"Chika goro no wakai musume nani o kangaetoru ga sappari wakaran."
(These young girls today, I can't figure out how they think.)

Sakura is the beautiful Tomobiki High School nurse who also happens to be Cherry's niece and powerful a Shinto priestess.

Mystical forces are strong in her family. Her uncle Cherry is a prime example of that. Sakura has many powers such as ESP, conjuration abilities and control over demons and spirits. Sakura and Cherry do a lot of purifying and exorcising of demons together. Just like her uncle she sees bad omens everywhere and is always forcing spiritual advice on Ataru. Even though she has much in common with her uncle, she dislikes Cherry just as much as everyone else. In fact she beats up on him more than anyone else, but Cherry pretty much deserves it.

Most people can't believe that she is related to that disgusting monk, since she's so gorgeous. All of the boys at Tomobiki High School have a huge infatuation with this mature and intelligent woman. They have been known to willingly mutilate themselves, just so they have an excuse to visit Nurse Sakura's office.

Sakura herself has absolutely zero tolerance for the lecherous tendencies of teenage boys. She finds it infuriating and her responses to these perversions are almost always in the form of violence. But no amount of violence can keep the boys away for long. It certainly doesn't have any effect on our resident lech, Ataru Moroboshi.

Among her many spiritual powers, she also has the strange power to eat mountains of food, without gaining any weight whatsoever (to the envy of other women around her). Sakura isn't exactly a glutton, but she has a very large appetite as she'll scarf down on enough food to feed an army.

She's a bit of an old soul, elderly before her time. As young and beautiful she is, Sakura seems to have the thinking patterns of an old spinster. Her way of speaking is very old fashioned. She's often cranky and authoritative. She's completly out of touch with the younger women of today. It seemed that even as a teenager, Sakura carried herself like an adult. It's hard to believe she was ever a little girl.

Sakura is undeniably powerful but also a bit of a quack sorceress. Ever since she was a child, Sakura always had a very weak constitution and was susceptible to illness. She became plagued by all kinds of diseases. As recommended by her uncle, she set out to exorcise Ataru and because of Ataru's knack for drawing evil spirits, the disease demons that had been plaguing her since childhood left Sakura and attacked Ataru. Now she's perfectly healthy. But this wasn't the last time she tried to cure him of his bad luck. Sakura thinks of it as her duty to tend to Ataru's spiritual needs whether he wants it or not.

Notes about the name

Sakura is the Japanese word for "cherry blossoms"

Voice: Machiko Washio

For Machiko, Sakura was her only major role. But she also did provide voices in Hayao Miyazaki films. Namely Laputa, Castle in the Sky and My Neighbour Totoro.

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