Story Premise


Ultraman- one of Japan's most identifiable superheroes. The initial Ultraman series was created by the company Tsuburaya and ran for 39 episodes from 1966-1967. After that he became a cultural icon.

The story follows a 200 foot tall space cop from Nebula M78 who fights giant monsters. While flying near Earth one day he crashes into a ship flown by Hayata. Ultraman has no other choice but to give some of his life force to Hayata in order to save him. Now whenever the Science Patrol needs his help, Hayata holds up his beta capsule and transforms into Ultraman.

Relevance to Urusei Yatsura

Ultraman characters seem to pop up throughout the series. Sometimes kids from Tomobiki can be seen dressed like him or one of the other characters from the show. The most common Ultraman allusion though is the way Lum crosses her arms when she shoots her electrical blasts. This is a direct imitation of the way Ultraman fires his blasts.

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