Tsubame Ozuno

Tsubame is a wizard who practised black magic in the west. As a result his magic has a distinctly North American and European flair. The way he executes his skills make him seem more like a performing magician than a wizard.

Tsubame is engaged to marry Sakura. They've been engaged since the beginning of the show but still haven't tied the knot. They're your typical forlorn lovers. Their relationship is always in jeopardy. Tsubame and Sakura are both so busy with their careers that they have hardly any time to spend with each other. Whenever the do get together, problems always occur. They have never once had a date that wasn't halted by some huge misunderstanding between them or a catastrophe brought on by the rest of the cast intruding on their affairs. They would probably be already married if the rest of the cast would keep their noses out of the couple's business and perhaps let them have some private time. But that's a lost cause.

It also doesn't help matters for Sakura that Tsubame is indecisive, foolish and slow witted. Together they kind of resemble Kyoko and Godai from Takahashi's other series Maison Ikkoku (if Godai was totally clueless and Kyoko was a little too serious for her own good). Later in the manga series, this becomes so obvious, that you know it must have been intentional.

Notes about the name

Tsubame is the Japanese word for "swallow" (bird). Ozuno means "from Oz."

Voice: Kazuhiko Inoue

Tsubame's voice, Kazuhiko Inoue has done many other roles such as Mamoru Kusanagi from Blue Seed and Mikado Sanzenin from Ranma .

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