A Tribute to Ryuunosuke

My crap-tacular gallery
of Ryuunosuke Manga Images

Maybe someday I'll get around to organizing these images better and expanding the gallery into something much grander. But it's not high on my to-do list. For now, this will have to do.

If you have yet to see Ryuunosuke in the manga (Viz never translated far enough to show her) take a look at some of these scans from the manga series.

before the battle

looking beaten, but cocky

sitting by the shore

FIGHT! Benten vs. Ryuunosuke

mid-air battle, Shingo vs. Ryuunosuke

cut-offs and tied up T-shirt

Ran, Ryuu & Kurama

Cross-counter punch

sailor suit

What's wrong? Is that the best you can do?

indelible magnetic lipstick

fan service!

valentine candies

fighting off the boys

delivering a flying kick to a punk-ass lion

sitting, holding a rugby ball

without her sarashi

in boys sports wear

tug of war with sarashi

jumping off the swings

thinking of the mother she never knew

wearing a man's yukata

a powerful punch

yelling at the old man

after the bathhouse, returning Ten

valentine conflict with her father


umi ga suki! Fujinami and "son"

thespian juice makes you do strange things

journeying across the mountains

pissed off, Father on TV


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