News and Updates

May 25, 2015
FAQ Updated

We've added the newest soundtrack, Ketteiban Urusei Yatsura Anime Theme Song & Character Song Complete Works.

July 13, 2013
FAQ Updated

We've added a question to the FAQ clarifying the order of the graphic novels released by Viz and which named titles fall where in order of release.

July 12, 2013
Manga Publication Info

We've added the original Japanese and English publication information to each volume of the manga (to make it like the other sites here at Rumic World).

September 27, 2012
Inaba the Dream Maker Correction

We had attached "TV Special" to the Inaba the Dream Maker OVA sometime in our distant past, and thanks to a question posed to us and some research we've corrected our error and clarified that this was not a TV special.

June 18, 2012
Japanese Language Titles

We've added Japanese language titles in addition to the Romaji and English translated titles of the manga summaries section. We'll be adding more Japanese titles for the anime and other sections going forward.

June 30, 2011
New Video Games Section

We've taken the video games out of the memorabilia section and given it a major makeover. The Japanese titling is a hint of things to come in the coming months, and we've even added some new (old) games that we haven't discussed before. Plus, YouTube links showing footage of most of the games as well.

June 27, 2011
White Comic

We've added White Comic to the memorabilia section.

June 24, 2011
Memorabilia and Pachislot

We've updated the memorabilia section with all of the four pachislot games and cleaned up a few things there.

June 23, 2011

A sizeable update featuring the track listings of Non-Stop, Urusei Yatsura '87 natsu event-yo, Telephone Card Special, Only You Drama-hen, Beautiful Dreamer Drama-hen, Remember My Love Drama-hen, Lum the Forever Drama-hen, Kanketsuhen Drama-hen, and Headphone Stereo Select, Music Calendar '90 . Additionally we have added covers for the remaining OVAs that were missing in the OVA section including rare collections like Love Me More, Chance on Love, Symphony Kaisou, We Meet Again, Karaoke Music Party, Music calendar, the Making of Lum the Forever, Fan Convention Live, the 10th Anniversary Special and Obstacle Course Swim Meet.

March 13, 2011
Music Calendar '91

We've added the track listing for Music Calendar '91. If any of you can fill in the rest of the track listings, please drop Harley or Dylan an email.

March 13, 2009
Japanese Airdates & Titles

We've added the Japanese titles of all the anime episodes as well as their original airdates.

September 29, 2008
New Kemo Kobiru Story Translated

Thanks to Jon Lyons, we have a newly translated Diary of Kemo Kobiru story ready for everyone to read. It's chapter 8, detailing Takahashi's vacation to Bali. Thanks Jon!

July 13, 2008
Updated Music Calendar 1989

I made some extensive corrections to the track listing of the 1989 Music Calendar.

July 9, 2008
Movie Info Added

We've gone through and added information about directors, release dates, screenwriters, etc to each of the films' summaries.

March 6, 2008
Shinsobon Information Added

The final four artists to contribute to the Urusei Shinsobon releases have been posted in the manga section.

January 23, 2008
Musicians and Lyrics Added

In the Music Capsule section you can now view lyrics from the series in the Hits Parade section, as well as read mini-bios on all of the major musicians that sang on in the show and films.

December 5, 2007
Shinsobon Information Added

Two new authors have been added to the About the Manga section for volumes 27 and 28.

October 17, 2007
Shinsobon Information Added

Two new authors have been added to the About the Manga section.

October 2, 2007
Shinsobon Information Added

Four new authors have been added in the About the Manga section who have contributed drawings to the new shinsobon releases.

September 4, 2007
Shinsobon Information Added

More author information for the newest releases of Urusei Yatsura have been added to the magna section.

March 16, 2007
Shinsobon Information Added

Information on Shogakukan's release of Urusei Yatsura in shinsobon formation has been added to the Manga section of the site.

November 2, 2005
New UY Game Added

The newest Urusei Yatsura game, Endless Summer for the Nintendo DS, was added to the Memorabilia section of the site.

May 30, 2005
New Diary of Kemo Kobiru Story

The Oddies section now has a new Diary of Kemo Kobiru story posted (volume 5), and the links have been repaired.

May 29 , 2005
New Reviews

3 new entries to the reviews page.

November 29, 2004
OVA Section Updated Links Fixed

I fixed two of the sets of sheet music who had their links reversed, and also added a list of the songs on the UY Karaoke Music Party laserdisk. Also, Rumic World's annual quiz contest will be kicking off on December 1st, with some nice prizes for the winner.

June 10, 2004
All Oddities and Memoribilia Completed

The Oddities section is now online and complete as well as the Memorabilia section which features tons of interesting UY products and the complete listing of all UY video games.

June 6, 2004
All Cultural Notes Complete

Finished off the last 12 or so cultural notes. They still need some editing though, but they are online now.

June 3, 2004
All Manga Summaries Complete

Added the final tankoban summaries (volume 34) thus completing the manga summaries.

