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September 19th
MAO Chapter 200

Mao discovers the source of the complicated curse that has gotten out of hand and effected Miwako, Sumiko and Kandori. He turns to Ayame to help clear things up as we celebrate the 200th chapter. Source: MAO Online

September 15th
Rumic Mini 033

In this month's Rumic Mini we examine the subtle art of bow-spinning, the way that Kikyo and Kagome both fire their arrows and loosen their bows in their hands. Source: Rumic World YouTube Channel

September 12th
MAO Chapter 199

It seems the cursed placed on Kandori is much more powerful than intended. As Mao and Nanoka investigate it becomes clear that Miwako may have misused the tool entrusted to her by Ayame. Source: MAO Online

September 5th
Takahashi and Corona

We've translated a 2021 interview from the "Corona and Manga" book by Kazushi Shimada. In it, Takahashi discusses how the corona virus affected her work schedule and the possibility that MAO might be her last weekly manga. Source: Rumic World

September 1st
Urusei Yatsura Complete Color Pages

This month we're taking a look at the complete color pages of Urusei Yatsura to celebreate the upcoming release of "COLORS 1978-2023", a collection of Rumiko Takahashi's color artwork. Source: Rumic World YouTube Channel

August 30th
Shonen Jump Editor Talks Takahashi

At Comiket Kazuhiko Torishima (editor of Dragonball/Dr. Slump) remarked again on Shonen Jump passing on Takahashi-sensei: "Looking back on it now, I missed Rumiko Takahashi's submission around that time, so now I wonder if it's a matter of compatibility (between an artist & editor)." Source: DenFaminico Gamer

August 29th
MAO Chapter 198

Mao visits Ayame to check on her progress after he eye was damaged in her fight against her sister, Kagari. While their they discover a client of Ayame's who's curse seems to have backfired and potentially gone out of control. Source: MAO Online

August 28th
Rumiko Takahashi Donates Art for Charity

Rumiko Takahashi has donated a new piece of Inuyasha artwork to the PLAS (Positive Living through AIDS orphan Support) charity. PLAS a NGO for AIDS Orphans, founded by 7 Japanese university students in 2005. If you have the means to donate and win this wonderful original artwork for a great cause, please consider! Rumiko Takahashi's personal message was "子供たちのお役に立てたら嬉しいです" ("I would be happy if I could help the children.") Source: Yahoo Auction

August 24th
Takahashi and Ikegami Interview

We've translated a new interview from 1987 with Rumiko Takahashi and Ryoichi Ikegami as the pair sat down at Gekiga Sonjuku to discuss their creative process and what their future plans were during the late 1980s. Source: Rumic World

Yashahime Chapter 24

Out at sea with Shiori, the girls are lured into battle against Mizuchi, a sea-serpent with the power to petrify anyone her serpents bite. The girls soon learn that battling demons on the ocean is a much more difficult challenge than their fights that have taken place on solid ground. Source: The Inuyasha Companion

August 22nd
MAO Chapter 197

Mao realizes that Yurako has been trying to delay him in order to allow Byoki enough time to attack Natsuno. The cat unleashes powerful attacks against her, ripping her arm off and nearly ending her life before discovering the location of Daigo's missing soul. Source: MAO Online

Urusei Yatsura 45th Anniversary

Today's issue of Shonen Sunday also celebrates the 45th anniversary of Urusei Yatsura which debuted in 1978. This issue features congratulatory illustrations from a number of Shonen Sunday, Shonen Jump and Shonen Champion artists. The complete list includes: Gosho Aoyama, Takeru Matsumi, Takahiro Arai, Wakabi Asayama, Tsukasa Abe, Chigusa Ichihara, Tomohito Oda, Kagiji Kumanomata, Kotayama, Yuhei Kusakabe, Koji Kumeta, Aiko Koyama, Hajime Saeki, Hikaru Nikaido, Aya Hirakawa, Atsushi Namikiri, Kenjiro Hata, Boichi, Syun Matsuena, Mitsuhara Yanamoto, Yuji Yokoyama, Takuya Mitsuda, Yutaka, Watari, Mitsuru Adachi, Takashi Shiina, Hiroyuki Nishimori, Kazuhiro Fujita, Hiromu Arakawa, Eiichiro Oda, Keisuke Itagaki, Paru Itagaki and Hideaki Sorachi. Source: MAO Online

August 19th
Yurako Tribute

After the latest chapter of MAO this week, inspiration struck and we decided to make a brief tribute to Yurako, who is quickly becoming a very fascinating, complex character. Source: Rumic World YouTube Channel

August 15th
Rumic Mini 032

In this month's Rumic Mini we look at the the concept of "kouden" (香典), bereavement money given to a family. Source: Rumic World YouTube Channel

MAO Chapter 196

Alone with Mao, Yurako is able to finally confess her feelings for him, telling him how she watched him and strove to become a better person due to the kindness she saw in him. Stunned by her honesty Mao vows to save her from the Goko clan. Source: MAO Online

August 12th
The Power of the "Underground Manga"

With Comiket ongoing at the moment, we wanted to share a translation of this 1987 article that examined the popularity of dojinshi (fanmade) adult parody works of Rumiko Takahashi's original manga. Takahashi is quoted in the article which discusses the rise of adults-only manga and a look at the way this new genre of manga was starting to come out of the shadows in the 1980s. Source: Rumic World

August 1st
Manga Shelf Tour

This month we're looking at our manga collection. We began buying manga back in 1993 and now we've got a library room to organize our collection in. Come take a look at the complete works of Rumiko Takahashi along with the other series we've collected over the years. Source: Rumic World YouTube Channel

MAO Chapter 195

While treating a dying loan shark, Mao and Natsuno are lured into a trap set by Byoki and Yurako. With Mao separated from his allies, Yurako seeks to speak to him in the darkness of her cavern. Source: MAO Online

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