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July 13th
Anime Viewership Ratings Added
We've added viewership ratings data to all of the episodes in each respective series' anime pages on the website. Additionally we have ranked the top 10 most viewed episodes of each series (Urusei Yatsura, Maison Ikkoku, Ranma 1/2, and Inuyasha). We are still looking for data on Kyokai no RINNE and the 2022 Urusei Yatsura series if anyone happens to come across that information we would greatly appreciate being able to add it to the site. Source: Rumic World

July 10th
Urusei Yatsura Blu-Ray Event

Hiroshi Kamiya and Sumire Uesaka of Urusei Yatsura gathered for a broadcast today which found Uesaka singing "Lum no Love Song" to celebrate the release of the third Blu-Ray boxset of the new anime. The footage will be collected on the just announced fourth and final set which will be released on September 25th. Source: Urusei Yatsura All-Stars Twitter

July 9th
MAO Chapter 235
Hyakka and Sasuga begin their battle over the Box of Monstrosity as both of their allies slowly begin to arrive. Hakubi seems able to hold his own against Mao, Kamon and Nanoka as well. Source: MAO Online

July 2nd
MAO Chapter 234
The Box of Monstrosity returns as Hyakka encounters Sasuga and the two begin to battle over who will win the powerful cursed object. Elsewhere Mei confirms Mao's warning to Renji about the dangerous side effects of the Seed of Haku inside of his body. Source: MAO Online

July 1st
The 1991 Ranma 1/2 Calendar (Anime Version)

To celebrate the newly announced Ranma 1/2 anime, we thought our video this month would take a look at the anime version of the 1991 Ranma 1/2 calendar. These calendars featured all new artwork made especially for them, making them great collector's items. Source: Rumic World YouTube Channel

June 30th
Colors Artbook Winners
Rumiko Takahashi has confirmed that the five winners of the Colors Artbook contest on Twitter have been notified and she will be working on their chosen drawings, which will be sent out in August. Source: Rumiko Takahashi's Twitter/X

June 28th
Yashahime Chapter 34
With Hisui dead, Sesshomaru finds the Tenseiga unwilling to revive the boy. As Akuru, the guardian of space time watches on, Towa and Setsuna have to decide what to do next after watching their comrade killed in battle. Source: The Inuyasha Companion

June 27th
Taiki Matsuno Passes Away
We are very saddened to share the news that seiyuu Taiki Matsuno (松野太紀) has passed away from a cerebral hemmorage at 56 years old. Matsuno is best known as for voicing Koga in Inuyasha & Hajime Kindaichi in Kindaichi Case Files as well as Agumon in Digimon, & Trebol in One Piece. Source: Aoni Productions

June 25th
New Ranma 1/2 Anime Announced

In shocking news a new Ranma 1/2 anime has been confirmed in this week's issue of Shonen Sunday (Shonen Sunday 2024 Vol. 31). A comment from Rumiko Takahashi included on the image announcing the show's return states, "I'm really looking forward to seeing what kind of action scenes we'll see in the new Ranma anime!" Additionally the cover of Sunday mentioned that a "secret Ranma 1/2 announcement is inside."

The advertisement mentions a streaming announcement on July 17th with more information. At this time there is no further information about cast, crew, premiere date or number of episodes planned, simply Takahashi's comment and a confirmation for more information coming in July.

A trickle of news had started around the time of the second to last episode of Urusei Yatsura was airing, though with no confirmation. Chinese sources had begun to share the annoucement image (likely after Shonen Sunday had been sent to the printers around June 21st). Oricon News shared an article about the then pending issue of Sunday mentioning the cover model, Hana Kikuchi, and a small inset in the corner of the cover made mention of the Ranma anime. Sunday's "next issue" page had the same imagery up of MAO and Kikuchi sans the cover, confirming the connection.

