"Sadame ja."
(It's fate)

His name is Sakuranbo, but he insists on being called Cherry. Cherry is a highly obnoxious and creepy buddhist monk. A travelling priest who has a habit of popping up out of nowhere when you least expect it, often scaring the living daylights out anyone unfortunate enough to warrant his attention.

Just about all of the characters of Urusei Yatsura loathe him and dread his presence. Cherry is always passing judgment on people and predicting doom. He sees bad omens in just about everything. Usually his ill-fated predictions come true, even if he himself has to give fate a helping hand. Of course everyone hates his stupid jokes.

But no one dislikes Cherry as much as Ataru Moroboshi. For reasons known only to the annoying monk himself, Cherry constantly interferes in Ataru's life and gives him grief for his corrupt personality, base desires and bad luck. He has taken a vested interest in seeing through his downfall.

When Cherry is not travelling, he lives in a vacant lot, residing in his makeshift tent. Cherry, a hopeless moocher is always trying to turn a bad situation into an opportunity for a free meal. Eating and being a jerk seem to be his reasons for living.

He doesn't have many good qualities, yet he is highly arrogant. He carries himself with an air of snobbery that comes from being a priest. Despite his arrogance, Cherry is in fact a highly qualified monk. He has an in-depth knowledge of the supernatural and knows of many mysterious arts. He is good at finding evil spirits (hence his fixation with Ataru) and exorcising them. His exorcisms don't often have consequences, always work as intended though.

Notes about the name

His name Sakuranbo is the Japanese word for "cherry," as he likes to be called. But in another sense it can also mean "deranged priest."

Voice: Ichiro Nagai

Cherry's seiyuu, the always funny Ichiro Nagai has also played Happosai from Ranma , Dr. Sado from Space Battleship Yamato as well as Jingoro Inokuma from Yawara. He appears destined to play short, old and nutty bald men.

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