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Kuniko, Rumiko and Makiko on their way to vacation in Bali

Here are a few more tidbits about Takahashi as a person. I've collected a few pictures and other info about her. Maybe someday I'll add interviews too, but damn I hate translating so maybe if someone else does it.

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First off here's some publicity pictures of a Takahashi doing a signing. Both males and females come in droves to hear her speak, and get her autograph. Her assistants Kuniko and Makiko are also seen lending their signatures. Take note of the some of the props that people come across waiting in line. I especially get a kick out of the shrine bell with Mendo's picture on it. People can go under it and yell "kuraiyo, semaiyo, kowaiyo" just like he does in the manga. You'd never catch me doing that, but it's still pretty funny that someone thought of the idea.

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A few shots of Takahashi and company when they went to Bali. This excursion was later recounted in "kemo kobiru no nikki" issue 8. There were a few other pages, showing beach shots and a very hard to see pic of Kuniko windsurfing, but I only scanned this one page as a sample.

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Another vacation, this time Takahashi went to the Palau Islands (she really seems to have a thing for polynesian beaches). Here we see her scuba diving and sitting down for a feast that's way too big for just her.

This is one of the pictures I found from when Takahashi and her assistants took an excursion to Nagasaki. There were more photos, but they were mostly all of scenery and buildings. I'm sure if you wanted to see those, you'd be at a travel site right now.

Takahashi's "best 3"
(written 1983)

Mitai mono (Things I want to see)

  1. Superman III movie
  2. The new Rodan movie [giant monster]
  3. The monster "Matango" that was introduced the old movie of the same name. I want to see it again.

Ikitai tokoro (Places I want to go)

  1. Onsen [hot springs]
  2. City Hall (recently I moved, but I've been too busy to get my ID card re-registered). So I want to go and get it over with soon.
  3. South America

Tabetai mono (Things I want to eat)

  1. 'nashigon' (a roasted dish I ate in Bali. I can't find it in any restaurants around here. I want to eat it!)
  2. Karashimentaiko [can't translate, I think it's some kind of packaged seafood with Japanese hot mustard]
  3. "Heiwarou" ramen from my hometown Niigata. (I've forgotten what it tastes like!)

Suki (What I like)

  1. Manga (With sake and cigarettes)
  2. Futons (If you leave it to air out during the day it stays much fluffier. But closing it up is also good. It makes me want to sleep.)
  3. The moment after the week's finished manga copy is taken off my hands.

Kirai (What I hate)

  1. Earthquakes
  2. Crowds
  3. Putting things in order (such as top 3 lists)

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