Thanks to Bling for helping to confirm these sources! Source:

MAO Chapter 233
Nanoka is the only one that can destroy the swelling cursed mud belonging to the Molder of Faces. When she and Mao help to save Renji, will he allow Mao to remove the Seed of Haku in his arm? Source: MAO Online

June 20th
Urusei Yatsura Episode 46 Debuts
We reach the emotional conclusion as Lum and Ataru recreate their race with Ataru refusing to tell Lum he loves her and the fate of the Earth hanging in the balance. Lum decides that she cannot allow Earth to be destroyed but will ensure Ataru and his friends forget about the aliens they have met forever if Ataru cannot confess his feelings. Source: Tomobiki-cho

Lum Gets the Spotlight
As a tribute to the concluding episode of Urusei Yatsura Rumiko Takahashi shares her comments on her most enduring character, Lum. Click the link below to read her comments on Lum. Source: Rumic World

Thanks from Sumire Uesaka and Hiroshi Kamiya

The official website released a new illustration in thanks for viewer support of Urusei Yatsura with a message that reads, "The TV anime Urusei Yatsura has reached its final episode after 46 episodes. To celebrate the broadcast of the final episode, we have released a visual to express our gratitude to everyone who has watched the show! The visual depicts the characters of Urusei Yatsura such as Ataru, Shinobu, Mendo, Sakuranbo, Sakura, Ran, Rei, Oyuki, Benten, Ten, Ryunosuke, Ryunosuke's father, and Kotatsuneko with their "typical" expressions and gestures at the feet of Lum who is sitting on the floor cross-legged. This image is available for purchase.

Hiroshi Kamiya, the voice of Ataru, commented, "After doing some research, I found out that the audition was in January 2021. I got the role and started recording at the end of that year... At the time, I thought it would be a long journey until the final episode, but I never imagined the final episode would finally air...! It really did go by in the blink of an eye. I think that just shows how fulfilling my time was! I was happy to be involved in Urusei Yatsura, which I love! I'm grateful to everyone who was involved in the production! And to Ataru, thank you so much! Ah! It was fun!!"

Sumire Uesaka, the voice of Lum, added, "I am so happy to have been able to play Lum-chan for four cour! I'm so happy! I'm sad that it is coming to an end, but I am honored to have been able to play my beloved Lum-chan all the way through "Boy Meets Girl".

I became obsessed with Urusei Yatsura when I found out about it through a rebroadcast of the anime, and I started collecting the original manga and merchandise, and had many favorite characters dating back to my school days, and my love for Lum-chan has not changed. Lum-chan is cute, devoted, jealous, a little mysterious, and the strongest. I never thought that the day would come when I would be able to be so close to her as a cast member.

Since I passed the audition and started dubbing, I have been spending happy and fun days as if in a dream. The anime broadcast will come to an end here, but I sincerely hope that I will have the opportunity to voice Lum-chan again...! I will be in perfect condition for that day!

To everyone who has always loved Urusei Yatsura and to everyone who has encountered Urusei Yatsura through this anime, thank you very much again. I believe that Urusei Yatsura is a work that will be read and passed down through generations for decades, even centuries.

I hope to continue loving the world of Urusei Yatsura together with all of you for a long, long time to come! Thank you for your continued support!" Source:

June 17th
Urusei Yatsura Movie 5 Cast and Staff Interview
With the impending ending of the Urusei Yatsura TV series we have translated the original cast and crew's comments about adapting "Boy Meets Girl" as Movie 5. Source: Rumic World

June 15th
Rumic Mini 042

In this month's Rumic Mini, Kyokai no RINNE has a plethora of cat girls and cat boys, but where did this iconic trend begin in Japanese culture? Who was the first? Click the link to find out. Source: Rumic World YouTube Channel

Urusei Yatsura Anime Exhibit
An Urusei Yatsura anime exhibition will be held in Matsuya Ginza on the 8th Floor from October 2nd through the 14th. The event will also travel across Japan afterwards. Source: Urusei Yatsura All-Stars Ten

June 13th
Urusei Yatsura Episode 45 Debuts
Ataru refuses to give in and tell Lum he loves her, making things more and more complicated. When Karula comes to Earth, the mushrooms she offers as a gift soon grow out of control and only Rupa (and Lum) can stop them and save the planet. Source: Tomobiki-cho

June 11th
MAO Chapter 232
The Molder of Faces reveals how he came to have the magical ointment, however the cursed jar of face cream soon shows that it has a mind of its own. Renji attacks and Hyakka's flame skills prove ineffective, proving only Nanoka can stand against the cursed medicine. Source: MAO Online

Shogakukan 94th Newcomer Awards
Rumiko Takahashi, along with Gosho Aoyama, Mitsuru Adachi and Kenjiro Hata, was one of the judges of the 94th Newcomer Awards who's results are published in this issue. The three winning series were: Call for UFO (コール・フォー・ユーエフオー) by Kashio Deshi (出路かし魚), Erica (エリカ) by Minamikawa (南川) and Yuki no Unko (雪のうんこ) by Dan Sakamoto (坂本暖). The three honorable mention winners were: Sarima no Mahou no Fuku (サリムの魔法の服) by Kitsuki (きつき), Tori no Mei (鳥の眼) by Kazuki Hayama (葉山一樹) and Gou (轟) by Jose Shirota (白田ジョゼ).

