A Tribute to Ryuunosuke

Marriage Prospects
Subject: Ryuunosuke Fujinami

This little prospect sheet was written up quickly just for fun. I took the idea from the Marriage Prospects page which takes anime characters and evaluates their suitability as mates. It's all joke so don't take it seriously you fanboys out there. I wanted to do one for Ryuunosuke because I think it's a great way to look deeper into her as a character.


(pronounciation: reeoo-no-skay foo-jee-nah-mee)

Excellent. Apears to be a cool and studly dude, so every girl in Tomobiki is in love with her despite the fact that she's a woman herself. She can be an attractive girl, if she's ever given the chance to dress like one. The boyish clothing does tend to keep the guys from wanting to date her, but it doesn't keep them from trying to feel her up.

Very resourceful in a fight, but otherwise her intelligence is only average. From birth her father has implanted many distorted ideas and half-truths into her head, making her easy to manipulate if you know the right buttons to press. You can make her do anything if it promises the possiblility of making her more girlish. Not really book smart, but definately street smart.

Confident, cool and honourable. The ideal picture of masculinity, but that's only because her father raised her so strongly to act like a man, that she's more man than most men. Calling her a tomboy would be a huge understatement. It would also be innacurate because she really wants to be feminine but just doesn't know how. Tends to be a loner and a rebel, but she still values her friends. A noble soul albeit a violent one. Kind of hot-headed and prone to fighting, but otherwise she's a friendly guy/girl/whatever.

She can cook pretty well. Has worked at a beachside restaurant with her dad her whole life. It's mostly all cheap fast-food though. But she is adaptable enough to pick up some more refined culinary skills if someone were willing to teach her.

Fighting Skills:
Excellent. Can easily adapt to any style of fighting and with any type of weapon. Her usual style is a mixture of karate, boxing, judo and wing chun kung-fu. Only a few characters such as Shingo, Nagisa or Benten can match her in a real fight. She usually only loses whenever her opponent uses dirty tricks to win.

Special Abilities:
Martial arts. Pioneered the "Takahashi uppercut into orbit" maneuver. Has an amazing animal magnetism that enables her to attract females effortlessly. Multi-talented; Because she's had such a difficult life, she can thrive in any environment and adapt to any kind of situation with great skill. (except for anything that involves being feminine).

Her tranvestite fiance Nagisa is a bit obsessive and won't let her go, but Ryuunosuke would be glad to get rid of him. Ataru of course won't let any of "his" girls be near another man and Ryuunosuke is one of his favorites. Ataru will never leave you alone, unless you kill him off. But even that possibility is impossible since he's almost indestructable. Mostly the chances for love are non-existant because Ryuunosuke has no interest in any romantic relationships. She turns down every guy who ever tries to get near her and other than her idolizing of female behavior, she has no interest in girls either.

Just her father, but he's trouble enough. Seeing that Ryuunosuke would rather marry a man if push comes to shove, her overbearing father would definately object to the marriage. He won't stand for his only "son" to be with a man and so expect some heavy resistance. The only way to get through it is by pretending you are a girl, then her father will be a bit more accepting. But even if you do succeed after that, expect him to be popping up out of nowhere and interfearing with your relationship at any moment. You should also prepare yourself for his emotional attacks followed by tidal waves. Most of all, beware of his frightening extreme close-ups. You'll also have to live with Ryuunosuke and her father breaking into fights every few minutes, so wear a helmet.

Poor, and likely to stay that way. She never has more than a bit of pocket change. Can barely make enough money to live on. Expect a long life in the food stand industry.

Uhh...how should I approach this? Well it's pretty obvious that this might be the hardest part of all. Being married to Ryuunosuke one would have to expect a pretty bad sex life. The mind boggles at all of the complications that would be involved. Ryuunosuke is inflicted with a gender indentity crisis of catastrophic proportions. With her conflicting male and female traits, it would be just too confusing for her. Not to mention what it would be weird to be with a woman that has the sexual sensibilities of a man. She probably wouldn't have any idea how to act and would probably try to avoid sex for much the early stages of the relationship. But with time, if her mate is able to make her secure about her femininity then maybe it can be worked on. But once she does hit her stride, don't expect her to be the passive type. Aaah, listen to me. I'm actually talking about this seriously! Let's just move on.

Quite attractive to either gender and she has a good personality, but she's got way too many personal afflictions to deal with to be in any kind of a relationship. With all of the years of deconditioning it would take for her to be normal enough to accept love, it's just not be worth it. Even if you do mangage to make it work out, there'd be other problems. Her father would never give you a moment of peace for one thing. You'd have to deal with the fact that most people will believe you're homosexual since it will appear as if you're in a relationship with a man (nothing wrong with that of course, but if you are, why would you marry her anyway? As a smokescreen maybe? A pretty bad smokescreen if you ask me). Seeing that she uses fighting as a solution to every conflict, you'll be spending a lot of time in the hospital, unless you're a pretty good fighter yourself. Ryuunosuke as a mate is just too much trouble. Do yourself a big favor and look elsewhere for a wife. She'd make a great bouncer though. Keep her in mind if you're opening a nightclub.


Okay, enough writing intimate details about a fictional character. I think I'm going to go out and get myself a real girl now just to reaffirm my virility.


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