What is Urusei Yatsura?


Here's some ideas of articles, editorials or reviews that you can come up with.

  • Comparison between the manga and anime.
  • Review your favorite episode/movie/chapter.
  • Concerns about UY's treatment among domestic companies.
  • Your most memorable or first UY experience.
  • The hardships of being a North American/European/etc Urusei Yatsura fan.
  • Character study of a particular castmember.
  • Analyze the relationship dynamics between two of the characters.
  • Early UY (circa 1978-1983) versus late UY (circa 1984-1988).
  • Memories of the good ol' days of UY fandom.
  • Reoccuring themes and traits among Takahashi's works.
  • How UY has influenced today's anime.
  • How UY was influenced by classic 60's and 70's manga.
  • Why UY was so popular in Japan, but never reached its full potential among American fans.
  • Comment on UY's episodic storytelling style.
  • Behind the scenes of the TV show.
  • Favorite UY gags and jokes.
  • UY's stylistic evolution through the years.
  • Random questions and nitpicking.
  • An analysis of Lum's lasting popularity. Why does Lum's appeal often overshadow Urusei Yatsura.
  • Shopping for UY memorabillia.
  • Predictions of what became of the characters 10 years later.
  • The character whom you most identify with and why.


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