Takahashi's comments on Erica were, "It was extremely interesting. The heroine's setting is exciting. I wish the imagery had been made more readable by eliminating unnecessary lines, but I was able to get absorbed in reading it from the middle. On the other hand, if the first panel's too sloppy, you may not be able to read it, so be careful."

Regarding Yuki no Unko, Takahashi stated, "It's a casual story, but the detailed characters and descriptions are good. I think the scenenry is also used effectively. In the future, please create a main character who can lead the series."

Her general comments on the submissions as a whole were, "It was great to be able to feel the heat throughout. There were some people who lost out because the pictures looked good when you looked at the closely, but then when looked at on the whole they had some flaws. If the characters are still attractive, people will read your book, but please try harder. On the other hand, everyone was trying to create a story and their attitude was very good. Therefore, they were able to create works that established the characters, structure of story and make a difference in terms of composition. I hope you'll continue to conceive ways to present your stories in order to inform and entertain your readers."

It was then announced that the 95th Newcomer Awards would also be judged by the same group of mangaka and submissions would be accepted through September 15th. Source: Shonen Sunday 2024 Vol. 29

June 10th
Rupa Gets the Spotlight
On Twitter, Rumiko Takahashi discusses Rupa as the anime builds towards its conclusion. How did this handsome character come to have an accent? Click the link below to find out. Source: Rumic World

June 7th
Editors Interviews
We've translated two interviews from Weekly Bunshun with three of Rumiko Takahashi's editors (Tomofumi Arito, Kento Moriwaki and Riri Okamoto). The first from the magazine is a general overview, but the second from their website is much more in depth and informative. Source: Rumic World

June 6th
Urusei Yatsura Episode 44 Debuts
Oyuki, Benten, Ran, Rei and Mendo join Ataru in their attempt to rescue Lum from her impending marriage to Rupa. However Ataru meets Karula who storms the marriage hall bazooka blazing and sends everything into chaos. Source: Tomobiki-cho

June 5th
MAISONdes Complete Urusei Yatsura Music
Collecting all of the opening and ending themes from the 2022-2024 Urusei Yatsura series by MAISONdes is on sale today. This eight track release comes in a deluxe and standard edition, with the limited deluxe set including a t-shirt. Source: Tomobiki-cho

June 4th
MAO Chapter 231
Mao and Nanoka catch up to the Molder of Faces as Renji joins them in his quest for revenge for the death of Mineko. When they finally unmask the man they are shocked by his strange appearance and his reason for using the lethal ointment. Source: MAO Online

June 2nd
Shonen Sunday Storyboard Showcase
The editor of Major 2 and Red Blue, Miyakawa, has shared that Shonen Sunday is having an exhibition of mangaka storyboards beginning in June through January to celebrate the magazine's 65th anniversary. Each month will have two authors on display.

June will feature Hiromu Arakawa (Silver Spoon) and Tomohito Oda (Komi Can't Communicate).

July will feature Gosho Aoyama (Detective Conan) and Atsushi Namikiri (Red Blue).

August will feature Rumiko Takahashi (MAO) and Aya Hirakawa (The Mikadono Sisters Are Surprisingly Easy).

September will feature Mitsuru Adachi (Mix) and Takahiro Arai (Te no Geka).

October will feature Kazuhiro Fujita (Sobotei Must Be Destroyed) and Aiko Koyama (Kiyo in Kyoto: From the Maiko House).

November spotlights Syun Matsuena (You Are 008) and Shotan (You Are Ms. Servant).

December will feature Kenjiro Hata (Fly Me to the Moon) and Kagiji Kumanomata (Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle).

The final month, January, will feature Takashi Shiina (Yashahime) and Yellow Tanabe (Birdmen).

The display will be shown on the first floor of the Shogakukan Building, admission is free from 9:30am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday. Source: Sunday Editor Miyakawa

June 1st
Urusei Yatsura 2024 Calendar

On our YouTube channel this month we've located an advertisement for the 1980s Japanese computer, the Sharp X1F which features Lum as the model for the machine's art program. Be sure to turn on subtitles. Source: Rumic World YouTube Channel

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