"Doke! Doke!"
(Move it! Outta my way!)

Benten who was loosely based upon the Chinese Goddess of Luck is the quintessential biker babe. She wears chains, recklessly rides her airbike, swears and curses and loves a fight.

She is yet another alien vixen who visits Tomobiki-cho on a regular basis. From a planet were everyone seems to be a cross between traditional Chinese gods and motorbike punks.

Every year at Setsubun (a Japanese holiday in February) Benten's people, the Fukujin (Lucky Gods) wage a competition with Lum's race, the Oni and they play a giant game of "fill up the basket". The Oni and the Fukujin have an ongoing rivalry. Often Lum and Benten get together to play violent, yet friendly setsubun war-games in the spirit of this rivalry.

Benten is Lum's most loyal friend in the galaxy. Benten, Lum, Oyuki and Ran have been together since they went to school together as young children. Although she can be impulsive, unpredictable, and has a really short fuse, Benten's a really good friend to have. She's sassy, smart and easy going. She's also has a good sense of humor and an even greater sense of honor. She's always willing to help Lum whenever she's gets in a tight spot. She certainly doesn't take Ran's crap. Benten puts more gusto into fighting Ran than Lum ever could.

The violence-loving Benten revels in fights. But a fight with Benten is the equivalent of a full-scale war. She has a multitude of weapons at her disposal. She uses her bazooka, machine gun and explosives to cause massive destruction. Most often she'll just resort to using her favorite possession (other than her airbike), her chain which she always wears around her body.

As an added note, Benten loves to gamble. This is related to her character being derived from the goddess of luck.

Notes about the name

Benten is the Japanese name of the Goddess of Luck (among other things).

Voice: Yuuko Mita

Benten's seiyuu is Yuuko Mita, notably the voice of Akemi Roppongi from Maison Ikkoku. She has a wonderful voice with a very nasal yet sexy sound to it. Probably one of my favorite voices in the show.

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