"ayamaranai to, watakushi...OKORU wa yo."
(if you do not apologize...I shall be angry.)

Oyuki is the very placid and graceful Queen of Neptune and is another one of Lum's childhood alien friends.

Being a noblewoman from the frozen planet of Neptune she has the power control the elements of ice and snow. She also has an ability to utilize existing space/time warps to travel from planet to planet.

Oyuki is always proper and ladylike. She never shows strong emotions and remains the picture of demurity under any circumstance. She is nearly always very kind and sweet to others and speaks in highly dignified and polite manner. While everyone else around her tend to lose their tempers and lose their rationality, Oyuki is the only one who keeps her cool.

But never, ever get on her bad side. Oyuki is very reasonable, but even she has her breaking point. When Oyuki becomes angered you better run for the hills and keep running. On the rare occasions where Oyuki does get mad she doesn't appear to be angry on the surface but she gets a serious look on her face as the temperature surrounding her starts to drop drastically. Suddenly her ice powers go absolutely haywire. Ice, wind and snow rage causing unparalleled carnage and sealing any unfortunate passers-by in a block of ice or skewering them on huge icicles.

Clearly Oyuki does have emotions like everyone else but her expression never changes much. It's almost scary because you never know what's really going on in that head of hers. Often it's obvious that what she's saying doesn't necessarily reflect what she's really thinking. She has a great ironic wit, although it's hard to tell when she's joking.

The ice queen is also a very skilled business woman. She is a bit stingy with her money though. She is hesitant to lend out anything of hers, and anyone who tries to swindle her even out of some pocket change will be subject to her icy retribution. Oyuki is knowledgeable of many alien races. This is because of her many business transactions with beings from all regions of the universe.

Oyuki is almost always hanging around with Benten. They are very good friends which some may find strange since their personalities are exact opposites. Oyuki's calculating cool, and Benten's fiery recklessness somehow compliment each other perfectly.

Notes about the name

Yuki means snow and the O as a prefix is an honorific character which is one way of adding a level of politeness when referring to a certain word. Oyuki means "honourable snow." Oyuki isn't an uncommon name in Japan and it fits her perfectly.

Voice: Noriko Ohara

Noriko's Other roles include Conan from Mirai Shounen Konan and Claudia of Macross.

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