mother, Otome. Additionally Miyuki Sawashiro will play Rinne's witch/teacher Annette. Thanks to Ian and Jeffrey for passing along this news! Source: Comics Natalie

February 14th

Kaneta Kimotsuki Remembered
Legendary seiyuu Kaneta Kimotsuki passed away on October 20th, and a memorial was held in his honor on February 6th. Perhaps best known as the voice of Suneo in Doraemon and the Conductor in Galaxy Express 999, Kimotsuki portrayed Saya in Inuyasha: Swords of an Honorable Ruler and Soban and Dracula in Urusei Yatsura. Tomokazu Seki and a tearful Kappei Yamaguchi both delivered tributes. Source: Anime News Network

February 12th

Rinne Chapter 361
A lonely ghost needs help making Valentine's Day chocolates but her recipes involve revenge, bitterness and spite. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

February 5th

Rinne Chapter 360
Rinne seemingly hits the jackpot when he is given 10,000 yen, but soon finds that money never comes to him easily when he is haunted by the face on the bill. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

New Inuyasha Stage Play
A brand new presentation of Inuyasha will debut this year on stage in Japan. The play will star Yutaka Kyan from the band Golden Bomber as Inuyasha. This is the third time that Inuyasha will be adapted for the theater following two successful month long runs in 2000 and 2001. Takahashi commented, "I love plays, so I am looking forward to seeing how it will be done." Yutaka Kyan posted "I will do my best not to be criticized by the fans of Inuyasha" to his official Twitter account following the announcement. The complete cast list is as follows:
Inuyasha: Yutaka Kyan
Kagome Higurashi: Yumi Wakatsuki
Sesshomaru: Hiroki Sana
Kikyo: Junna Ito
Miroku: Yukihiro Taniguchi
Kaede: Kaoru Noguchi
Oshou: Kenichi Kobayashi
Naraku: Ryo Kimura Source: Anime News Netwrok


January 27th

Rinne Chapter 359
Annette finds a rainy day ghost that can help her get out of having to supervise the school marathon, but Rinne's duty to help the spirt pass on outweight's his teacher's laziness in the latest chapter of Kyokai no Rinne. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

January 22nd

Rinne Chapter 358
Volume 36 of the manga wraps up as Rinne gets a hibachi to keep his apartment warm only to find out a ghost has attached itself to it and mourns her damaged relationship with her sister. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

January 14

Rinne Chapter 357
A cursed doll is scampering around a house and Rinne is called to exorcise it. Much to his shock, the house belongs to his mother, Ichigo, who is now reincarnated as a small child. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

January 8

Rinne Chapter 356
The December 28th issue of Shonen Sunday (5/6) was a double issue due to the holidays, with a new chapter coming out this week. In Chapter 356 Rinne helps a ghost who is receiving inconclusive fortunes from a Shinto shrine. Source: Kyokai no Rinne Complete

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