A Tribute to Ryuunosuke

Ryuunosuke's Greatest Battles

Challenger Outcome Details
Mr. Fujinami TIE Ryuunosuke's greatest nemesis is her own dad. Their constant fights have resulted in a a completely equalled rivalry. Ryuunosuke might very well be the better fighter, but her father evens things up with his dirty tricks, his frightening face and his highly unpredictable behavior.
Shuutaro Mendo Ryuu
Mendo's the wealthiest character in UY, Ryuunosuke is the poorest. But Mendo can't compeat with Ryuunosuke when it comes to attracting women. Also he's often tried to use his charm on her, but it only resulted in Mendo getting his ass kicked. Mendo is no match for her.
Kotatsu-neko Ryuu
Kotatsu is usually docile, but he's unbelievably powerful when angered. Ryuunosuke's attempts to defeat him are for naught. It's impossible to compeat with the supernatural using physical force.
Nagisa Shiowatari Ryuu
Nagisa is not all he appears to be. Even though he acts like a girl, he's stronger, faster and more agile than Ryuunosuke. Since their fighting skills are fairly equal, Ryuunosuke really has a hard time with Nagisa. Ryuunosuke engaged a fight with him and got a few good hits in, but didn't come close to knocking him out. Nagisa didn't want to hurt Ryuunosuke so he just countered and dodged most of her moves. Finally he got her in a sumo style bear hug which Ryuunosuke couldn't escape. She was forced to give up the fight, but she promised Nagisa that they would fight again and that next time she wouldn't lose.
Benten Ryuu
Ryuunosuke and Benten started out friendly, but quickly became bitter rivals. To settle things they had a battle to see who could be more feminine. It was a fierce rivalry, but after they started to feel a certain kinship the two women started to work together. In the end they became best friends which is good because they appear to be equal in every way.
Ataru Moroboshi Ryuu
Ryuunosuke is by far a better fighter and Ataru would never hurt a girl. But he can compeat with her on other levels. One being that Ataru is more devious. Ataru has had the living crap beat out of him by Ryuunosuke more times than I can count. With those countless beatings, you might say that she has beaten him. But still, you have to give Ataru credit for his persistance. He just never gives up. Ataru isn't the type for melee combat. Instead he does often beat Ryuunosuke by other means. Sometimes outcunning her, other times just being a lecher. So in summary I would have to say that it's still a tie.
Onsen-Mark Ryuu
Onsen-mark's gotten his licks from her fairly often. But he pretty much deserved it.
Asuka Mizunokoji ?? This conflict was not the kind where you could figure a winner. Take one super powerful girl who's afraid of men and stick her with a girl who seems to be a man. The result is a lot of collateral damage. At first Ryuunosuke tried to convince her that she was a woman, but just kept being pounded through walls. After Asuka's mother intervenes, Asuka now sees Ryuunosuke as her "oniisan" and instead starts chasing her down.
Shingo Ryuu
This was a very close fight. Because Ryuunosuke didn't fit Shingo's image of what women are supposed to look like, he had to find out for himself. They had a long battle in which it seemed they were pretty much evenly matched but Shingo was winning. Even so, Ryuunosuke won in the end. Shingo had her pinned to a tree and was feeling her chest to see if she was female. In her rage, Ryuunosuke pulled a Shinobu-esque move by ripping the tree out of the ground and crushing that stupid ninja with it.
Soban Ryuu
He's a big stupid galoot. Nevertheless, Soban is dangerous. Still, Ryuunosuke can easily deal with him. She's especially effective when she teams up with Shinobu to take on Soban.
Ten Ryuu
There never was a real fight. Ten thought she was a "he" and when Ryuunosuke accidentally hit him, he wanted revenge. He made a few attempts to torch her, but the other guys in class were too protective of Ryuunosuke to let that happen. Seeing how obnoxious Ten was, she rough-housed him a bit, but didn't really hurt Ten. Since Ten was barely able to stand up to Ryuunosuke when he thought she was male, I'd have to chock this up as a win.
Cherry Ryuu
There's not much to explain here. Just like Onsen-Mark, Cherry basically serves as a punching bag to the rest of the cast, Ryuunosuke included.
Boys from class Ryuu
No contest. Even an army of these substandard, lecherous geeks wouldn't stand a chance against her. The 2-4 homeform guys mostly serve as a chance for Ryuunosuke to show off her fighting skill against a mob of losers who are just asking for a beating.

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