Story Premise


taken from Life at Maison Ikkoku

While it is true that more and more young men and women are united in marriage on their own will through love, the practice of miai is still widely observed to end in a happy married life for many. miai is an interview for a man and woman with a view to marriage, as arranged by their parents or a third party acting as a gobetween. It is proposed with due consideration to social backgrounds and other factors of the prospective bride and bridegroom and their families. It is not compulsory on either of the parties concerned to accept such miai as a promise for marriage. Usually, however, preliminary studies are made to assure a success in miai where the prospective bride and bridegroom are more or less to make a final decision through personal impressions of each other.

A theater, hotel or restaurant may well be used for miai where the proposed couple and their families make their acquaintance. The miai interview is no longer considered to force any compulsory consequence upon either of the parties concerned. It is a proctice for parents, gobetweens and friends with a particular view to unite, if desired, a young man and woman, thought out to be ideal partners in marriage. Even when successfully conducted, the man and woman concerned are usually given months to get to know each other and possibly to learn to love each other.

Relevance to Urusei Yatsura

Both the Mendo and Mizunokoji family are steeped in ancient customs and traditions, so it's no surprise that Shutaro Mendo and Asuka Mizunokoji have been engaged by their parents.

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