Story Premise


The name "yukata" comes from the word "Yu" (bath) and "Katabira" (under-clothing). Thousands of years ago, Court Nobles wore linen "Yukatabira" which were draped loosely after taking a bath. It gradually became worn by japanese warriors and then by the general public when the sophisticated japanese public bath became popular. Today, the traditional japanese yukata are widely used for everything from dances, casual wear in the summer, to simple night attire.

In modern Japan, they are most often seen outside during summer festivals, where men, women and children will wear their best yukata along with geta (wooden sandals), a large fancy obi (sash) and sometimes carrying a fan. Otherwise more casual yukata tend to be used as bathrobes.

Relevance to Urusei Yatsura

You'll occasionally see characters in Urusei Yatsura wearing yukata. Older people like Ataru's father will wear one around the house. Anytime a story takes place in a festival setting many of the characters will wear them.

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