She's the princess of the alien race, the Karasutengu (Crow Goblins). Like the Oni, Tengu are yet another mythological Japanese creature reinvented as an alien race. Karasutengu are a type of tengu with distinctly crow-like features.

The royal line was fading away since there were no more humanoid men on her planet. To save the Kurama line she had been placed in cryogenic sleep. While she slept, her little crow goblin subjects were to search for a handsome and virtuous man who would wake her from her sleep and become her mate. By Karasutengu law she would mate with the man who woke her up from her slumber with his kiss.

But because of an unfortunate turn of events, the man who gave her a wake-up kiss was none other than Ataru Moroboshi. This wasn't the man she wanted. Ataru who severely repulses Kurama was by no definition a virtuous man.

Initially Kurama thought she might be able to reform him, but after every attempt failed, she saw that he was truly corrupt to the core. Now she's just trying to avoid having to mate with him. To remedy this she tries everything to land herself another man, preferably with more looks and less stupidity, but she has had no luck. There is always one flaw that ruins it for her. Mendo turned out to be too pathetic and cowardly, Ryuunosuke wasn't really a man like she thought, and Rei seemed like the one until she saw he was really an idiotic tiger-cow. There seem to be no good men left for her and now she's become bitter and needy.

Kurama's mind is set completely on saving her bloodline. Because of this all-consuming drive she's usually a mean person towards others. She has an especially profound dislike of Oni. Kurama's also very superficial, she only shows interest in exceptionally handsome men.

Her alien power is her ability to create powerful gusts of wind with her multi-use giant leaf. These leaves are a trait of the mythological tengu.

Voice: Rihoko Yoshida

Kurama's voice is provided by Rihoko Yoshida.

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