Story Premise


Nara, one of Japan's oldest cities, is home to Todaiji, the largest wooden structure in the world. It his here that the Daibustsu, the Great Buddha is housed.

Nara is steeped in ancient culture and filled with temples. It's a stone's throw from the ancient capital, Kyoto. Another one of Nara's highlights is Deer Park. Here hundreds of deer roam free, and because they are so used to people they will walk right up to you so you can pet them or feed them the special crackers that are on sale at so many local vendors.

Relevance to Urusei Yatsura

The gang takes a field trip down to Nara and Kyoto where they visit with the deer, visit Kyomizudera and meet the ninja girl, Kaede, who accidently loses a scroll that Ataru winds up with.

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