Story Premise

Cyborg 009

Another influential manga and anime series, drawn in the Tezuka style and dealing with a super team of cyborgs.

In order to make their wars more efficient, an obscure military-industrial group, Black Ghost, kidnaps nine young men around the world and turns them into cyborgs. But the boys turn on their "masters" and their quest for justice begins.

This manga, written by Shotaro Ishinomori, appeared first on Shonen King in 1964, then was published by other magazines such as Shonen Magazine (1967) and Shonen Sunday (1979). The anime aired on TV Asahi between April and September 1968. An anime remake of Cyborg 009 came out recently in 2001.

Relevance to Urusei Yatsura

This is another series that is given parody in Urusei Yatsura. In particular episode 72: "Lum, Rebel Without A Clue" paid homage to Cyborg 009 by turning Lum, Mendo, Shinobu, Perm and Ryuunosuke into a cyborg super team with similar powers. It shows up from time to time in other instances such as in episode 68: "The Groom's Name is Ryuunosuke" when Ryuu and her father were fighting and making blurry bionic movements just like Cyborg 009.

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