April 28, 2004
Info Added About Specials

Completed the revision of the Specials under the by adding the missing rare releases.

April 24, 2004
Info Added About Specials

Some information was added to describe what the Urusei Yatsura Specials feature.

April 17, 2004
More Manga Summaries for Volumes 2, 3, 4, 30 and 31.

Finishing up the final sets of manga summaries before the final tankoban. These include "One's Nature", "Not Yet Surfacing", "Father You Were Strong", "Eat, Drink, Man, Alien", "An Adult's Tale of Love Part 2", "Scary Manju" and "The Cursed Egg".

April 1, 2004
More Manga Summaries for Volumes 20, 21 and 27.

"The Way of Love", "The Splendid Dance of the Fallen Leaves" and "Shivering in a Jungle of Evil" were added to complete Volume 20. Stories from Volume 21 include "Secret Room! The Terror of the Mansion Cake", "Shaping Up With Hanetsuki" and "Relationships Ryuunosuke-Style". And Volume 27 is completed with summaries for "Fly! Stiff-Shouldered One" and "Kitsune Takes a Bride".

March 29, 2004
Manga Summaries for Volumes 20 and 27 Added.

"Youth Rugby Hell", "Love Letter Trouble Part 1 and 2" from Volume 20 and "Mother's Heart, Child's Heart" and "Picking Hangya", "Catch the Fish", "Food World" and "The Three Girls Gang, Operation: Animal" were added from Volume 27.

March 23, 2004
Manga Summaries for Volumes 20 and 30 Added.

"Lover Thief Parts 1 and 2" from Volume 20, and "The Runaway Turkey", "I Know Your Secret", "Raging Dogfight", "The Igloo Legend", and "Date With a Spirit" from Volume 30 have all been added to the manga summaries section.

March 18, 2004
Manga Summaries for Volumes 21 and 28 Added.

"The Gloves of Love and War", "Foxes of the Moonlit Night" were added to Volume 21. Volume 28 was finished off with "The Summer of Hamachaya", "Raging Pool", "Slippery Soap" and "The Girl in the Photograph".

March 15, 2004
More Manga Summaries.

"The Zen Club" from Volume 27, "Morning Glory, The Counterattack of Rage" and "Rage Sherbert", "Fortress of Fastidiousness Parts 1, 2 and 3", "Mastering the Path to Poverty", "Memory Timebomb" and "The Octopus Summoning Flute" from Volume 32 and "Invitation to Another World" from Volume 30 have all been added.

March 10, 2004
Volume 26 Completed.

"Space Invader", "Exorcism Three-Way", "Mendo's Secret" and "The Setsubun Bean Crisis" were all added to the manga summaries section, thus completing Volume 26.

March 6, 2004
Volume 26, 30, and 31 Summaries Added, Discography Updated.

More summaries were added to Volume 31, including "Falling Headfirst in Love Part 1 and 2", "Sakura-mochi Over Flowers", and "The Mole's Bride", "Visiting a Sick Friend" and "A Tale of Grown-up Love" plus new tracks added to some of the remaining CD selections.

March 4, 2004
Volume 22 Summaries Completed.

The two final stories for Volume 22 were added - The Trio Returns and Troubled Youth.

March 2, 2004
Swimsuit Rhapsody Summarized.

A new story was added to Volume 27.

February 28, 2004
Fight! Woman Versus Woman Summarized.

The Benten versus Ryuunosuke storyline from Volume 26 has been summarized.

February 25, 2004
More Manga Summaries.

Three new manga summaries, "The Son of Ten", "The Case of the Punched Principal" and "The Sprite's Umbrella" were all added today.

February 20, 2004
Two Summaries for Volume 29.

Both of the "Electric Household Guard" chapters have now been summarized.

February 17, 2004
Another Summary For Volume 29.

I added a summary for the story "Cosmo Box Hidden in the Past" to Volume 29 of the manga summaries.

February 16, 2004
Another Summary For Volume 29.

I added a summary for the story "Passion of the Red Shoes" to Volume 29 of the manga summaries.

February 15, 2004
Added Summary For Volume 29.

I added a summary for the story "Magical Hat" to Volume 29 of the manga summaries.

February 14, 2004
Finished Volume 33.

I wrote the final summaries for Volume 33. Happy Valentine's Day to one and all.

February 13, 2004
Summary for Volume 7 Added. Viz Summaries Now Completed.

Thanks to Michael Glading for finishing off the last volume summary of the Viz era manga. There are still three or four holes for chapters Viz skipped but those will be taken care of shortly. I also added a summary for "Toll of the Wind Chimes" from Volume 28 and "I Howl at the Moon" from Volume 33.

February 12, 2004
Complete Musicbox Track Listing Added
Volume 33 Summary Added.

Here's one I know has been in demand, the complete track listing for all 15 CDs of the Complete Musicbox Set are now online in the Discography. Also a summary for the chapter "The Horse and the Young Lady" was added to tankoban 33.

February 11, 2004
Finished Volume 8.

