Urusei Yatsura Albums
from 1992 to 1999

Music Calendar '93
released 12/21/92
CD only


1. Lum no Love Song
2. Pajama Jama da!
3. Ai wa Boomerang
4. Remember My Love
5. Uchuu wa Taihen da!

A mixed compilation CD filled with some of the most popular tracks from the UY TV series interspersed with short drama tracks. Unfortunately doesn't feature any of the later TV songs. These CDs are still extremely common so if you're looking for UY CDs, you'll definately come across this one.

Juunen Kinen Album Datcha!
released 12/12/93
CD only

1. Lum no Love Song
2. Voice scene w/ Lum and Ataru
3. Uchuu wa Taihen da
4. Ataru and Ten
5. Kokoro bosoina
6. Ataru and Ten
7. Hoshi zora cycling
8. Lum and Ten
9. I, I, You, and Ai
10. Ataru and Ten
11. Dancing Star
12. Lum and Ataru
13. Yume wa Love Me More
14. Lum and Ten
15. Pajama Jama da
16. Ataru and Lum
17. Koi no Moebius
18. Ataru and Lum
19. Urusei Yatsura Stars On
20 - Ataru and Mendo
21 - Urusei Yatsura Stars On Remix (Dance type mix w/ some great voice overs..)

This may be one of the biggest boxed set of anime music ever, if not THE biggest. This incredible collection is filled with nearly every piece of Urusei Yatsura music ever made. While there are several ommisions, with nearly 15 hours of music, it's more than enough. Includes a lot of rarities not found on anywhere else. About $375 U.S. last time I checked so it's definately a collection for die hard fans only.

Complete Music Box
CDs only

15 CD boxed set

Disk 1
Disk 2
Disk 3
Disk 4
Disk 5
Disk 6
Disk 7
Disk 8
Disk 9
Disk 10
Disk 11
Disk 12
Disk 13
Disk 14
Disk 15

Music from the Urusei Yatsura based video game by the same name.

Dear my Friends
released 4/15/94
CD only

1. A Little Bit of Courage
2. Lum no Love Song
3. Crystal Sala's Theme
4. The Last Step
5. Kokorobosoi na
6. Great Strife
7. Sakura's Theme
8. Uchuu wa Taihen da!
9. A Little Bit of Courage
10. The Last Step

Includes 6 "Calendar" sheets w/various characters on each. Booklet included has many resources:
TV Staff List
Character Voice List
TV Series Theme Songs
Listw/dates & Timeline On Air Data list (Episode List w/dates 1st aired)
Best Memorial (Pics and Descriptions of the "best" EPs showed)
Song Lyrics (of the songs on the CD)

Music Calendar '95
Released 10/01/94
CD only

Y2,500, 10 Tracks

01. Talk 1
02. Chance on Love (Cindy)
03. Talk 2
04. Open Invitation (Cindy)
05. Talk 3
06. Rock the Planet (Steffanie)
07. Talk 4
08. Every Day (Steffanie)
09. Talk 5
10. Tonogata Gomen Asobase (Shoko Minami)

Whereas the first "Lum's Best" concentrated on TV OP and ED, this volume collects the movie and OVA vocals. Other than the "Always My Darling" soundtrack and the "Complete Music Box," this is the only UY CD that has "Begin the Kirei." Just like the first Best Selection, this is also a very common CD.

Lum's Best Selection 2
Released 12/01/94
CD only

Y2,548 11 Tracks

1. I, I, You and Ai
2. Ai wa Boomerang
3. Born to be Free
4. Remember My Love
5. Melancholy no Kiseki
6. Sweet Dream
7. Romance ga Itai
8. Monotone no Natsu
9. Sorry...
10. Suki - Kirai
11. Begin the Kirei

Finally fans get a simple no-nonsense collection of all the TV theme songs on one CD. This wasn't released too long ago so this should be very easy to find.

TV Theme Song Best
released 3/17/99
CD only

1. Lum no Love Song
2. Uchuu wa TaiHEN da!
3. Kokorobosoi na
4. Hoshizora Cycling
5. I, I, You and Ai
6. Dancing Star
7. Yume wa Love me More
8. Pajama Jama da
9. Koi no Moebius
10. Chance on Love
11. Open Invitation
12. Rock the Planet
13. Every Day
14. Tonogata Gomen Asobase
15. Good Luck


This album is an updated "best of" vocal compliation soundtrack that was released alongside similar albums for Maison Ikkoku, and Ranma 1/2 when Kyokai no Rinne had its first album released.

Ketteiban Urusei Yatsura Anime Theme Song & Character Song Complete Works
Released 08/19/15
CD only

Y2,281 30 Tracks over 2 Discs

1. Lum no Love Song
2. Uchuu wa Taihen da!
3. Kokorobosoi na
4. Hoshizora Cycling
5. I, I, You & Ai
6. Dancing Star
7. Yume wa Love Me More
8. Pajama Jama da!!
9. Koi no Mobius
10. Chance on Lovebr> 11. Open Invitation
12. Rock the Planet
13. Everyday
14. Tonogata Gomen Asobase
15. Good Luck ~ Eien Yori Ai o Komete ~

1. Ai wa Boomerang
2. Born to be Free
3. Remember My Love
4. Melancholy no Kiseki
5. Suki Kirai
6. Begin the Kirei
7. Sweet Dream
8. Romance ga Itai
9. Lum no Ballad
10. Koi ni Dance! Dance! Dance!
11. Fushigi Kirei
12. A*RI*GA*TO
13. Hoshi no Memory
14. Urusei Yatsura Character Daijiten
15. Urusei Yatura * Mata Aetatcha!



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