Story Premise


Red bibbed statues of Jizo are found at thousands of temples and along waysides in Japan. Jizo is the guardian Bosatsu of those who suffer, especially sickly children and pregnant women. Children who have died young, including babies that have been miscarried or aborted, are helped into the next world by Jizo. He is often shown holding a staff in one hand and a jeweled talisman in the other. The red bibs are placed on the statues by bereaved mothers and other sufferers.

Relevance to Urusei Yatsura

Cherry looks exactly like the tiny Jizo statues so common in Japan. He's even about the same height as them. The episode where the group has a picnic in the mountains and create a monster out of fossils the mountain seems to be guarded by counless Jizo statues. It turns out to be Cherry`s mountain retreat.

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