Thanks to Andrew D. Johnson for finishing off tankoban 8.

February 10, 2004
Volume 8 Added.

Thanks to Andrew D. Johnson for filling out the rest of the summaries in tankoban 8.

February 8, 2004
More Manga Summaries Added.

I added "The Homevisit Blues" summary to tankoban 28's summaries.

February 7, 2004
Manga Summaries Added.

Lots of headway has been made on the manga summaries with new ones coming at regular intervals now. You should see a good number of updates in in that area in the weeks to come, and new addresses for Project ILM have been added.

July 22, 2003
Links Updated

Project ILM has a new home, so those links have been updated. They have been working hard, and have many new stories available for reading.

October 12, 2002
About the News.
Info added to Character Pages.

I realize I should also use this page to write news about UY, but really nothing's happening with the series right now. There's been nothing new for well over a decade and even the English releases are in limbo.

The only news that is remotely noteworthy is that contributor and host to this site Harley Acres has been in Japan for nearly two months now. In that time has been catching reruns of Urusei Yatsura on Japanese television on a local station in the town where he's studying. Apparently it's being replaced with another show in that timeslot, too bad. But it still plays off and on in syndication all over the country.

As for updates, I've added more information on the character pages about the voice actors for Urusei Yatsura.

October 06, 2002
Cultural References, Translations & Corrections

Some of these have been up for a while, but I forgot to add an update about them.

The biggest change so far is that there are many more entries on the cultural references page. At the moment, it's becoming my favorite part of the site to work on. Apart from providing valuable information about Urusei Yatsura, it's like I'm building my own guide to Japanese culture. It'll be a work in progress for a long time to come, but even now it's already a great resource. Check it out if you haven't yet.

Also thanks to Frogisis, the 2nd issue of Kemo*Kobiru no Nikki has been translated and composited. It's available to read now.

Apart from that, I've made a few fixes to the code. The movie pages no longer break-up using Internet Explorer on Macintosh, and some inaccurate links in the gallery have been fixed.

August 31, 2002
TV Top Tens, Cultural References, Manga Summaries & Translations

Within the TV episodes summaries, I've added lists of my 10 favorite episodes from each TV season of Urusei Yatsura. Compare with your favorites or take them as reccomendations when deciding which UY tape to buy.

I've also added a slew of new entries in the cultural references section. A lot of really fascinating information about aspects of Japanese culture that are seen in Urusei Yatsura

Added another set of manga summaries, this time for volume 25.

Uploaded and linked Harley Acres' translated scans for the 4th part of Takahashi's manga diary. Check the Fun with Rumiko area.

August 21, 2002

Manga Summaries added plus corrections.

Summaries for tankoban volumes 9, 19 and 24 have been added to the chapter summaries section. Also corrections have been made to many of the existing summaries.

August 18, 2002

Manga Summaries Added, homepage linked.

Summaries for tankoban volume 1 have been added to the chapter summaries section.

Also the link labeled on the upper left corner of the home page now links to the site hub. Now you can access my personal page which includes my blog page, my profile and links to my J-pop Guide.

August 13, 2002

Tomobiki-cho Re-launches!

After a long summer offline Tomobiki-cho is finally back on the web. It's been relocated to and is now officially a part of the Rumic World pages. My official site domain will be functioning in the near future but is still in the process of being transferred to this address. Until then, keep your bookmarks pointed to this URL.

Apart from relocating Tomobiki-cho, as you can see it's been completely redesigned, restructured and expanded. Not only does it have a great new look, but its contents have been updated for the first time in 3 years.

For those who are curious, to learn more about the reasons for the hiatus and the site's relocation, read the 3rd page of The History of Tomobiki-cho

But that's in the past now. Tomobiki-cho is now looking to the future with a whole new set of features.

The new features include:

  • A dedicated U.Y. message board. Communicate with Urusei Yatsura fans from all over the world.
  • Nearly all existing text has been updated or rewritten. Mostly new graphics sitewide.
  • A series of extensive PDF diagrams that map out the various relationships of Urusei Yatsura
  • An expanded image gallery with lots of new artwork, much of which has never been seen before on the web.
  • Improved manga summaries with new entries.
  • About the Manga: Explains the varying manga formats as well as their availability.
  • Direct links to manga scans in the Translated Scans section.
  • About the Anime: Details the background and history behind the anime series.
  • New movie reviews
  • An overview for each season in the TV episode summaries.
  • New articles and interviews related to Urusei Yatsura.
  • New entries in the cultural references.
  • Sheet music of Urusei Yatsura theme songs. For anyone who knows how to play music, just print out and play.
  • Reorganized discography with new additions and track listings.
  • A look at fun UY memorabilia
    (under construction).
  • More in-depth information about the creator, Rumiko Takahashi. Including a section "Fun with Rumiko" that features her diary comics, personal pictures, behind the scenes exclusives and more.
  • Updated links, including information about where to find those elusive Urusei Yatsura products.

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