Story Premise


Taiyaki is a Japanese pancake-like cake traditionally filled with sweet red bean paste (although it can be filled with other things), fried and molded into the shape of a carp.

Lots of different fillings can go into the fish shaped cakes. Most commonly is sweet bean-paste (anko) which is made from azuki beans. Sometimes odd ingrediants are added, for example one company offers an alternative to the sweet tasting taiyaki by offering one filled with sausage, mayonaise and Shichimi chilli pepper, which supposedly goes great with a beer.

Relevance to Urusei Yatsura

Both Rei and Kotasuneko absolutely love taiyaki. In fact they seem to prefer this little dessert to almost any other food. Kotatsuneko even uses a magical hat that can give him anything he could ever want simply for his taiyaki needs.

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