Story Premise

Momoe Yamaguchi

taken from Cha Cha Charming

One of the biggest Japanese idols of all time, Momoe Yamaguchi's career was huge in the 1970s. Momoe got her start on the Japanese TV show Star Tanjo!, and with the girl group The Three Flowers Trio. Not much was expected of her when compared to the other two girls in the group, but Momoe wound up outshining them all.

Initially her lyrics were semi-erotic, especially for a 13 year old. As she grew up she renounced her old songs saying that she didn't enjoy singing them and her work began to focus more on songs about independent women, something Japan was just beginning to come to terms with at the time. She worked in film as well, but was unable to find happiness in the limelight. In 1980 she announced that she was going to marry Tomokazu Miura who she starred with in the film "Izu no Odoriko". She then promptly quit showbiz and hasn't gone back since.

Relevance to Urusei Yatsura

In the final film, a line states "Momoe, I love you!". The Momoe in question is Momoe Yamaguchi.

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